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May 24, 2021 | For: IOM Friend

C.J. Lovic

When we take this 4,000-year measuring rod and lay it on the timeline starting on Passover in 30 AD, and go back in time 4,000 years, what event do we discover? We discover a date that no one has considered up until now. We discover a year whose monumental spiritual significance has been hidden for over 6,000 thousand years. We discover the year 3,970 BC; 3,970 BC—why is this year important? 
Since 3,970 BC is obviously not the date of creation based on biblical chronology, why is this date important? If we start at the cross on Passover in 30 AD and go back 4,000 years, it takes us to the year 3,970. If we then start with the year 3,970, and we go back in time another 33-1/2 years, what date do we land on? The answer is the creation date of 4,004 BC. Four-thousand and four BC is the one date believed by students of biblical chronology to be the most reliable year to date the creation. Just to be perfectly clear, the creation date of 4,004 is based on biblical chronology alone. Bishop Usher is not the only Bible scholar that believed that creation took place in 4,004 BC. Did you notice that I did not start this prophetic forecast from the starting point of creation in 4,004 BC and go forward in time? No! I arrived at the 4,004 date by taking the Berisheet Passover Prophecy literally and then looking back in history 4,000 years and finally adding 33-1/2 years to the equation. Now if you’re wondering why I added 33-1/2 years to the 4,000-year forecast—here’s the reason...
Thirty-three and a half years is the number of years Jesus was on the earth from His birth to His resurrection and ascension. If pattern is prophecy, then it is only reasonable to expect that the 33-1/2 years of the sinless life of the last Adam, whose name is Jesus, the Christ, would match up exactly with the sinless life of the first Adam in the Garden of Eden during the very brief age of innocence. We can reasonably surmise that the first Adam lived 33-1/2 sinless years in the Garden of Eden before he spiritually died—the moment he sinned. 
Adam’s sin resulted in immediate spiritual death and the onset of decay that would result in his physical death at 930 years old. The sinful act of Adam resulted in death and corruption to all his descendants, including you and me.
Has God also clued us into the “one day is as a thousand years" concept revealed by both the six-day creation account and the physical death of Adam? Consider that God told Adam that he would die the day he ate the forbidden fruit, and yet, Adam lived to be 930 years old. Was God notifying us as to His prophetic concept of a day is as a thousand years in His sight? Did Adam, according to God’s prophetic way of reckoning, physically die on the very day he ate the forbidden fruit—a day being on God’s calendar as a thousand years? Is it surprising that the pattern set by the first Adam in the Garden is duplicated with precision by the last Adam, Jesus Christ, who came to reverse the curse set in motion by the first Adam? 
Now clearly, Jesus was 33-1/2 years old when He died on the cross on Passover in 30 AD—that’s a historical fact. The Berisheet Prophecy does not send us back to the date of creation, it sends us back to the precise moment that sin entered into the heart of the first Adam. Now we know why the year 3,970 BC is important.
The year 3,970 BC is important because it’s most likely the year that sin entered the world. Thirty-nine-seventy BC—33-1/2 years after the creation of Adam, is the year that God started the countdown of the 4,000 years that would climax in the sacrifice that would cancel the covenant with sin and death that Adam and all his descendants have entered into.
If Jesus died on the cross on Passover in 30 AD at the age of 33-1/2, then by going back in time 33-1/2 years, we can determine that Jesus was born in 4 BC; 4 BC is the most commonly agreed upon date for the birth of Jesus. Now if we go back in time 4,000 years from the birth of Jesus in 4 BC, we are back to the creation date of 4,004 BC—the most likely date of creation.
Do you see the perfect time-pattern that overlays the sinless life of the first Adam in the Garden of Eden that ended in rebellion and sin after 33-1/2 years in the Garden of Eden? Can you now see the pattern repeated in order to accomplish the cancelation of the sin-debt caused by the sin of first Adam—canceled by the sinless life, death, burial, and resurrection of the last Adam who died on a cross in 30 AD exactly 4,000 years from the moment sin entered into the world of man? 
Prophecy is pattern. Until the Berisheet Passover event unfolded in time and space, the Berisheet Prophecy could not have been understood. The logic of this is seamless, simple, and profound. Sinless Adam did not need a Savior for the first 33-1/2 sinless years of his life in the Garden of Eden. But the moment he sinned at the age of 33-1/2 years old, he had a desperate need for a Savior.
God is very precise in His dealings with man. Consider the precision and accuracy of the Berisheet Passover Prophecy. God began the prophetic countdown to the most important event to ever happen in human history the exact moment that marked the desperate need for redemption and atonement. That countdown started the clock ticking that would announce the coming Savior. That countdown started exactly 33-1/2 years after creation and is the starting point for the millennial Sabbath end-times prophetic perspective. Amazingly, the Berisheet Prophecy revealed that we needed to reset the millennial perspective to a new start date, that until now has been a mystery—the year that sin entered the world, and the year exactly 33-1/2 years after creation that marked with a big black X the starting point for the 4,000-year countdown to the cross. This begins to satisfy the Isaiah prophecy, but is the Passover Prophecy the end God spoke about through His prophet Isaiah? The answer is no. The cross is not the end of the prophecy, it is a new beginning.
There are two more timestamped events yet to be revealed in the Prophecy that we will now call the Passover Prophecy that was fulfilled in 30 AD on a wooden cross on Calvary. The Passover Prophecy reveals two more events that will seal your destiny. One of these events is on the cusp of completion; when it happens, your future will either be bright and unimaginably hopeful, or it will be filled with unspeakable terror. What does your future hold? Will you be ready and waiting for your Lord’s return, or will you be so suffocated by the cares of this world that you can’t be bothered to wake up and lookup. I invite you to consider the final Berisheet Passover Prophecy. 
