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Total Brain Health Announces 
 "30 Days To Faster Thinking" Campaign To Kick Off 2018

Montclair NJ - 
December 27, 2017. 
Total Brain Health is happy to announce its 6th annual "30 Days to Better Brain Health" challenge.  The 2018 campaign, "30 Days to Faster Thinking," will offer folks of all ages the chance to kick off the new year by revving up their brain speed.
Beginning January 1st and continuing each day for the month of January, Total Brain Health will share tried and true workouts designed to quicken thinking and boost sharpness. Participants will learn how to quick start their brains with fun yet effective exercises they can do in just a few minutes each day. The campaign, free to all participants, is made available by email as well as through Total Brain Health's Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The brain's speed of thinking is one of the cognitive skills most taxed by aging. Research supports that challenging ourselves to work against the clock can benefit our overall daily thinking. One recent study suggested that such training may even lower dementia risk and preserve independence as we age. "We believe that poor recall is often not a "forgetting problem" but rather a "getting" problem," explains TBH President and Founder, Cynthia R. Green Ph.D.  "We need to continually improve our attention and focus in order to think quickly and boost retention," says Dr. Green.

A s a leading provider of brain wellness training, Total Brain Health serves thousands of clients through their TBH Toolkits brain training programs, currently used in over 100 active aging and fitness settings across the U.S. and Australia. Total Brain Health's mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their brain fitness in order to enjoy independence and vitality. "We believe strongly in giving back to our community in ways that can support purposeful aging.  Now in it's 6th year, our annual "30 Days" campaign is a great opportunity for us to help folks of all ages learn what they can do to stay brain healthy," says Melissa Engel, TBH COO.
To register for TBH's "30 Days to Faster Thinking" CLICK HERE.

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