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Gina Taylor, Marketing Manager
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TBH Toolkits Deliver Cognitive Fitness Courses 
Using Social Connectivity
Montclair, NJ (January, 2016) Total Brain Health, the leading U.S. provider of brain fitness training for professionals, recently launched TBH Toolkits, a unique series of socially interactive brain health and memory programs for active aging and fitness settings.  Based on the work of Founder and CEO, Dr. Cynthia Green, TBH Toolkits deliver science-based cognitive fitness classes and programs that teach brain wellness and memory strategies and incorporate peer engagement and support.
Unlike the computer-based cognitive fitness training programs, TBH Toolkits deliver scripted brain training classes that include in-person, group involvement activities.  "Online brain training can mask the real science of what brain fitness is all about, namely engaging in lifestyle behaviors that have been tied to staying sharp," says Dr. Green.

TBH Toolkits stand-apart in offering cognitive fitness interventions that promote off-line activities spanning the full body, mind, and spirit continuum of well-being. Emerging research from the Finger Study supports this brain training methodology with findings that suggest cognitive fitness training along with diet, sleep and stress management can preserve brain health and help prevent Alzheimer's.
The TBH Toolkit series includes the TBH BRAIN WORKOUT Toolkit and the TBH MEMORY Toolkit with classes in both 60-minute and 15-minute versions, and the TBH FAIR Toolkit, a brain health fair guide.  Professionals can utilize these toolkits individually or together as a suite for a comprehensive approach to brain training.
The goal of TBH Toolkits is to give professionals the tools they need to support clients in a group learning environment aimed at boosting brain power.  "We aim to provide a lifestyle solution for active agers looking to stay sharp and age successfully" says Dr. Cynthia Green.  "The toolkits are scientifically-based brain fitness programs that help clients stay brain-healthy and socially engaged."

About Total Brain Health®

Total Brain Health is a leading provider of social-based brain fitness training in the United States. Founded by renowned brain health expert and author Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health occupies  a special niche in the brain fitness market by offering memory and brain health programming, including The TBH Toolkits, a line of brain fitness programs for active aging settings, as well as marketing, consultation services and certification training for qualified professionals. For more information about Total Brain Health, call 973-655-0422 or visit www.totalbrainhealth.com or  www.tbhtoolkits.com .
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