Volume 64 | July 1, 2019
Tough Decisions: Animal Mortality Disposal During a Disease Outbreak
African swine fever (ASF) is taking over the news headlines now, but it’s not the only foreign animal disease posing a threat to animal health, the national economy and the environment. Still, it is causing pig farmers to take another look at their animal mortality plan if a disease outbreak would hit their farm.
“All outbreaks start with one mistake and then if it is not managed well, it spreads quickly and then you have a national crisis,” says Neslihan Akdeniz, University of Illinois assistant clinical professor. “Being ready for a disease outbreak is important, it’s important to be precautious. We don’t need to panic, but we do need to be prepared.”

Akdeniz and graduate student Tiago Costa have been studying disease outbreaks that have taken place since the 1960s and recently reported their findings in the scientific journal, Waste Management. A key discovery was that if producers don’t respond quickly when an infectious disease hits, the disease spreads widely and gets out of hand fast.
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In the News
MAP Protein May Aid Battle Against Johne's disease
A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists is investigating a new “ingredient” for use in vaccinating cattle against Johne’s disease, a chronic wasting affliction that costs the U.S. dairy industry more than $200 million per year.

Bacteria get sick, too: Purdue Joins International Team Developing Alternatives to Antibiotics for Global Livestock Production
LAHORE, Pakistan — To slow down the worldwide development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Purdue University professors Paul Ebner, animal sciences, and Nicole Widmar, agricultural economics, have partnered with professors Zafar Hayat and Shafiq ur Rehman from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) and University of Punjab, respectively, both in Lahore, Pakistan, to find novel, effective, and affordable alternatives to using traditional antibiotics in Pakistan’s growing poultry industry.

USDA Plans Full Function Foreign Animal Disease Exercise in September
African swine fever (ASF) continues to leave its mark on the global swine industry. A resolution regarding ASF was passed at the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) annual meeting last week in Paris. The overall purpose of this exercise is to better prepare the U.S. pork industry and its stakeholders in the event of an actual FAD outbreak.

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