Issue 165| March 2nd, 2020
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Easy Virus Fighting Strategies!
The coronavirus is pretty nasty and scientists are trying to learn as much as they can about it. What they know so far , is it's a flu bug, and the same strategies seem to be working as with other flu bugs.

Click to video to the right to see some easy tips and tricks to stay well and fight it off.
My Mediterranean Diet Xperiment
I (PJ) usually recommend the Mediterranean Diet to people if they are trying to make the transition from the Standard American Diet ( SAD ) to healthier eating because even though I am "keto" myself, the ketogenic diet is usually too big of a leap for most people right off the bat.

The Mediterranean Diet is, in fact, quite healthy, and can even be followed for life, so don't let the graphic below scare you away from it. The blood sugar spikes I Xperienced on this diet while on it for two weeks are within the normal range, but you can certainly see the contrast between this and my usual keto diet with this graphic. I was using a Continuous Glucose Monitor to measure my blood sugar so I could get lots of data points without all the finger pricks.

The SAD diet causes CRAZY blood sugar highs and lows - much more drastic than the graphic below - so if you still are on the SAD diet, PLEASE switch off it ASAP to something healthier, or you are headed for numerous health problems - GUARANTEED!.
The Hardest Ball Xercise You've NEVER Done!
Ball crunches are great because you are able to work through a larger range of motion than when you are on the floor. This makes it harder and more effective because we all know that harder is usually better when it comes to Xercise!

This routine will also teach you the X Gym's key principle of Time Under Tension (TUT), which gives you endurance and strength. It's important to have both when it comes to core work because that's what gives you a functional strength you can actually use in the real world, instead of just an ordinary every day "gym strength" that might be impressive in the gym, but has no real practical application to doing active, fun stuff in real life, outside of the gym.

Click the video below to check it out and even follow along if you have a physioball!

If you would like to see more unique, safe, and effective Xercises like this, check out our Eastside X Gym or our X Gym app today!
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- Alrik Koudenburg
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