Jeffrey Wm Hunt 
6 x 9 Hardcover 
38 maps * 40 images 
480 pages


Union Command Failure in the Shenandoah

David Powell
6 x 9 Hardcover
8 maps * 30 images
248 pages


The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry

Daniel T. Davis
6 x 9 Paperback
7 maps * 165 images
192 pages


Gregory A. Mertz
6 x 9 * Paperback
17 maps * 166 images
192 pages


Holding the Line on the River of Death

Eric J. Wittenberg
6 x 9 Hardcover
20 maps * 64 images
288 pages


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Libri Novi - April 2019
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In This Issue

Hello SB Readers, 
I AM NOT much of a basketball fan, but Sarah Closson is a fanatic. Last week I overheard my owner telling Miss Zoe that she ran screaming into his office with the idea that Savas Beatie select 16 Civil War books and host a Tournament of Books. 

(I immediately suggested hosting instead a Tournament of Milk Bones, but was ignored.) 

Here is how it began, with the head-to-head match ups. All voting (just click on the cover image on Facebook in each head-to-head match up) and that's it. SEE BELOW FOR THE FULL RULES!

Here are the winners, and the new head-to-head match ups for this week!

SORRY!! WRONG GRAPHIC. The one below is correct.  (There were a couple surprise upsets, if comments and private messages are any indication.) 

NEW BOOKS: As you will see below, we have several new books, including:

2. Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station, by Jeff Hunt (the second in his magnificent trilogy!)

Now that we have been discussing milk bones my stomach is growling. So I will leave you now. 

Hungry Woofs!
Miss Kenya

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Tournament of Books!


Although it is April, March Madness is in full swing and Savas Beatie has its own tournament. Have you participated yet? There is still time to vote AND take advantage of DEEP discounts and win a FREE BOOK! What are you waiting for???


1. There will be four Facebook rounds: Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and the Championship;

2. For each head-to-head poll match-up, the book with the most votes will advance to the next round. (In the event of a tie, a coin flip here at SB will determine the winner);

3. Voting is on Facebook only, with a set start and finish time. Each match-up will be 24 hours in length (12:01 am to midnight);

4. You can only vote ONE time for each head-to-head competition; 


1. Well, it's fun. We like fun. 

2. Everyone who participates will be entered to win a FREE copy of  the Championship book!

3. Book prices FALL as they advance! All orders must be placed through Savas Beatie by phone or through our website at using code TOB;

4. Sweet Sixteen Round: All books begin the competition at 10% off regular retail price (and include a signed author bookplate! Shipping is extra.)!

5. Elite Eight Round: Each book that advances to this round is an additional 5% off the previous round discount (15% off!)

6. Final Four Round: Each book in this round is 20% off!

7. Championship Round: Each book in this final Championship round is 25% off!

The Champion: The book that wins it all will be 30% off(!), and ship FREE with a signed author book plate to anyone who orders it by midnight, April 9!

And...each book started the tournament at 10% off, and every winning book increases the discount 5%! Just use coupon code TOB on our website and get a signed author bookplate, too!


 NEW Releases!
We are pleased to announce two new releases from award-winning authors:
Both books are now available. Call the office this week at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or  email us.

Complete with original maps, photos, and the skillful writing readers have come to expect from Powell, this book delves into all the issues, analyzing the campaign from an operational standpoint.

Historian Mertz grew up on the Shiloh battlefield, hiking its trails and exploring its fields. This taps into five decades of intimate familiarity with a battle that rewrote America's notions of war.

5 Things
We had so much fun last month getting to know more about Dave Powell, we have asked author Greg Mertz to share a little bit about himself.

We asked him to give us some insight about his work studying Shiloh. His most recent book, Attack at Daylight and Whip Them: The Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862 joins the stellar ECW collection this month.

Enjoy these Shiloh tidbits courtesy of Greg:

1. My interest in the Battle of Shiloh, and the Civil War as a whole, grew from the annual hiking and camping trips my Boy Scout Troop and Explorer Post made to the Shiloh Battlefield every spring. From ages 11 to 18 I visited the field every year and hiked about 150 miles on the battlefield.

