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March 2016
Good Earth Plant Company loves sharing the latest news and helpful information about plantscaping, green building, living walls and green roofs, sustainability, biophilia, and well-being, and innovations from around the world that bring nature into our urban environment.

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Stormwater runoff is the single biggest contributor to poor water quality in the ocean off San Diego. There are a few steps we can all take to prevent stormwater runoff's worst effects. Get them in our blog post.
There are several theories about why some people develop Seasonal Affective Disorder and others do not. The good news is there are lots of effective ways to treat it once you realize SAD is affecting you.

Studies repeatedly show positive physiological and psychological benefits from "Shinrin-yoku," or forest walking. The worse the stress, the better the results.
This is a super power anyone can put to use. It amazes me how few people do. Wouldn't you want a super power at your fingertips if you could?
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