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Greetings!, this is your newsletter for November 18, 2020

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Granite State Woodturners

A live virtual (Zoom) demo by Rick Manganello is in the planning for November 27th at 7pm.

Our November Meeting will be hosted by Rick Manganello, our new GSWT President. It’ll give us a chance to get better acquainted with Rick and tour his shop. He will share lessons learned by a beginning woodturner, including tools and gadgets, both good and bad. With luck he may even come up with something to demonstrate. Attendance is FREE. Register HERE
Upcoming Virtual Event 
Live Online Event

John Jordan
Turning a Small Lidded Jar
Saturday, November 21, 2020
3 p.m. Eastern Time

Registration is open through Friday, November 20, at noon Eastern Time.
Click HERE to register

New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association

The Furniture Masters are thrilled to announce the opening of our most recent exhibit - Alone Together. Eight new works are now on exhibit at our Concord, NH gallery as we celebrate fine craft in the time of a pandemic. In addition to the physical display, we have created a 3-D virtual tour of the exhibit so that it can be accessed and enjoyed by furniture patrons and enthusiasts worldwide! Click HERE for more...

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

Our woodworking school offers courses in furniture making and related skills such as carving, turning, marquetry and finishing.

Click HERE for more...
Augmented reality app to showcase New Hampshire art

State’s creative economy to be featured in virtual exhibit based at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

An exhibition will be unveiled next month at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport that will showcase the work of New Hampshire artists and craftspersons using a virtual augmented reality app.
The exhibition – the first of its kind in the region – will use the Aery augmented reality app, which has been developed by Membit, a firm with offices in New Hampshire and New York City. Put together by the New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts, the exhibition will feature 14 art pieces created by members of the League of NH Craftsmen as well show the history and cultural significance of the league, which has long been recognized as one of the nation’s foremost fine crafts organizations since its founding nearly 90 years ago. Find out more HERE
This week’s Live Session, aka ‘Interactive Remote Demonstrations’ (IRD’s) is brought to you direct from Theo Haralampou’s studio workshop in Brisbane Australia.
To learn more about Theo – CLICK HERE
The term ‘Treen’ literally meaning ‘of a tree’ is derived from several ancient languages, and describes small handmade wooden items that have a functional purpose around the home.
Treen has become highly collectable, and covers a broad spectrum of items such as wooden plates and platters, needle cases, chopping boards, spoons and scoops.
It’s great to make items that can be used everyday, and appreciated not only for their visual and tactile appeal, but also for their functionality too.
This week, Theo focusses on several important turning techniques to create the perfect gift that can be put to work and used each day.
This week, Theo covers:
  • Scoop design and characteristics
  • Timber selection for utility items
  • Drilling and hollowing techniques
  • How to use a goblet tool rest
  • Setup of a lathe driven disc sander for shaping
  • Sanding techniques and food safe finishes
We run two sessions each week, both with the same content, from Brisbane, Australia.
The first will not be an ideal time for you in the UK…( just after midnight on a Saturday morning), but the Second Session will be 9.30am Saturday 21st.
If your Joining us from the US and Canada, then the First session will be the most convenient time for you on Friday 20th.

Please RSVP on the form attached or simply send an email to with RSVP in the subject line to register, and I’ll send your log in code by return email.
Note from a Facebook friend.

A customer asked me how much it cost to make a table....
I answered him: $ 1500
He said: So expensive for this job?
I asked: How much do you think it would cost you?
He answers me: $ 800 maximum... That's a pretty simple job right? !"
- For $ 800 I invite you to do it yourself.
- But.... I don't know how to.
- For $800 I'll teach you how to. So besides saving you $700, you'll get the knowledge for the next time you want
- It seemed right to him and he agreed.
- But to get started: you need tools: A table saw, a planer, a top, dormants, etc...
- But I don't have all these equipment and I can't buy all of these for one job.
- Well then for another $250 more I'll rent my stuff to you so you can do it.
- Okay, he says.
- Okay! Tuesday I'm waiting for you to start doing this work
- But I can't on Tuesday I only have time today.
- I'm sorry, but I'm only available Tuesday to teach you and lend you my stuff. Other days are busy with other customers.
- Okay! That means I'm going to have to sacrifice my Tuesday, give up my tasks.
- I forgot. To do your job yourself, you also have to pay for the nonproductive factors.
- That is? What is this?"
- Bureaucratic, tax, vat, security, insurance, fuel etc.
- Oh no!... But to accomplish these tasks, I'm going to spend more money and waste a lot of time!
- Do you have them? You can do it to me before?"
- Okay!
- I'll make you all the material you need. Truck loading is done Monday evening or Tuesday morning you'll have to come by 6 loading the truck. Don't forget to be on time to avoid traffic jams and be on time
- At 6??? Nope! Too early for me! I used to getting up later.
- You know, I've been thinking. Y ' all better get the job done. I'd rather pay you the $1500. If I had to, it wouldn't be perfect and it would cost me a lot more.
When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but also:
- Knowledge
- Experience
- Study
- Tools
- Services
- Time to go
- punctuality
- Accountability
- Professionalism
- Accuracy
- Guaranteed
- Patents
- Sacrifices
- Safety and security
- Payment of tax obligations
No one can denigrate other people's work by judging prices.
Only by knowing all the elements necessary for the production of a certain work can you estimate the actual cost.

