Total Brain Health Teams Up with NuStep for Cognitive Fitness on The Longest Day
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NuStep Teams Will Learn Cognitive Fitness Skills While 
Fundraising for Alzheimer's Research on June 20th, 2016
Montclair, NJ (March 11, 2016)  -    On June 20, 2016, Total Brain Health, a renowned provider of social-based brain training, will once again partner with NuStep Inc., a leading manufacturer of inclusive recumbent cross trainers, to raise money in support of The Alzheimer's Association The Longest Day event.
There are 46.8 million people with dementia worldwide, and a new case occurring every 3.2 seconds, according to Alzheimer's Disease International.  These numbers are growing and the population of people with Alzheimer's is projected to double every twenty years.
Total Brain Health will support NuStep, a global partner with the Alzheimer's Association, on The Longest Day event with valuable brain fitness games and exercises to use while NuStepping. 

Dr. Cynthia Green, CEO and Founder of Total Brain Health says, "We are honored to work closely with NuStep to support the Alzheimer's Association The Longest Day event.  Our goal for the day is to provide caregivers and their families with valuable cognitive fitness tools to help promote brain healthy lifestyles and stay sharp over time."

Total Brain Health stands apart in field of cognitive fitness in offering group-based brain training interventions that promote healthy lifestyles with activities that span the full body, mind, and spirit continuum of well-being. Emerging research from Finland suggests cognitive fitness training along with exercise, diet, sleep and stress management can preserve brain health and help prevent Alzheimer's.

Total Brain Health invites senior living communities, community fitness centers, other organizations and individuals to join in "NuStepping to End Alzheimer's" from sunrise to sunset on The Longest Day, the summer solstice. By doing so, they can raise funds to fuel the care, support and research programs of the Alzheimer's Association and learn valuable cognitive fitness tips to support their own healthy aging.
Held on the longest day of the year, this event honors those facing Alzheimer's disease. "As you know, Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that affects millions of people every year.  And, until there is a cure, we hope you will continue join us in the fight to raise awareness, support research and fund services for all affected, including caregivers for whom every day is 'the longest day,'" says Total Brain Health's Dr. Cynthia Green.
To join a NuStep team, or make a donation to honor those facing Alzheimer's, visit 

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Total Brain Health is a leading provider of social-based brain fitness training in the United States. Founded by renowned brain health expert and author Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health occupies  a special niche in the brain fitness market by offering memory and brain health programming, including The TBH Toolkits, a line of brain fitness programs for active aging settings, as well as marketing, consultation services and certification training for qualified professionals. For more information about Total Brain Health, call 973-655-0422 or visit or .
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NuStep is the creator of the world's most innovative and inclusive recumbent cross trainers. The company was established with the goal of transforming lives by encouraging people of virtually all ages and all fitness levels, including those rehabilitating from an injury or illness, to TAKE THAT STEP, by getting the exercise they need to lead healthier, happier lives. Privately held and family owned, NuStep has been designing and manufacturing its products in Ann Arbor, Mich. since 1995. As a strong and passionate proponent of cardiovascular and brain fitness, NuStep is a partner of the International Council on Active Aging and a global partner of the Alzheimer's Association's The Longest Day. For more information, CALL 800.322.2209 or VISIT  NUSTEP.COM.
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