2. As a battlefield tramper at heart, one of the factors that attracted me to the Emerging Civil War series was the tour guide aspect of the book, encouraging the reader to also explore the battlefield. I have also written four feature articles for Blue and Gray Magazine, largely because that periodical included what was called "The General's Tour" of the site being highlighted in each issue.
3. One of pleasant "problems" with writing the tour and specific directions for the Shiloh book, was that the park was adding new orientation stations throughout the park while the book was being written. During my initial visit in conjunction with the book, the maintenance staff kindly asked if I wanted to see the old interpretive marker Shiloh Church before they hauled it off, and many tour stops had empty wayside frames in preparation for the new markers. Nice new interpretive markers, most with very helpful orientation maps, are now all in place.
4. The park also built a few additional orientation stations at sites not included on the numbered, self-guided driving tour, but which have been incorporated into this book. They include new stations at the edge of Fraley Field, in the woods between Jones Field and Woolf Field, and at Davis Wheat Field, enabling visitors to gain a greater understanding of these sites, some of which previously had no modern interpretive markers.
5. The tour portion of the book contains a short walk to a relatively obscure site that many visitors to the park never see - the position of the regiment holding the extreme Union left on the first day of the battle. The series of narrow ridges separated by deep ravines are unique terrain features of the battlefield that can only be appreciated by walking down the trail to the 54th Ohio monument. In addition to viewing the terrain, the monument includes a life-size relief of a soldier wearing the distinctive Zouave uniform.
 Fall 2019 - Round Two
Fall 2019 Title Announcement

Get those pocketbooks and bookshelves ready for our amazing titles. Here is Round Two:

The Maps of the Cavalry at Gettysburg: An Atlas of Mounted Operations from Brandy Station Through Falling Waters, June 9 - July 14, 1863
By: Bradley M. Gottfried
- It plows new ground by breaking down the entire campaign into sixteen map sets or "action sections," enriched with 82 detailed full-page color maps. These cartographic originals bore down to the regimental and battery level, and include the march to and from the battlefield and virtually every significant event in between.

The Tyranny of Public Discourse: Abraham Lincoln's Six-Element Antidote for Meaningful and Persuasive Writing
By: David Hirsch and Dan Van Haften
- This book can teach anyone how to use logic and reason to create persuasive writing. A byproduct of this is the civility that will ensue with an elevated public discourse. It establishes the six elements of a proposition as a verbal form of the scientific method-something Abraham Lincoln knew and used routinely. His logic and reason is so well known that it is quoted today more than 150 years after his death. Learning these propositions and how to use them to discuss any topic at any time is not only fascinating, but fairly easy to understand and implement.

The Other "Hermit" of Thoreau's Walden Pond: The Sojourn of Edmond Stuart Hotham
By: Terry Barkley
- Author Terry Barkley has gleaned archival sources, vital records, period newspaper accounts, and census rolls for everything that is known about Edmond Hotham whose sojourn at Walden Pond was the first and only time someone traveled there to emulate Thoreau's experiment in simplicity. This is the first book-length treatise on Hotham, half of which is wholly new material. Barkley's groundbreaking study book is an important addition to the Concord-Walden Pond story and a fascinating read. To quote Thoreau, "What is once well done is done forever."

From Texas to Rome: Fighting World War II and the Italian Campaign with the 36th Infantry Division
By: Fred L. Walker
- General Walker's wartime journal provides a refreshingly candid version of some of World War II's most important battles, as well as a frank appraisal of key figures in the Allied high command and their military operations. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the realities of the U.S. Army high command during World War II, and the truth about what happened at Salerno, the Rapido, and Anzio.

eReads of April Battle Anniversaries

The Generals of Shiloh
By Larry Tagg 

A Single Blow
By Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison 
New in Audio

Hell Itself
By Chris Mackowski
Narrated by Bob Neufeld

Meade and Lee After Gettysburg
By Jeffrey Wm Hunt
Narrated by Ralph Henning
Art Appreciation and the Civil War
Put on your art appreciation hats...Chris Brenneman shared these photos and info about a display at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum.

Here is what Chris had to say:

"An artist named Mark Bradford has a display in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington called "Pickett's Charge". He used images of the cyclorama to create a giant round display covering the entire top floor of the museum. He used pictures of the cyclo, put paper and plaster on top, and then ripped through it to create a modern art work. It is like saying "history is not neat and orderly" as a contrast to the realism of the actual cyclorama. It is pretty neat.

They have copies of our book sitting around to explain to people what the original painting looked like."
Out and About

Enjoy these recent event photos. 
What a great shop for a meet and greet! John Scales discussed his book, The Battles and Campaigns of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers in Tuscaloosa.
Jim Hessler and Wayne Motts shared their thoughts on Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg with the Monroe(MI) CWRT.
Kimberly Conrad debuts content from The War Outside My Window: The Civil War Diary of LeRoy Wiley Gresham, 1860-1865 (edited by J. E. Croon): A Comprehensive Curriculum Guide for Teachers at the New England League of Middle Schools Annual Conference with The War Outside My Window editor (and curriculum guide co-author) Jan Croon.
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There are many events on our calendar for this month (and beyond!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

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