Feb 2020 | Issue 6
Avoid These Five Common Basement Renovation Mistakes
No longer a damp, uninhabited storage area that they once were, basements are making their debut as luxurious, multi-functional living spaces. With a creative design plan and the help of an experienced design team, you can transform your underused basement into an in-law suite, game room, entertainment space, she shed, man cave, exercise room, or any other room that fits your needs. Are you ready to add valuable square footage to your home? 

If a basement renovation figures in your future, be sure to avoid these common basement remodeling mistakes .
Ready for Sale: A Traditional Kitchen Remodel in Madison, WI
This couple had plans to put their Madison home on the market. In preparation for the sale, they came to Sweeney looking for help to update their kitchen. A complete transformation was accomplished by simply refacing and refinishing the cabinets.
Meet Matt Fass, A Talented Carpenter and "Family" Member
Taking after his dad, John Fass, Matt has been tearing things down and building things up as far back as he can remember—a true carpenter at heart. Matt started as a self-taught woodworker who has continued to refine his skills under the guidance and apprenticeship of Tim Sweeney and the experienced carpentry family, since 2006.
Look Who's Talking About Us! Thank you, Karl!

" All the folks at Sweeney were great! They were wonderful to work with! "
—Karl R.