Total Brain Health Launches
Ground-Breaking New 
Memory Training Toolkit
Press Release

  Total Brain Health Launches Ground-Breaking
New Memory Training Toolkit
Montclair, NJ (December 28, 2017). Total Brain Health (TBH), the leading U.S. provider of social-based brain fitness training, announces the release of their newest cognitive coaching program, the TBH MEMORY 2.O Toolkit, a next-level memory training program. 
The all new TBH MEMORY 2.0 Toolkit is supported by the TBH Memory Best Challenge, a daily individualized program designed to help adults continue improving memory performance and learning outside the classroom.
TBH MEMORY 2.0 builds on the success of the original MEMORY Level 1.0 Toolkit course through the addition of new memory strategies, increased classroom challenges and the individual challenge component, all while bringing active agers together to promote their brain vitality. The course ends with an exciting memory competition based on the U.S. Memory Championship, giving students the chance to engage their newly minted recall skills in an inclusive, fun team match-up.
TBH Toolkits stand apart from other brain training programs in offering:
  • State-of-the-science courses developed by cognitive improvement expert, Cynthia R. Green Ph.D., and used in nearly 100 communities nation-wide
  • Social-based brain training protocols that harness the benefits of collective training, proven to boost brain health and memory performance above individual training methods
  • Training in the real science behind how to improve cognitive outcomes for everyday thinking and long-term brain wellness using physical, intellectual and socio-emotional health interventions
  • Integrated ways to combat depression, isolation and loneliness, known risk factors in older adults linked to increased morbidity and mortality
"Combining hands-on learning with social-based brain training promotes sharper daily thinking," says Dr. Green. "Our TBH Toolkits courses help establish healthy brain-boosting practices that support the very intellectual skills that can diminish with age, namely attention, quick and flexible thinking, reasoning and memory.  The added engagement of an individual challenge helps build intellectual engagement by laying the foundation for lifelong habits."


Total Brain Health, provider of TBH Toolkits, leads the market in social-based memory and brain health programming for group settings, as well as marketing consultation services and certificate training for professional development. For more information visit   or   or call 973-655-0422.