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Happy Fall! We are so excited with the change in season that ushers in the fall and winter festivities! It's still warm enough with our Indian summer that I can't quite wrap my head around the Christmas trees that have already shown up at Costco. However, I am excited about all things pumpkins and Fall harvest! I absolutely love the changing of the leaves. In fact, Sean and I recently took a trip out to Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado (pictured above).  It was snowing and raining the day we were there hiking with our daughter, but you can see how breathtakingly beautiful it was even with some cloud cover! We thoroughly enjoyed our time camping and look forward to making our once a year camping trip a family tradition!

Looking for a sacred space? At  A Place to Grow  we specialize in creating unique outdoor lifestyle spaces for you to grow, whether it's a greenhouse to grow plants, an artist studio/meditation retreat to grow spiritually or an outdoor dining room to grow peace and tranquility while sharing a meal with family and friends. As soon as you are ready to start designing your own unique structure, please respond to this email or call us at 805.704.2161.

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Featured Structure: Los Osos Office Shed 
This cozy shed provides a supplemental space as a part-time, outdoor office! Our clients had recently relocated from Colorado to Los Osos, and were so excited to be moving to the area. We met this wonderful couple at Morro Bay Art in the Park last year while they were house hunting, and we were able to accommodate their needs by completing the design remotely. Initially constructed as a "she-shed" for our triathlete client Sonja, we visited the site a little while afterwards and discovered her husband was also sharing the office space. Even their daughter likes to relax on the chaise lounge in this personalized shed. This unique structure transformed from a "she-shed" to a "we-shed"! Complete with a gorgeous custom live edge slab table from  Pacific Coast Lumber that  they are using as a standing desk, our clients have truly made this space their own. 

At A Place to Grow  we specialize in unique, one of a kind sheds that bring artistry to your space. Ready to get a shed of your own? Just give us a call at 805.704.2161 or stop by our shop at 445 B Prado Road, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Tortoise House, a New Kind of Place to Grow!

We recently had the pleasure of re-connecting with our client, Diane, to design and build a tortoise house for her 4 tortoises! She had been using an Igloo dog house for them and it just wasn't meeting their needs anymore. After building Diane an outdoor space for her plants and for her to sit outside and enjoy her tortoises, she wanted to see if we could bring our reclaimed materials together to create a space for her tortoises. We designed it to look similar to our chicken coops with a barn style look to them and a cupola on top for ventilation. The end result made Diane smile as you can see in this picture! Matthew is also pictured with Diane as he built the tortoise house for her, great job Matthew!

If you have a wood project that you need help with, we specialize in unique projects and would love to partner with you to make your project come to life! Please give us a call at 805.704.2161 or respond to this email.

Meet Our Carpenter, Bob Ake!

Meet Bob Ake, one of our newest members of the A Place to Grow (APG) family! Bob moved to SLO County 6 years ago from Humboldt with his wife to be close to their children and grand children. They have twin grandsons and 3 older grandchildren.

Bob has worked as a finish carpenter for 44 years doing mostly finish work and renovations. Bob spent the last 3 years working for Daniel's Woodland in Paso Robles where he built sets and furniture for shooting galleries in arcades all over the world! 

Bob said that what he likes best about working at APG "is the crew and the family feel". He said that he also likes our clients' reactions to their sacred spaces, the hugs and sometimes tears of joy!

Send Us a Picture of Your Shed!
We love it when our clients send us pictures of how they are using their "Places to Grow!" Here is Curtis enjoying a glass of wine while Deb is no doubt behind the camera! This picture truly captures the relaxing moment and makes us so happy to see how beautiful Deb & Curtis have made their space. Way to go Deb!

If you have a picture of you using your beautiful shed or just a picture of your shed all decorated, please text them to 805.704.1155. We would love to share your pictures so that other clients may get ideas from you!

If you would like one of these unique and environmentally friendly sheds for your garden, please give us a call at 805.704.2161 or stop by our showroom at 445 B Prado Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

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Home & Garden Expo of Paso Robles At the Paso Robles Expo Center (Fairgrounds!) 2198 Riverside Rd., Paso Robles, Saturday, February 24th, 10-5pm and Sunday, February 25th, 10-4pm

Home & Garden Expo of San Luis Obispo  at the Alex Madonna Expo Center, 100 Madonna Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA, Saturday, May 5th, 10-5:00 pm and Sunday, May 6th, 10-4pm

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