Toroidal Fields
and Plasma Generators

For those of you that have begun to study The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation, you are learning the "mechanics" of spiritual development and discovering that bodily processes are indeed relevant in creating the Pentecostal flames of the pineal gland. The ancients have always taught that the human body has different foci of energy that need to be harmonized. They believed that the unfortunate person who cannot successfully link his three morphic fields of thinking (brain), feeling (heart), and willing (lower chakras) is doomed to mental instability, unfulfilled feelings, and incoherent behaviors. 

Only through alignment of these three fields of force can the aspirant find the full potential of energy and nourishment that the human body can provide. There are tools of ascension that you can effectively use in order to activate the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream that is needed to help you in your ascension process.   

Our newsletters can only hint at these esoteric secrets. For those of you who are ready to study these matters in a deeper way, we recommend that you read A Modern Path of Initiation

 Discover How Toroidal Forces Can Be Used to Create Harmony and Ease in Your Life

Now that you have read Ahriman: Occult Annihilation of the Soul and last month's lecture on how to antidote Ahriman by Surviving the Apocalpyse, we offer you an insightful movie on how ahrimanic forces have been unfolding in the world. You will also discover how toroidal forces can be used to generate harmony within your own personal field and in the environment. 

Towards the end of the movie, you will see how free energy is available using the principles of the MHD generator.  The processes whereby toroidal fields of force come into being are directly connected to the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams. They constitute the manifested energy that arise from the expansion of consciousness.

When nourished properly, both physically and spiritually, these force fields are potentially unlimited, giving the aspirant the ability to attain unlimited spiritual power.  

MHD Generator is explained further in
A Modern Path of Initiation as well as the movie--Thrive.


We don't agree with all of the material presented in the movie, especially with the explanation of extraterrestrials, so we ask you to use spiritual discernment when viewing this portion of the video, but the rest of the movie is incredibly insightful in understanding how free energy works. 

It is a full two hour movie, with no commercial interruptions, so grab some non-GMO popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the movie. And then pass along this newsletter to others so that they can begin to awaken and thrive.  

Shree Shree Shree, 

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel
Sisters of Sophia   

It Starts with You

    As we have written in the lecture of Surviving the Apocalypse and as depicted in the movie Thrive, a spiritual ark can be created, even if it is just for one--YOU. By creating a toroidal field of one, through meditation, spiritual study, contemplation, and consciousness, you align yourself with the Harmony of the Spheres and from there your environment will begin to change. 

    First you may notice a change in your health as your physical body becomes aligned with its natural rhythms and functions. You may notice how your family and personal relationships begin to harmonize and center around a common vibration of love, trust, and cooperation. You may find synchronicity and "flow" moving you to the best job situation, more financial freedom, or more harmonious community. 

   As you begin this awakening, you may only notice small changes, but as you become more conscious of your harmony in the universal orchestra and as you give gratitude for these changes, the hierarchy responds by bringing you more blessings.  

   This is what we mean when we say We Feed the Gods and They Feed Us. 

    You give the hierarchy, namely the angels and archangels, the food they need from you--which are your conscious, spiritual thoughts imbued with love, gratitude, and blessings. In return they give you their nutrition, which humans experience as life harmony, synchronicity, and flow.   
   The "food chain" doesn't just begin in the mineral world and stop with humans. As we explain in  A Modern Path of Initiation , the food chain is actually a reciprocal field of nourishment, whereby one kingdom gives nourishment to another. Humans and animals are nourished by the oxygen, vitamins, and enzymes from the plant kingdom. The animal kingdom provides us with proteins, amino acids, organic fertilizer, and even companionship. 

   Humans reciprocate this stream of nutrition by providing spiritual nourishment to the higher kingdoms and care to the lower kingdoms. Nothing nourishes the angels more than you giving blessings and gratitude to them. Nothing nourishes the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms than when we are good stewards of the earth. 

    When individuals, communities, and nations disconnect themselves from spiritual life, which we are witnessing in the world around us today, we cut off the nutritional flow from the kingdoms below and above. You can't expect good health and the ability to stimulate your chakra system if you continue to eat GMOs, irradiated, and processed foods. Likewise, if we aren't providing human spiritual nourishment to our angels, we shouldn't expect a life, community, or geopolitical system full of harmony and ease

   There is no better time than now to start preparing your spiritual ark, even if it is an "ark for one." 

   In Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game, the future is presented as Castalia where all the humanities are studied and their connections are discovered--economics, music, history, religion, biology, art, astrology, anthroposophy, etc.  

This is why we say BE CURIOUS and play the glass bead game with us. To Know Thyself, you must be awake in the world around you. 

We encourage you to begin your journey to Sophia. 

The Gospel of Sophia Series 

From the first revelation of Sophia through the vision of the fiery vision of Pele to the Damascus Christ in the etheric realm, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel offer fellow spiritual colleagues these guidebooks that can awaken you to a fully conscious experience of the higher worlds with a solid foundation in anthroposophy.  

                    Know Her

Explore the biographies of the divine feminine trinity while awakening your organs of supersensible perception into the higher realms of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. As one reader succinctly, yet powerfully, critiqued: 

"A profound, living experience. "

                    Know Thyself

Once you Know Her, learn the mechanics of esoteric anatomy  and physiology so that you can consciously activate your earthly  and cosmic nutrition stream by learning how to activate 
the tools of ascension.

"All matter is enchanted into the limits of space and time,  waiting for living human perception that perceives the spirit  behind matter to liberate it."

                        Be Pure

 The Seventh Seal and final book in The Gospel of Sophia Series will be released soon. For those that have prepared themselves with the first six seals, the conscious path back to the spiritual world culminates in the union of Sophia Christos.  The initiate learns how to use a new spiritual language that reveals the Mysteries of the Etheric Christ and leads to the ultimate Temple of Wisdom. 

Once we cross the threshold into a new way  of life (please see the movie Thrive to understand this reference), we will want  to educate ourselves and our children in a whole  new way.  Based upon the solid foundations of anthroposophy and Waldorf, the  Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children is offered as a life-curriculum for shaping and educating the etheric body. This book is set to be released in 2017, but excerpts will appear in our newsletter beginning this fall. 

For those of you that want to get started with the path of Becoming, we suggest that you download Spirit of Childhood. This book, written by Waldorf master teacher Douglas Gabriel in response to his colleagues' request for a comprehensive first grade curriculum, is no longer in print, but available in electronic format  through Smashwords.     



Want to get really serious about cleaning up a sluggish   lower chakra? Spring and fall are perfect seasons to try Andreas Mortiz's Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. 

This powerful book is available on Amazon and can be a  game-changer for your overall health.  YOUR GOOD HEALTH IS WORTH THE PRICE OF  THE BOOK!

After you read the book, click below for simple
instructions from Hulda Clark on how to implement the flush.  

You will feel incredibly empowered with your health 
once you see your liver and gallbladder pushing out what we call "little pieces and stones of Ahriman." With all of the toxins in our environment --from GMOs, chemtrails, glyphosates - you will want  to do this flush several times a year.  

Are you aware of the importance of white blood cells in the process of the etherization of the blood and ascension? 

If your white blood cells are overly tasked with cleaning up your blood from poor digestion and subsequent toxins leaking into your blood stream, then your lower chakra can get sluggish and inactive. 

Difficult to start a kundalini fire in the belly when it is suffocating from poor digestion. White blood cells and t-cells are then diverted and cannot take on their higher purpose of the  etherization of the blood. 

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