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Find out what you need to know now that recreational cannabis sales are legal in High River; Meet the Town's new Fire Inspector and learn about how he can help you be safe; Get ready for the winter season by familiarizing yourself with the Town's Snow and Ice Control policies; Learn about the new winter hours at the Recycling Centre; Get ready for Youth Day on Friday, Nov. 23....and more!
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Cannabis legalization - What you need to know

Cannabis regulations in High River

The sale and consumption of cannabis became officially legal in Canada on Wednesday, October 17. In response to legalization, the Town developed and passed a new bylaw ( Cannabis Consumption Bylaw 4554-2018) that regulates public consumption within High River.

Prior to passing the bylaw, the Town  asked for the public's input on how they would like to see cannabis consumption regulated in public places. Overwhelmingly, residents and stakeholders wanted to see all public consumption of cannabis prohibited in High River.

The information collected through public engagement was compiled and presented to Council for their consideration with a first draft of the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw. There was also a Public Hearing on October 9, where Council heard final public concerns and then completed the final readings of the bylaw.

Taking all the feedback into account, High River's new Cannabis Consumption Bylaw prohibits all public consumption of recreational cannabis. This means that cannabis for recreational purposes cannot be smoked or otherwise consumed in any public areas including parks, pathways, playgrounds, sports fields, etc. Exemptions for the medical use of cannabis in public areas have been put into place within the bylaw.

The bylaw will only permit consumption of cannabis on private property with permission of the owner of that property. The associated penalty for violating the bylaw is a fine of $250-$500.
For more information, please visit

Cannabis-Related Businesses

In May 2018, amendments to the Town's  Land Use Bylaw regulating cannabis-related businesses, including retail stores, growing and processing facilities and cannabis counselling clinics within High River were  approved by Council.

Within the Land Use Bylaw, appropriate definitions were created to distinguish retail and production operations and identify appropriate zoning designations, as well as specify separation distances from sensitive land uses such as school, early childhood programs, public parks, the hospital, and residential areas.

The Town started accepting applications for cannabis-related businesses soon after the bylaw was passed and began issuing development permits to approved applicants in preparation for October 17. To date, there are six approved cannabis-related businesses in High River, two of the approved businesses currently have occupancy and the others are under construction, but the businesses will not be open to the public until they are inspected by the Alberta Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Commission (AGLC).

To view the amended Land Use Bylaw, including a map of the proposed cannabis retail/business spaces, visit

Updated Smoking Bylaw

While creating new bylaws regarding cannabis, the Town also decided to rescind and rewrite the Smoking Bylaw , which had not been updated in fifteen years.

Since the last update, electronic smoking devices (vape and e-cigarettes) have evolved and modified the definition of "smoking" to include products that may or may not contain tobacco. Over the past decade, public education regarding the health effects of smoking and second-hand smoke has increased significantly, as has the general awareness of the potential health risks that may be associated with smoking and second-hand smoke.

As a result, the Town has increased the prohibition of smoking in areas where children are present, including playgrounds, the spray park, sport fields and surfaces, the skate and bike parks, and other similar child and fitness focused facilities.

Copies of all three new bylaws, and all other governing Town bylaws, will soon be available on the Town's website at

High River's Fire Inspector wants to help you work, live and play safely

HRFD Inspector Corbett
As the High River Fire Department's new Fire Inspector, Stewart Corbett works with schools, businesses and residents to provide guidance on fire safety, fire codes and fire equipment maintenance.

"I'd like people in High River to know what services are available to them and how I can help them work, live and play safely," says Corbett. "Many people in High River might not know the full scope of services that I can provide to them free of charge."

Corbett handles all annual fire inspections for schools and businesses as well as the inspections for new businesses and building variances or add ons. He also reviews new development plans in partnership with the Town's Safety Codes Division to ensure all safety and fire codes are maintained.

"But I don't just hunt people down once each year to let them know they are due for a fire inspection," says Corbett. "I'll also come to your home, business or school to inspect or identify hazards and test your equipment such as, smoke alarms, doors, signs and sprinklers to make sure they are being maintained correctly."

Corbett also frequently gives fire safety talks to local schools and seniors homes and participates in annual fire drills. 

"These talks can be about general fire and building safety as well as reviewing building emergency plans," says Corbett. "I teach people how to clean and maintain their fire alarms and safety equipment, talk to them about cooking safety and I can provide resources on where they can get their equipment repaired or replaced if it is faulty."

Corbett is new to the position in High River but, he's a 21-year veteran of the Calgary Fire Department and spent his last few years in Calgary as the Technical Services Officer and Fire Codes Specialist. 

