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My name is Sophie Anderson and I live in Medway. For my Mitzvah Project, I assisted a local preschool and Day Care in relocating to a new space. 

When I was younger, my brother and I attended Back to Basics for after-school care. We enjoyed our time there and connected with the teachers and the students. Some of whom are still our friends. Over the years, as we grew and aged out of the program, we stayed connected with the school staff and the students as they played at our neighborhood playground. I enjoyed my time with the little kids and often discussed the possibility of my volunteering to help out in the baby and toddler rooms when I was in middle school.

As I was deciding on a Mitzvah Project, which was particularly hard during the pandemic, I approached the owner of Back to Basics to see if she had any suggestions. She was in the midst of a delayed process in relocating her business. She asked me to help out by preparing the new classrooms and play spaces which were in desperate need of cleaning and organizing. She had a short amount of time, over December vacation, to renovate the space in order to have it ready for families who relied on her for child care. This was a great idea as she could use me over school vacation and on weekends. I could help out without direct contact with the children which felt like a safe option during the pandemic. My strong organizational skills came in handy with this project. I am happy that I was able to “give back” and improve the community by helping Ms. Wendy settle into her new space where she will welcome local children for years to come. I also hope to officially help out as a teacher’s aide in the future! 
Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Rake and Schmooze!
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Craig Wolpert
Brett Feldman
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Dan & Beth Ecker
David Levy
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Judy Leavey
Michael Fishbein & Mary Ann Oppenheimer
Michael Stepansky
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Congratulations to the Anderson Family! We warmly invite the entire congregation to celebrate with Sophie on YouTube.

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