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Greetings!, this is your newsletter for January 2, 2020
Membership Service Migration Complete

The conversion from iMIS to NeonCRM has been completed. We now need you to establish your Login Password for the new system.

You will need this to register for meetings and to gain access to your member services area.

LOOK FOR THE ONBOARDING EMAIL on January 2 with the subject "GNHW—New Membership System." This email will explain the simple two step process to get your new login name and create your password.

The onboarding email is being sent to contacts with a memberships as of Oct. 1, 2019 or later except those who joined online through Neon after Dec. 8, 2019 (you already have established your login credentials).

Jim Seroskie—Membership
New Events List, Calendar & Member Services

The Guild events calendar is now being maintained by eleven system users. These meetings are the core of the Guild. They are held at many locations throughout NH and sometimes in MA, VT or ME. 

  • The new Events List can be found at You can register for meetings there. Many events are reserved dates without an agenda. Others have not yet been posted. As always, the current event list is fluid.
  • There is also a Calendar at
  • Member Services can be found at Login is required to access this area. More about this below.

Member Services

Look for an onboarding email with the subject " GNHW—New Membership System". This email will explain how to get started in the new system. You will see the login name that has been assigned to you. You create your own password.

After you have your login name and password, go to to log in with your new credentials (screenshot below).

Following login, the two screenshots at the right show your options. Some pages in the list such as the "Member Directory" or "Restricted Access Credentials" are restricted to current members only.

If your membership expires, you can still login into this area to renew or re-join the Guild. There is no need to create a new account.

Year End Report
  • Total paid (561—up 13 YOY)
  • One year (301)
  • Two year (260—up 38 YOY)
  • Students (40)

Member Location
  • New Hampshire (454)
  • Massachusetts (58)
  • Maine (21)
  • Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut (10)
  • Other (18)

Finances (Dec. 15, 2019 balance—round numbers)
  • Operating Fund ($11,500)
  • Grant Program ($12,000 + $25,000 bequest held in reserve)

  • Boat Building (52)
  • Granite State Luthiers (58)
  • Granite State Woodturners (162)
  • Hand Tools & Carving (134)
  • Intermediate Project Group (44)
  • Metalworking (18)
  • Period Furniture Group (101)
  • Woodworking Fundamentals Group (162)

  • 83 Guild events including 69 subgroup, general or small meetings

Member Forum ( )
  • Members (74)
  • Posts(161)
  • Page views (9,000+ including views thru followed emails)

Guild Sunapee Booth Raffle (League of NH Craftsmen Fair)
  • August, 2019—$15,200 gross (a record—thank you to all who made this year another success)

Grant Program ( see list here )
  • Grants approved in 2019 (13 grants = $17,339)
New Members

Welcome to each new member who joined the Guild last month. Please make these members welcome should you see them at your next meeting.

Check out the member directory (login required). Car pooling to a meeting is a great idea.
Q&A Archive
on the Website

A search capability has been added to one of our most viewed content type on the website.

The Guild website had 157K page views in the past 12 months. Of those, Q&A Archive accounted for 20% during that time.

Q&A is a compilation of the 248 questions answered over the years through the Old Saw newsletter and Journal magazine going back to 2004.

Full text search results are available for questions, answers and authors. Results can be narrowed by clicking on one or more question tags.

Give it a try. For example: "Hide glue" returns 13 questions with many more answers. "Milkovits" returns 33.
Small Meetings

These meetings are generally held in small shops or other environments which require limiting the number of attendees. They can fill up fast although cancellations do occur. Wait listing is available when registrations reach the limit set.

More small meetings are always being added, so check the coming events below.

To CANCEL your Small Meeting registration or if you have meeting ideas, comments and suggestions , email Steve Costain at
Coming Events

 How to Cancel your Registration

  • All Other Meetings—Simply reply to your event registration email or contact
01/11/2020 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM ET
Portsmouth, NH
Join Steve Costain and Mike DiMaggio as they show 2 ways to sharpen hand tools

01/18/2020 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM ET
Wilmot, NH
Machining screw threads on a lathe using a single-point tool

01/22/2020 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET
Concord, NH
Monthly SC meeting

01/25/2020 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Bedford, NH
Join Pete Boorum and his wife Pam as they show how they make miniatures.

02/01/2020 09:00 AM - 12:05 PM ET
Auburn, NH
PFG will be continuing a Queen Anne side chair project. This is a Boston-style Queen Anne side chair, circa 1730-50.

02/01/2020 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Rollinsford, NH
Topic: Shop Made Jigs and Fixtures

02/08/2020 08:30 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Drawer Making, Part of “BuildYour Own Hand Tool Cabinet Series”

02/15/2020 09:00 AM - 12:05 PM ET
Auburn, NH
PFG will be continuing a Queen Anne side chair project. This is a Boston-style Queen Anne side chair, circa 1730-50.

02/26/2020 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET
Concord, NH
Monthly SC meeting

Classified Ads
For sale items, free, wanted and opportunities may be submitted to the site moderator. Please send an email with your contact information to:

Peter James at

Remember—Pictures Sell
Buy Neat Stuff

Membership Cards

Membership card lists are generated quarterly for new or renewed memberships from the previous quarter. Batch dates are...

  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1

You can expect delivery approximately two weeks after your batch date. Cards are personalized and sent directly to you from our supplier in MN.

Renew early! However, when you do renew your membership, an email is sent which acts as your temporary certificate of membership until your card arrives.

Cards are used for member discounts at participating suppliers.
Member Discounts
Tools & Supplies
Dave' Shaves
Gary R. Wood & Co.
Liogier Hand Stitched Rasps
Rockler—Cambridge, MA
Rockler—Salem, NH
Williams & Hussey
Woodcraft—Newington, NH
Woodcraft—Woburn, MA 

Manchester Tool Repair
Northeast Saw (Sharpening)
Tru-Cut (Sharpening)

Wood Products
FBN Millwork
Goosebay Lumber
Highland Hardwoods
New London Wood Products
Northland Forest Products
The Millwork Shop
Wolfgang's Wood 

Epic Woodworking
Homestead Woodworking
North Road Guitars
The Breed School