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Happy Thursday and Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrating this holiday season.

This week we know you getting bombarded with emails so we tried to highlight some fun stuff and positive news with the lower tax rates, and Christmas-themed pop-up bars.

Looking at why 2024 looks bright for Investors, and the top building trends in 2024. We still dive into the local market with graphics of how our local stacks up against the National averages.

Hope you enjoy and have a great holiday and/or a very Merry Christmas!

Local Community Update

12 Christmas-themed pop-ups in Austin to sleigh the holidays

Everyone loves a good Holiday themed pop-up venue! From sipping on Christmas-themed cocktails to getting snowed on at a rooftop bar, here are12 festive pop-ups, to inspire your holiday cheer.

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Austin homeowners rejoice with lower property tax bills

This is awesome, the average property tax bill for homeowners who live in their homes (Not investment properties) is $658 less than the last year. This comes from the approved a proposition in November. So check out your Tax Bill if you haven't seen it already!

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New Listings This Week


National Market Report

This video covers what's going on with real estate right now.

RE/MAX National Housing Report for Dec 2023 

In a typical year-end slowdown, national home sales took a dip in November, However, the recent decrease in interest rates has sparked increased activity in the local Austin market, especially in the past two weeks. Despite November aligning with this year's trends, the prospect of a more active 2024 is on the horizon.

Remember, the national picture is a composite of local snapshots, each with its unique conditions. For the most accurate insights, you'll want to understand the local market which is why we provide both perspectives at the end of every month.

Austin MSA Compared to The National Ave

The orange line represents the national trend, and Austin in Red has proven to be somewhat of an outlier over the past three years. Due to higher-than-normal price increases from 2020 through the spring of 2022, followed by a more significant correction from mid-2022 through this year.

Presently, we have fewer new listings, similar active listings, higher median days on the market, and more months of inventory than the national market.

Austin's Pending Contracts are significantly below the national average. Similarly, the number of homes with price reductions remains low. Austinites tend to perceive their homes as retaining close to peak values from previous years. Our confidence in the market's eventual rebound surpasses the national average seller's. Consequently, we are more inclined to wait longer and stand firm on prices, contributing to the higher months of inventory and extended days on the market that we see here.

Austin MSA Nov Stats

  • # Closed Sales: Down 6% from November 2022,
  • Median Sales Price:$518,000 Up 1.3% from Nov 2022
  • New Listings: up by 14.7% from last November
  • Ave Days on Market: 75 days up 18 days from Nov 2022
  • Months of Inventory: increased 1.2 months to 3.8 months of inventory YOY.
Central Texas Market Report

National Ave Nov Stats

  • # Closed Sales: Down 6.5% from to November 2022
  • Median Sale Price:$405,000 up 3.3% from Nov 2022
  • New Listings: up 1.5% compared to Nov 2022
  • Ave Days on Market: 40 days up 1 day from last year
  • Months of Inventory: in November was 2.6, up 0.1 months from Nov 2022
RE/MAX National Market Report

New Market Activity by Area

Winter Buyer's Guide
Winter Seller's Guide

Market Insights

Why the Future of Real Estate Looks Bright In 2024

After a rocky year, some say we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here's why the future looks great for investors.

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