Torresdale Pediatrics

February 2019 

Hello from Torresdale Pediatrics!

We ask that all parents try and arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your child's scheduled appointment. Our office policy is if you arrive to the office after your scheduled appointment time, we will do our best to try and find you another appointment later in the day or you will be asked to reschedule.  

Check out our RESOURCES page!
Have you taken the time to check out our practice RESOURCE page?  You can find lots of very interesting information that can help you care for your child.  Some examples include:

Newborn Corner - lots of great information for new parents

VIS forms- the vaccine information statements that you are offered in the office can be found and printed from our website!  Check it out!
Patient Information Update
It is important that EVERY time you come to the office that you let us know if any of your child's information  has changed, including home address, email information, and an accurate phone number.
To download our Tylenol Dosage Table and our Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) Dosage Table, as well as other useful resources, please visit our website.


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