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Total Hip Replacement Is Not Just For Larger Breeds Anymore.
VSS performs THR in cats and small dogs using the CFX® Micro & Nano Hip System.
The CFX® Micro & Nano Hip System was developed by BioMedtrix to provide Total Hip Replacement (THR) for very small dog breeds and cats that weigh as little as four pounds. While THR is the primary treatment for many hip joint diseases and injuries in larger canine breeds, smaller pets did not have this option a few years ago.
Prior to development of the Micro & Nano Hip System, only FHO (femoral head ostectomy) was performed, which removes the head of the femur and relies on soft tissue formation of a pseudo-hip joint - compared to THR, which provides complete replacement with a new prosthetic ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum). FHO helped many small animals to regain some mobility, but it did not have the advantages of THR. FHO has longer rehabilitation time, and THR is the only option that will restore the biomechanics of the hip joint to normal with pain-free joint function for rest of the pet's life - and with a very high success rate.
Small Pets Have Similar Hip Problems As Large Pets
Small dogs and cats are affected by pathological conditions affecting the hip joint, similar to those of larger patients. Avascular necrosis, degenerative osteoarthritis, femoral head and neck fractures, and coxofemoral subluxations and luxations create painful hip conditions and pelvic limb dysfunction for these smaller patients. Functional restoration of a diseased hip joints through a THR procedure should be the goal for all potential patients, regardless of their size.
THR Is Transforming The Standard Of Hip Care For Small Animals
The Micro and Nano THR procedures allow restoration of normal hip biomechanics and function in small dogs and cats. THR is the only treatment that fully restores lifelong mobility and prevents the recurrence of hip dysplasia - the leading cause of hind leg lameness in dogs. The procedure is highly successful - as 95% of all patients that receive a BioMedtrix THR recover full mobility.

The Micro THR system mimics the traditional BioMedtrix CFX (cemented) THR system. It consists of the same three-component modular system - a polyethylene cup, a tapered and collared femoral stem, and femoral head. The Nano THR system is also a cemented system with a mono-block femoral component (the femoral stem and head forms one unit) and a polyethylene cup. Reported outcomes of this miniaturized THR procedure has been reported as good to excellent in most cases.
VSS is committed to advancing the field of veterinary surgical medicine, to deliver the latest techniques and best patient outcomes. We work as partners with you to provide your patients with surgical expertise in orthopedic, soft tissue, minimally invasive, neurologic, oncologic, and cardio-thoracic procedures. If you would like additional information about our success with THR in large and small animals, please do not hesitate to call us at 949.936.0055.

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