- May 24, 2019 -
In this issue: Many exciting events are coming up; with the Jumpstart Charity Stop taking place on May 26, as well as Skatemania on June 6. Read on to learn about how Cycling Without Age is launching season 2, and how you can celebrate Senior's Week from June 2-8. Check out how we can be #ReadyTogether during Emergency Preparedness Month with new river monitoring communications, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming street sweeping dates.

May 25
Jumpstart Charity Checkstop: 12-2pm at Centre Street. 

May 27
Regular Council Meeting begins at 3pm in Council Chambers.

June 1
Cycling Without Age High River launches season 2. 

June 6
Skatemania: 5-7pm at the Skate Park hosted by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee. 

June 15
Foothills Kinettes Water Tower Park grand-opening 12pm-2pm. 

High River Emergency Preparedness Month:

As run-off season is upon us, it is time to think about how prepared we are in the event of an emergency. Council has declared the month of May as Emergency Preparedness Month and we want to help get you and your household ready! 
This year’s Emergency Preparedness theme, #ReadyTogether, is a nod to the great progress we have all made to be prepared for an emergent situation and a pledge to keep growing and learning so we can all feel ready in the event of an emergency (see www.hrready.ca ). As part of this ongoing pledge, we have partnered with Our High River to help YOU get better prepared by building 72-hour emergency kits.
2019 will see the launch of our new tool, “River Monitoring.” The tool will provide accurate, up-to-date information about the river level and the corresponding response to each level. River Monitoring is a graphic (much like the signs you see for forest fire levels) that will exist at five locations around town (on either side of the Centre St Bridge, plus all three entrances to town) and online. We will also be doing Facebook/online posts on Mondays with Manager of Emergency Management & Protective Services, Peter Genereux.
Our High River will also be hosting KITchen Parties. Bring together your neighbours, friends, organizations, teams, church groups or others to create a 72-hour emergency kit. You will also be able to scan/copy important documents that you would need if evacuated. All party hosts will receive a free 72-hour emergency kit. To book your party, email ourhighriver@gmail.com

High River Launches Cycling Without Age

The second season for Cycling Without Age launches in High River on June 1, 2019. Just in time to officially kick off Senior’s Week June 2-8, 2019.

High River is the proud owner of two trishaw bicycles that are being used to provide opportunities for seniors and those with limited mobility to experience riding as a passenger with a volunteer cycling pilot.

The project complements Council’s ‘People First’ mandate as the front-facing carriage provides the opportunity for storytelling and conversation between volunteers, seniors and other community members during the ride.

The trishaws come equipped with an electric assist motor to help the volunteers pedal up hills, as well as a weather hood, a rain and wind proof blanket to keep our passengers comfortable and warm. The trishaws accommodate 1-2 passengers.

If you are 18 years of age or over and enjoy pedaling a bicycle slowly, consider becoming a Cycling Without Age pilot and help spread happiness among nursing home and assisted living residents in High River. Contact  cwahighriver@gmail.com for more information.  

Visit highriver.ca/street-cleaning to view the 2019 street sweeping schedule and for more information about our Street Sweeping Program.

CALL 403.652.2110 or EMAIL communications@highriver.ca