I did not write this dialogue, but am sharing it to support craftsmen and entrepreneurs.
As you may have heard, the Guild is starting up a new magazine (The Old Saw Resharpened to be edited by Mike DiMaggio) the last quarter of this year. We also will continue with The Journal in the spring.

We would like to include two long time features in both publications...Q&A and Member Gallery and I will continue to handle both of those features. But we are running out of material for both and need to replenish.

So, please send woodworking related questions for Q&A and/or good photos with a description for Member Gallery to me at

Jim Seroskie
Member Forum—Take Advantage

The member forum is a good way to network with other Guild members during this shut down. You do not need a forum account to view what is up there. But by creating an account of your own, you can participate in the discussion, create a topic, ask questions, and best of all receive an email anytime a new post is created.

Please refrain from posting copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you. A quote or perhaps a few sentences if attributed from copyrighted material is OK. But please use caution as this is a public forum.
Welcome to each new member who joined the Guild last month. Please make these members welcome should you see them at your next meeting.

Check out the member directory (login required). Car pooling to a meeting is a great idea.

Current membership count = 624

October Members
Guild Branded Merchandise

The Guild store is back!

The Guild has sold guild branded shirts and hats at cost to the membership for many years.

You can order from the online store or contact Bob Wyatt at He may be able to bring an item to a mutual meeting.

You can find the new online store at

New Videos Added to Our Library

Guild library videos are a long standing tradition with the Guild. What began as a lending library documenting many Guild demonstrations and lectures at general meetings, subgroup meetings and symposia presentations, was eventually converted from VHS tapes to DVD format and later available on our website.

We have several new videos from our recent foray into video conferencing.

More will be added as they are developed in the coming weeks.

Small Meetings
These meetings are generally held in small shops or other environments which require limiting the number of attendees.

All person to person meetings are temporarlly on hold. For now all future meetings are virtual meetings.
More small meetings are always being added, so check the coming events below.
Coming Events

How to Cancel your Registration

  • All Other Meetings—Simply reply to your event registration email or contact
Event List and Calendar are Back (Online Meetings Only)

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 06:00 PM

GSWT Virtual Demo
Friday, November 27, 2020 at 07:00 PM

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 07:00 PM

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 06:00 PM

Classified Ads
For sale items, free, wanted and opportunities may be submitted to the site moderator. Please send an email with your contact information to:

Peter James at

Remember—Pictures Sell
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Guild Logo

A Gift to the Guild from Gene Willett of Antrim NH.

Highly figured Ash stump Burl.
My brother in law Gene Willett works as a logger and he noticed the base of this Ash tree looked interesting and set it aside for me.
It was more than 4 ft in diameter and was two trees grown together.
I took the pieces over to a bandsaw mill and had 5/4 boards and a couple 12/4 boards sliced up.
I sealed the edges with Anchor Seal.
The pieces are being sold as a fundraiser for the Guild.
$10 per board foot, the pieces are priced from $17 up to $60 first come first serve on Sunday November 22 from 1-3 pm.
The pieces will be laid out in my shop so please wear a mask.
Steve Costain
103 Rollins Rd, Nottingham, NH 03290

Membership Cards

Membership card lists are generated quarterly for new or renewed memberships from the previous quarter. Batch dates are...

January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1

You can expect delivery approximately two weeks after your batch date. Cards are personalized and sent directly to you from our supplier in MN.

Renew early! However, when you do renew your membership, an email is sent which acts as your temporary certificate of membership until your card arrives.

Cards are used for member discounts at participating suppliers.
Member Discounts
Tools & Supplies
Dave' Shaves
Finishing Focus
Gary R. Wood & Co.
Liogier Hand Stitched Rasps
Rockler—Cambridge, MA
Rockler—Salem, NH
Williams & Hussey
Woodcraft—Newington, NH
Woodcraft—Woburn, MA 

Manchester Tool Repair
Tru-Cut (Sharpening)

Wood Products
FBN Millwork
Goosebay Lumber
Highland Hardwoods
New London Wood Products
Northland Forest Products
Wolfgang's Wood 

Epic Woodworking
Homestead Woodworking
Maine Coast Workshop
North Road Guitars
The Breed School