TopWine China 2016 Newsletter
Issue: 42         
1 / 2016
Greater China students win top awards at
WSET ceremony
What is the profile of the Chinese wine consumer?

Officials, the wealthier classes of the population and young urban couples attracted to Western consumption patterns are preferred targets by exporting wine to China: they are - with Western expats based in China - the largest consumers in the local market.
Assets necessary
to sell in China

Studying the Market is enough to fully penetrate a country with one's products. A good wine representative has to be committed to some qualities that will ensure a successful representation in China. For instance, it can be seen as mandatory to have a network and many contacts, a lot of energy and a strong liver, the administrative tasks must not overwhelm him and both the French and the Chinese entity must give him support. These qualities will allow a sales representative to identify the opportunities, to negotiate and to work closely with his customers: 

A product adapted to the Market
Chinese consumers attach importance to the names and brands; it is easier to sell a famous and celebrated wine. Even though Chinese people are getting educated about wine and they are moving upmarket, it is important to keep in mind that the Chinese market is a price oriented market.

The packaging is very important as well, wine is a top of the range product in China, and the labels must show that the product is a top of the range and famous product. A label where it is written AOC for instance will be more attractive for a Chinese consumer.

A good network
Trust is essential to do business in China. If you are introduced or recommended, a trusting relation will be established more quickly. It is recommended to be surrounded by people who already have a good network in China.

The organization of wine tastings, in order to share your passion for wine and to show your products, is also necessary. A good sales representative must not hesitate to share his knowledge about wine with Chinese consumers. This is also the occasion to gather his Guanxi (network) and to forge links with potential importers or distributors.

Rent a desk in a co-working space seems to be a relevant solution when you launch your company in China. It will allow you to access to an existing network and use a space made for organizing wine tastings.

Wine market in China is very competitive. A good sales representative must be rigorous, perfectionist, hard-working and very persistent. This last qualities seems to be essential to establish you company and to be able to meet with wine importers and sellers.

The sales representative must not hesitate to be a part of many business lunches, where he will have to follow Chinese customs in order to gain Chinese businessmen's trust.

He must also be a part of many fairs and events, dynamism and a pronounced taste for wine seem to be two necessary qualities for a good sales representative.

Using a PEO
A good wine sales representative is always rushed, going from business lunches to fairs or events. He can't waste his time with the administrative procedures. In order to optimize his time, it is recommended to be surrounded with skilled people who will take in charge the administrative tasks.

To go through an umbrella company (or Professional Employer Organization, PEO) is a good solution. This one will take care of your accounting, tax declarations and the payment of your team. This is where INS Global Consulting intervenes: thanks to its services the entrepreneur's project stays flexible and the sales representatives do not waste time with administrative tasks or with the creation of a structure. They can stay focus on the core business and sell wine in the most efficient way.