"I came to Calgary from a small town in Ontario in 1983 on what was supposed to be a two-year contract, but I ended up staying and raising a family," says Corbett. "I retired from the Calgary Fire Department in 2017 but was not quite ready to leave the business, and the opportunity in High River seemed like a really good fit."

Corbett has enjoyed working with business owners and residents and looks forward to more opportunities to connect with people and help keep them safe. 

"My experience has been really positive so far, people have been receptive and are interested in learning more about fire safety and equipment maintenance." 

Stewart is in High River two days per week but is available directly by phone during weekdays at 403-336-5903 or
High River is one step closer to being the most flood protected community

High River Flood Gate

The Flood Gate was delivered to the construction site at the Centre Street Bridge on the morning of October 15 and testing of the Flood Gate has been completed. 

The Town would like to thank High River residents and businesses for their continued patience and understanding throughout the construction of the Flood Gate. This project was one of the few remaining unfinished pieces of the Town's flood mitigation program, and the Town will continue its commitment to being one of the most flood protected communities in Canada. 

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming community celebration and opportunity for the public to view the Flood Gate's operations.
Kinettes water tower park open
Volunteer to be a snow angel
Are you ready for the winter snowfall this year?

The Town of High River Operations Division provides snow and ice control services to keep residents safe while they are on Town roads or using sidewalks.

The Town's goal is to help residents stay as mobile as possible during normal winter weather conditions and reduce hazards caused by snow and ice.

To help residents prepare for a snowfall, the Town will share information on our Twitter, and Facebook accounts as well as on the Town's emergency preparedness website,

The Town clears snow based on a priority system to ensure that the roadways with the highest traffic volumes are cleared first. This provides the greatest benefit to the majority of travelling residents.

Priority 1 routes are typically cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall and include Centre Street, 12 Avenue and other major thoroughfares, as well as the downtown core, designated emergency routes (adjacent to the Fire Hall, RCMP and Hospital), and school bus routes.

Priority 2 routes are typically cleared within 48 hours of a snowfall and include intersections, corners, hills, school/playground zones, roads adjacent to Town facilities, and the Happy Trail network. 

Residential and commercial roads and lanes are considered to be priority 3 and 4 routes and are cleared after the priority 1 and 2 routes have been completed, or where access is essential.

Under the Town's Snow Removal Bylaw 3622/89, residents and property owners are required to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall. Property owners who are not able to clear their sidewalks within that timeframe are encouraged to make arrangements with friends, neighbours or a contractor.

Residents can also call 403-652-8620 to utilize the Town's Snow Angel Program.

More information can be found on

Winter hours at the Recycling Centre begin Nov. 1

The Recycling Centre located at 640 7 Street N.W. will begin its winter hours on Thursday, November 1.

The facility's winter hours will be from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Please note that the Recycling Centre is closed on all statutory holidays. 

For more information about the Recycling Centre, please visit
High River Pool closure extended until 2019

During some recent testing, the Town discovered that there are some ongoing grounding issues relating to the metal fixtures within the pool at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

Grounding is a safety measure used to help prevent people from accidentally coming in contact with electrical hazards.
Our priority is the safety of our patrons and pool staff, so we will be keeping the pool closed until early 2019 in order to complete the necessary repairs.

The grounding work that needs to be done involves removing tiles, coring holes in the concrete deck/tank, and locating new grounding wires. Further testing will also need to be done to check the concrete and tiling work for leaks.

All swim programs, including lessons, lane swim and public swim have been cancelled and any residents enrolled in swim programs should have received a credit to their account. If there are any residents that have not received a credit, or that would like a full reimbursement for lessons instead, please call 403-652-4042.

For residents who have bought membership passes for the 2018/2019 season, please call 403-652-4042 to request an extension on the membership pass or to cancel your membership.

The Town has reached out to our neighbouring communities of Claresholm and Okotoks to discuss opportunities for our residents to use their facilities while our pool is closed.

We will inform the community about these opportunities once they become available, please check for updates.

The Town of High River thanks all residents for their patience while these repairs are completed. The Town recognizes the inconvenience this may pose for pool patrons and their cooperation is appreciated.
Sept. and Oct. utility bills will be mailed in early Nov.

The Town of High River will mail utility bills for water, sewer, garbage and recycling services for September and October in early November. Payment is due by November 30, 2018.

If you have not received your utility bills please call 403-652-2110. 

Utility bills can also be viewed online through the Town's Citizen Self Service. To create your account visit and follow the instructions.
Youth Day Nov. 23
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