January 24, 2020
Let's enjoy this warm weather reprieve along with some exciting news and events happening here in High River! Remember to check out the Town's Facebook page and look for updates on highriver.ca
Things to Watch For
Winter Walk Day
Date: February 5 th
Time: All day
Location: Cargill Field House, and anywhere in town!

Beat the ‘winter blues’ by joining other Albertans in a Winter Walk Day challenge. We’ll walk around the Cargill Field House, enjoy hot chocolate and snacks after you clock your kilometers. Go High River Go! 

No registration required. If you can’t join us at the field house, give us a call from anywhere to log your steps: 403-652-4042.

2nd Wednesday Café: High River Policing Committee Open House 
Date: February 12 th 
Time: 5 – 7 pm 
Location: High River Culture Centre 

Join Our High River for a FREE Community Cafe on the second Wednesday of every month! February's theme is: High River Policing Committee Open House learn about this citizen-driven committee and give your feedback for our local RCMP (safety & security: vital signs). There will be a presentation on the Policing Committee's goals as well as an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions. Topics will include Traffic Safety, Crime Reduction, Community Relations and Patrols. Take part in a survey to share your thoughts and priorities too - the survey kicks off in mid-February, with copies available at the Café.

To secure your spot at the cafe, Register Now.

What we Heard - Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Feedback Review 
Date: February 13 th 
Time: 4 pm 
Location: High River Culture Centre

Come out to hear about the feedback received as we develop a 10-year plan for our beautiful open spaces. This session is hosted by Town staff and 818 Studio consultants. 

Family Day Weekend Celebration
Bring your family for a weekend of free and fun activities:

  • Friday: Family zumba glow party from 6:30 – 7:15 pm
  • Friday: Adults only zumba glow party from 7:30 – 8:15 pm
  • Saturday: Free glow skate (small arena) from 4 – 6 pm
  • Saturday: Free movie in the field house from 6 – 8 pm
  • Sunday: Free public swim from 3 – 4:30 pm

Helmets are mandatory and strollers are not permitted on the ice. These activities are intended for family fun and all children must be accompanied by an adult.
Council Meetings

January 27, 2020  
  • Committee of the Whole: 1 pm in meeting room L04/05 
  • Council Meeting: 3 pm in Council Chambers 

February 10, 2020 
  • Committee of the Whole: 1 pm in meeting room L04/05 
  • Council Meeting: 3 pm in Council Chambers 

A Public Hearing on an update made to the Animal Bylaw 4567/2019 will occur at the January 27 th Council Meeting. More information is posted below and will be on the meeting agenda.

To view the meeting schedule, agenda and minutes, visit the Council Meetings section of the website.
Public Notices

Animal Bylaw 4567/2019

At the January 13 th regular meeting, Town Council heard information regarding an update to the Animal Bylaw 4567/2019 and gave first reading to the bylaw. As part of this process, Council invites all interested parties to attend a non-statutory public hearing at the January 27 th regular Meeting of Council at 3 pm.  

Residents are invited to share questions, comments or concerns regarding proposed amendments to the Town’s Animal Bylaw. To view the January 13 th Minutes or January 27 th Council Agenda, visit the Council Meetings section of the website. Please note that if you cannot attend the public hearing, written submissions may be made. View the full public notice .
Prune Elm Trees Before April 1 st

The Alberta Elm pruning ban begins April 1st. While the ban is lifted, it is time to prune Elm trees to help keep them free of Dutch Elm Disease (DED). Having your tree pruned properly is important. Many trees are killed or ruined annually from improper pruning. Pruning should be done by a professional certified arborist who can determine what type of pruning is necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. To avoid the spread of this disease, tools used must be disinfected and pruned wood must be disposed of either by chipping or landfill.  

Under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act, it is illegal to prune trees during the ban from April 1-September 30. It is also illegal to transport, use or store Elm firewood. Stored elm firewood can be harboring the elm bark beetles that carry DED. More information is available on the Weeds, Pests and Diseases section of the website.
Dog Tags Due by End of January

Residents are required to license all dogs three months of age and older. New licenses must be purchased in person at Town Hall (309B Macleod Trail SE). Renewals may be submitted online or at Town Hall. More information can be found on the Animal Control Licensing section of the website. 
Carbon Monoxide Safety Tip

Carbon Monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer’ because it has no odour and leaves no visual signs that it is present. Having a working CO alarm on all levels of your home is the best way to protect against possible CO poisoning. All CO alarms should be checked regularly to ensure they are working correctly, including expiration dates. To test out your CO alarm, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
Possible causes of CO in the home include malfunctioning heating equipment, issues with venting from heating equipment, internal combustion engines running inside the home or garage. During cold weather make sure the exhaust vents coming from your heating equipment are free from ice and snow build up and do not run vehicles/internal combustion engines inside of attached garages. If you are not sure, have a certified technician inspect your heating equipment. 

In the event of your CO or smoke alarm activating, call 911 and fire crews will check for CO levels to ensure your home is safe. 
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