First of all: Have a happy and safe Memorial Day. Please remember that even though we celebrate the beginning of Summer, the Holiday day is to remember our Countrymen and Women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our Country.

And, to our Muslim friends and neighbors, have a Happy and safe Ramazan Holiday starting 24 th of May (Eid Mubareek or Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun). 

As you all know, Town beaches, public and private are open (with appropriate social distancing observed.) Thank you all for helping to make our OPENING uneventful. Here is the Town Plan for the next phase of opening:

  • Over the Memorial Day weekend, we will have two (2) lifeguards on duty. We will have frequent PBSO ATV patrol runs on the beach. We will have frequent Segway and foot patrols on the Town walkways. And we will have Motorcycle deputies in Town for traffic control.
  • On Tuesday morning, May 26th, the special patrols will end, the beach parking lot will open for parking of cars WITH PERMIT. Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed at the owner's expense. We are also working on a towing option as well, but organizing this will take some time.  We will continue to ask for social distancing. Additionally, we will continue the limitations on the beach concession umbrellas and cabanas. This will end in a few weeks once we are able to understand the impact the loosening of restrictions has had on the virus control equation. 
  • The first meeting of the “Post-Election” newly constituted Planning and Zoning Board will be held on June 4th.  Town Hall will re-open for business with regular business hours, and the Town Hall parking lot will re-open once the plexiglass shield has been installed. Initially, to control crowding, the Building Department will accept permit applications by appointment only. Appointments will be at a twenty-minute interval Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For other Town business, we ask that you call the Clerk – Evyonne Browning, or the Office Manager, Sandi Lue, before coming to Town Hall. Again, we will continue these restrictions until we understand the impact these restrictions have on the virus equation.  
Regarding COVID-19:   The curve continues to go in the right direction.  The Palm Beach County testing positivity rate continues to decrease. This is attributed to residents following the restrictions and social distancing guidelines.  Again, thanks for the great cooperation. We do have a few active cases on Singer Island including one newly identified case in Palm Beach Shores, all of which are isolated and being monitored by the Health Department. In a few weeks, we will know what impact the relaxed guidelines have on the virus control equations and will adjust accordingly. 

Finally, Friday, May 22 nd is National Maritime Day. At noon all the ships docked in the Port of Palm Beach will blast their horns four (4) times in unison to recognize the day. The port has asked for us to give residents a heads-up as to why the horns are sounding off. And, the Town Hall Staff has agreed it is ok if you guys want to toot your own horns in honor of the day.