August 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Using science to make surfaces safer to touch, Safertouch™ features a proven and durable antimicrobial technology that is designed to protect your most important surfaces.

Our world has suddenly changed and more than ever people are taking action to prevent the spread of infections. Handshakes and high fives are taboo and we are trying to keep a safe distance from everyone. We can be smarter as we get back to work and it will be a combination of behavior and technology that make a difference going forward.

TouchPoint Science  antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces, making it ideal for a diverse set of applications. Touchpoint Science has incorporated this technology in a custom, vinyl overlay for your most popular touchscreens, door handles and at-risk surfaces. The agent on the substrate is based on EPA registered ingredients that have been used for decades to control the growth of microbes in a variety of applications from medical devices to consumer goods.

Where Can TouchPoint’s Technology Be Applied?

With TouchPoint’s vinyl overlay technology, it can be applied almost anywhere on a vending machine, including touch screens, keypads,  handrails, order screens, and delivery doors. 

Vending machines have become essential in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic, due to their ability to automate product vending. Vending Machines are usually open for business 24-7 and, in most cases, a customer doesn’t need to have physical contact with the machine.

Network non-connection can be an issue with a vending machines ability to be “always open” is the network that it’s connected to, because if the network goes down a customer can’t use their credit, debit, or preferred digital wallet to make their payment and the vending machine will lose money.

With the shutdown of 2G and 3G networks around the world, the big question is what’s the most ideal network for vending operators right now that also offers them the most options for growing their businesses?

About Nayax And Telit Partnership

Thanks to a recent partnership between Nayax and Telit , vending operators now have a superior cashless payment service and management platform that’s also excellent for unattended markets, laundromats, vending machines and so much more!

Business owners who use the Nayax platform can view real–time data such as machine visits, cashless transactions, excellent telemetry information, and real–time alerts as well.   

Before Covid-19, vending machine technology was rapidly advancing and providing consumers with more options than ever before including touch screens and multiple payment options. Now in 2020, vending machine technology has rapidly advanced as Coronavirus has made vending machines become an essential business since consumers can purchase food, beverages, and specialty products from vending machines.

Thanks to companies such as  Digital Vending International, LLC , vending businesses have been able to reach more customers, and have a presence in multiple types of locations, using smart vending machines technology, not only in USA but worldwide.

Smart Vending Machine Ideas

A dual cashless payment system for vending is being deployed by Vagabond . The system allows operators to simultaneously offer vīv mobile cashless and traditional swipe card readers and potentially expand further into touchless vending. The innovation is available on all machines with control boards that offer dual cashless capabilities. 

According to Vagabond, the innovation means operators can now add vīv #TrulyTouchless capabilities onto any compatible vending machine alongside their traditional swipe reader and deliver data to any VMS, including Vagabond, VendSys, Parlevel, Cantaloupe or Streamware, limiting the impact to their business operations. This enables operators to allow consumers to choose how they pay for products and, as more users utilize vīv, begin engaging directly with consumers through the vīv consumer marketing engine.

Operators can now satisfy demand from accounts for touchless payment options without having to remove the credit card reader. With vīv, operators can run their business on live data, price to the penny, change prices remotely, dynamically schedule price reductions to drive sales during slow times, sponsor high-margin, high-rebate products to the top of the menu regardless of where they are placed physically in the machine, and directly invite consumers to return to use the machine or kiosk-less market. 

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