The end is nearer than you ever imagined—the blessed hope for some, the advent of terror for others. For thousands of years there has been one biblical prophetic perceptive that’s been obvious but blurred and out of focus—missing the final lens, that once in place, would bring the entire vista into sharp perspective with the one puzzle piece that’s been hidden in place from the very beginning, just waiting for the appointed time to be put into the right place in order that the terminal generation might view it at the appointed time just before God ends one age and begins another.
The millennial historical timespan perspective that is now in focus, reveals for the first time when the most important events—the events that changed the course of man’s history, took place in the past. It accomplished this, not by going forward from the proposed year of the six-day creation account, but by looking back to the year of creation and the events that immediately followed the placement of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. 
The 7,000-year millennial perspective, as it turns out, is filled with the unfolding of many dispensations over time, but only one condition and one beginning and ending that are in view from a Divine perspective. And what condition is that; the condition of man’s heart—the condition of sin and rebellion. 
The 7,000-year countdown did not begin with the six-day creation.  The 7,000-year countdown was tragically initiated by the sin of Adam and has been amplified and magnified by his descendants in an ever-increasing crescendo of unspeakable tragedy. The 7,000-year countdown, starting the moment Adam sinned, has been characterized by a cycle of dispensations that all end in exactly the same way. No matter what new experiment is attempted to govern the wicked heart of man, it always ends the same; whether it’s anarchy or tyranny, democracy or socialism; whether ruled by many laws or few; whether governed by judges, kings or God Himself, it always ends up the same way—man’s heart betrays all forms of governance; it rebels against everything that is good and holy as it reveals itself to be wicked, untamable, rebellious, and self-destructive.
There is only one solution to this problem, and it is not within the power of man to exercise its promise or potency. Man is in desperate need of a new heart—a recreated nature that is joyfully in glorious harmony with his Creator. Is this the lesson that man is to learn as he arrogantly schemes and plans his utopian fantasies? Man without God cannot achieve the latest version of an upgraded and improved man. It is madness to think that aided by super intelligence and technology—the false promise that echos from the serpents malicious lies, will accomplish only what God the Creator can accomplish. And what is that; a new heart. 
The first word in the Bible, Berisheet, reveals a millennial perspective that is so accurate and precise at forecasting the past that we dare not ignore what it forecasts for the future. It is no wonder that God has not disclosed this before now, saving it for the final generation—the generation living in the last fleeting years of time; time that is passing quickly and moving with speed toward the next event that God has ordained to happen both, just in time, and at the exact appointed time on His millennial day for a thousand-year calendar. To be precise, you are literally living on the razor's edge of a nearly 2,000-year countdown that is only a few short years from completion. You are living in a time of signs that have not been seen since the time of Noah. 
The corruption of man has reached the boiling point—the inflection point when iniquity overflows the cup of God’s patience and mercy. You are living in the generation that has seen the fulfillment of the one event that notifies all the earth that God is sovereign over all the affairs of men and nations. We have been a witness to the most unlikely historical event to ever take place in human history. The miracle of the regathering and reestablishment of the nation of Israel is no longer a pipe dream believed by a fringe group of biblical literalists explained away by the faithless Bible teachers who are so brilliant at allegorizing and spiritualizing away God’s promises and filling all those that follow them with arrogance and pride—a pride that is astonishing in face of God’s literal fulfillment of His unbreakable promises. 
Israel has been brought back to their land in unbelief just as the Lord both promised and foretold. This generation has witnessed the coming together with intensity and frequency the earth's signs of earthquakes, pestilence, wars, famine, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruption that Jesus said would accelerate in a chorus of converging, ever-increasing cycles of calamitous prominence that He compared to birth-pain; birth-pains that have never before been witnessed by any previous generation. Even the most hardened sinner living outside the influence of God’s Spirit knows that something is wrong, and something frightful is on the near horizon. 
The children of the Light, according to the Apostle Paul, will not be overtaken by “the Day”—the day that the Prince of Heaven slips through the open window of time that’s been allocated from the beginning to demonstrate God’s grace to the nations, the time we call “The Church Age.” The children of Light know the season of the Lord’s return is upon us. There are signs in the Heavens, signs in the earth, signs in the unseen world of evil spirits manifesting in our time and space dimension, signs all around us that are prophesied to cause fear in the hardened hearts of those who have rejected God’s Anointed One, signs that are meant to encourage and increase to the point of exuberance the blessed hope that is the birthright of every Christian pilgrim in the world; pilgrims who long with all their heart to be escorted in the twinkling of an eye into the presence of our Lord and Savior; taken to the place Jesus said He was going to prepare for us in Heaven. 

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