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Dear TBT Community,
These are very difficult times for many of us because of Covid 19. For some of us, this may be a particularly difficult time financially. If you are in need or worried about paying for food or other necessities, please contact me. I am here to help. Your message will be kept in confidence. 
Take good care,
Rabbi Mimi
Dear TBT Congregants,
Here is an update from our New Beginnings Committee (NBC) meeting held on 10-29-20:
Participant in the meeting were Rabbi Mimi, Chris Brumbach, Rachel Cohen, Phyllis Hardy, Madeline Knapp and Rob Poderefsky.
·        Rabbi Mimi asked us all to re-watch her 3 sermons on our YouTube Channel for honest feedback. Overall feedback was very positive such as clear, understandable, spoke to everyone, stayed on topic, good length, warm, moved by personal aspects shared, insertion of poetry and new prayers, brought out contemporary topics, engaging.  If anyone wishes to listen to these sermons again here is the link:

·        If any congregant would like to talk privately with Rabbi Mimi please send her an email or feel free to leave a message on her cell phone 203-980-7956 to schedule an appointment. At this time, we do not recommend face-to-face meetings due to the increasing numbers of Covid-19. One of the new ideas generated from the NBC was the creation of Zoom Open Office Hours, which the Rabbi has now scheduled every Friday from 12 – 1 pm and will now appear in Torah Talk.
·        Discussed Rabbi’s Programing. She received a big thumbs up from the women in our group who attended the Women of the Talmud Classes, very successful with approximately 30 women attending. Please know that these classes are open to all TBT women. We also discussed how the Havdalah for Hope program would be well received. All programs that the rabbi has initiated were ideas that were raised in her interview such as adult ed among others. So, stay tuned!
·        Our next 2 meetings are scheduled for November 24th and December 22nd
Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone of us on the committee. Stay Safe Everyone,
Chris, Madeline Phyllis, Rabbi, Rachel and Rob
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TBT walkers will be meeting regularly at the gazebo on Central Street in Holliston on Thursdays at 1 pm. All are welcome to join in...masks will be worn. Great connecting and kibitzing!

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