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Greetings!, this is your newsletter for July 1, 2020
Exciting news!
The Steering Committee has approved the reemergence of the Old Saw. What's an "Old Saw" you ask? As some of you know it's the Guild's original newsletter. The "Old Saw" goes back to 1991 with Jon Siegel as its first editor. The "Old Saw" yet to be officially re-named, will be spearheaded by Mike DiMaggio and Jim Seroskie. I can't wait to get my copy.
2021 Woodturning Symposium
Due to COVID-19, venues, demonstrators and venders are reluctant or unable to make any commitments. For this reason, unless something changes the 2021 symposium is canceled The Committee is working on a 2022 symposium.

Concord Makerspace
Making Matters NH gets $105,000 in tax credits. They have big plans for this money. Planned purchases of advanced equipment include CNC machines, a plasma cutter and welding equipment. 

Deerfield Fair
Also in the news, the Deerfield Fair falls victim to COVID-19. Its Board of Directors decides to cancel their big event for 2020 due to public health concerns. The Fair’s Vice President also noted that many of its vendors, entertainers and participating organizations have pulled out of this year’s event. 
The League of NH Craftsmen Virtual Fair
The virtual fair will run from Aug. 1 through Aug. 9th. There will be virtual demos, some live, some prerecorded during the Fair. Starting Fair week and beyond the League is planning on opening their doors to the public at their Headquarters in Concord. During the Fair the Arts, Crafts and Design will be on exhibit. The Exhibit will also be avalible through their Virtual Fair Portal.
Guild Secretary
Due to personal reasons Alan Saffron has stepped down as Secretary. The Steering Committee thanked Alan for his many years of service. Claude Dupuis was Nominated by President Bob Wyatt. Claude accepted the nomination and his appointment was approved by the Steering Committee on 6/24/20.
Member Forum—Take Advantage

The member forum is a good way to network with other Guild members during this shut down. You do not need a forum account to view what is up there. But by creating an account of your own, you can participate in the discussion, create a topic, ask questions, and best of all receive an email anytime a new post is created.

Please refrain from posting copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you. A quote or perhaps a few sentences if attributed from copyrighted material is OK. But please use caution as this is a public forum.
Welcome to each new member who joined the Guild last month. Please make these members welcome should you see them at your next meeting.

Check out the member directory (login required). Car pooling to a meeting is a great idea.

Current membership count = 626

June Members
Guild Branded Merchandise

The Guild store is back!

The Guild has sold guild branded shirts and hats at cost to the membership for many years.

You can order from the  online store or contact  Bob Wyatt at He may be able to bring an item to a mutual meeting.

You can find the new online store at

New Videos Added to Our Library

Guild library videos are a long standing tradition with the Guild. What began as a lending library documenting many Guild demonstrations and lectures at general meetings, subgroup meetings and symposia presentations, was eventually converted from VHS tapes to DVD format and later  available on our website.

We have several new videos from our recent foray into video conferencing.

More will be added as they are developed in the coming weeks.

Claude Dupuis
Small Meetings
These meetings are generally held in small shops or other environments which require limiting the number of attendees.

All person to person meetings are temporarlly on hold. For now all future meetings are virtual meetings .
More small meetings are always being added, so check the coming events below.
Coming Events

 How to Cancel your Registration

  • All Other Meetings—Simply reply to your event registration email or contact
Event List and Calendar are Back (Online Meetings Only)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 06:00 PM

Classified Ads
For sale items, free, wanted and opportunities may be submitted to the site moderator. Please send an email with your contact information to:

Peter James at

Remember—Pictures Sell
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Membership Cards

Membership card lists are generated quarterly for new or renewed memberships from the previous quarter. Batch dates are...

January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1

You can expect delivery approximately two weeks after your batch date. Cards are personalized and sent directly to you from our supplier in MN.

Renew early! However, when you do renew your membership, an email is sent which acts as your temporary certificate of membership until your card arrives.

Cards are used for member discounts at participating suppliers.
Member Discounts
Tools & Supplies
Dave' Shaves
Finishing Focus
Gary R. Wood & Co.
Liogier Hand Stitched Rasps
Rockler—Cambridge, MA
Rockler—Salem, NH
Williams & Hussey
Woodcraft—Newington, NH
Woodcraft—Woburn, MA 

Manchester Tool Repair
Tru-Cut (Sharpening)

Wood Products
FBN Millwork
Goosebay Lumber
Highland Hardwoods
New London Wood Products
Northland Forest Products
Wolfgang's Wood 

Epic Woodworking
Homestead Woodworking
Maine Coast Workshop
North Road Guitars
The Breed School