Town Council Rescinds Ordinance Restrictions & Protocols Regarding COVID-19
Today, Town Council discussed Governor McMaster's recent Executive Order and ultimately rescinded both ordinances that placed emergency restrictions regarding COVID-19 within the Town of Kiawah Island. Watch the meeting here.

This action brings the Town in alignment with the Governor's Executive Order that withdrew face-covering requirements for State Government Agencies and revoked any counties, municipalities, or other political subdivisions from continuing to require face-coverings within their jurisdiction. However, the Governor's Order explicitly allows private entities and businesses to adopt face-covering requirements for their establishments.

Effective immediately, the Town mandated requirements for face-coverings, essential businesses, and restaurant protocols regarding spacing between diners or congregating in bar areas has expired.

The Town strongly encourages the public to continue to wear face-coverings in public places where social distancing is difficult and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves until the threat of COVID-19 subsides or until they have obtained their vaccinations. The Town also encourages private entities and businesses to consider adopting a face-covering requirement for their establishment.

Any action by the Town to keep the face-covering requirement would be seen in conflict with the Governor's authority, unable to enforce, and likely result in legal action.
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