TBH  Announces Partnership with 
Australia's HealthStrong 
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Total Brain Health Forms International Partnership 
with Australia's HealthStrong

MONTCLAIR, NJ (June 6, 2016). Total Brain Health (TBH), a leading provider of social-based cognitive training programs and services, is proud to announce a Corporate Partnership with HealthStrong, Australia's leading mobile allied health care provider.  The partnership appoints HealthStrong as the exclusive provider for Australia of Total Brain Health's TBH Toolkits, innovative programs brain health and memory courses for the 55+ age group.
"We are proud to partner with HealthStrong," said Dr. Cynthia Green, Founder and CEO for Total Brain Health.  "It is our mission to improve the lives of adults world-wide by providing valuable information on staying sharp and vital in mind, body and spirit. We are excited to engage HealthStrong's expertly trained practitioners to deliver our experiential brain health programming throughout the Australian 55+ market with the quality of service that makes them second-to-none in the allied health services field."
Total Brain Health TBH Toolkits include TBH BRAIN WORKOUT Toolkit, a brain-healthy lifestyle-based program and TBH MEMORY Toolkit, curricula on memory strategies, as well as TBH FAIR, a brain health fair popular as a large group event.  Founded by renowned brain health expert and author, Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health's suite of brain fitness programs are uniquely designed to include activities for small and large group learning. "Our group-based brain training programs are supported by research showing that that social engagement offers more opportunities to challenge our daily thinking skills, reduce dementia risk and to improve our mood."

"HealthStrong is excited to join Total Brain Health as a Corporate Partner. ­­The demand for quality cognitive training programs is growing, and Total Brain Health's TBH Toolkits are unique in their integration of peer support and engagement for optimal brain training and wellness" says Stanley Sack, managing director of HealthStrong.  "Total Brain Health allies with our passion for quality services that promote the physical and social wellbeing of the senior market through scientifically-based courses that will be led by our credentialed practitioners.  We feel the TBH Toolkit programs bring premier cognitive wellness training opportunities to our clients."  

About Total Brain Health®

Total Brain Health is a leading provider of social-based brain fitness training in the United States. Founded by renowned brain health expert and author Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health occupies  a special niche in the brain fitness market by offering memory and brain health programming, including The TBH Toolkits, a line of brain fitness programs for active aging settings, as well as marketing, consultation services and certification training for qualified professionals. For more information about Total Brain Health, call 973-655-0422 or visit www.totalbrainhealth.com or www.tbhtoolkits.com .
About HealthStrong®

For over 10 years, HealthStrong has been providing essential allied healthcare services to residents of aged-care facilities. During this time, HealthStrong has grown to be one of the largest healthcare providers in Australia.  HealthStrong delivers evidence-based clinical practices, provides comprehensive documentation and communication processes and works as part of your team.  

For further information about HealthStrong's support services, call T: 1300 660 086 or visit https://www.healthstrong.com.au/

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