Tornado & Response Update
Western Kentucky has suffered what may be the largest natural disaster in Kentucky history. The map included here outlines the areas impacted by this immense and deadly tornado—a huge swath covering the entire length of our diocese. At least 74 Kentuckians have died, including 12 children, over 100 are missing, thousands have lost their homes, and many have no power, clean water, or phone service. Many communities are decimated.

We are relieved that none of our congregations has reported the death of a parishioner. All of our church buildings are intact. Many parishioners, though, are grieving family and friends lost in the storm, or who were significantly injured. Parishioners have lost their homes, car, and possessions, as have their family, friends, and neighbors. The amount of loss is overwhelming.

If you have been directly impacted by the storms, know that you are not alone. We are praying with and for you, and we can assist in connecting you to resources. Your neighbors, your Christian family, care for you.

We have created a tornado response webpage with various resources and are meeting with clergy of the diocese and leadership of Episcopal Relief and Development’s US Disaster Response Program. All Saints Center is in contact with emergency management officers in case we could offer emergency shelter or provide housing for relief workers and volunteers.

8 counties in our diocese—Caldwell, Fulton, Graves, Hopkins, Marshall, Muhlenberg, Taylor, and Warren counties are under Federal Disaster Assistance—if you live in these counties you may be eligible for federal assistance. You can learn more on FEMA’s Kentucky disaster declaration website. Additional counties may be added to the disaster designation.


Pray. If you have a prayer request, please submit it via email here. Members of the Daughters of the King across the diocese will pray for you.

If you are nearby but not impacted, work to connect your congregation to the needs you learn about in your communities. While big response organizations will begin meeting the larger needs of shelter, food, and clothing, they will need help connecting to the people in your area. Often churches can also connect with individuals and families to address smaller, more specific needs of their communities.

For those outside the area, the most effective way to help right now is to send a financial contribution that can be used for local needs. Unless you are already trained and connected to a response organization, it is not helpful to go into the affected area.

Click here to read an article from the Episcopal News Service about relief efforts in the diocese.


The Bishop’s Discretionary Fund : Donate here.

The Bishop’s Discretionary Fund can get funding to our congregations quickly, and is an easy way to get funds to churches in the path of the tornado that are not currently able to accept online donations (including St. Peter’s, Gilbertsville; St. Mary’s, Madisonville; Trinity, Fulton, and St. Paul’s, Hickman). Some of these congregations have parishioners living in Mayfield. We are already beginning to distribute funds for urgent needs.

You can also donate directly to:
Christ Church Bowling Green here.
St. John's, Murray here.
Grace Church, Paducah here.
The Bishop’s Discretionary Fund will also support these congregations and their communities.

You can also donate to the Bishop's Discretionary fund by check:
Diocese of KY Bishop's Discretionary Fund
with tornado relief in the memo line
mail to:
The Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky
425 S. 2nd Street Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40202.

Some congregations in the affected areas are posting updates to their Facebook pages sharing prayer requests, local needs, and ways to donate. You can visit their Facebook pages at the links below:


Merciful God, you promise to always be with us. Remember us now in this time of great need. Give us hope and perseverance, comfort us with your goodness, and draw us ever closer together in you, that our common life might be strengthened and our communities enabled to fulfill your purposes, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.