"Our Town" Photo Competition
We invite you to join us for an exhibition of the winners of the "Our Town" Photo Contest.

The opening/award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, January 12 at 2 pm via Zoom. RSVP to attend.

Winners will receive:
  • Top photo in each category - $100 gift card to a local business of their choosing, a framed copy of their image, and their work exhibited at The Old School House (TOSH).
  • Runner up in each category - $50 gift card to a local business of their choosing, a framed copy of their image, and their work exhibited at TOSH.
  • People’s Choice - their image hung in the Mayor’s office for one year, a framed copy of their image, and their work exhibited at TOSH.
  • Draw Prize - all contestants will have the chance to win a $50 gift card to a local business of their choosing.
January 11 to February 26, 2022
The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH)

Opening & Awards (Zoom)
Wednesday, January 12 at 2pm

To view all the photos go to qualicumbeach.com/photocomp
Snow & Ice Control
Here are some quick notes around snow removal and ice control that will keep our Town accessible and safe.

What is my Responsibility?
Residents are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties, and be aware of the following:
  • Sidewalks should be cleared no later than 10:00 am on each day of a snowfall, except Sunday.
  • Sidewalks should have at least a 3-4 foot wide pathway cleared, for accessibility.
  • Failure to clear your sidewalk could result in a $75 fine for each day the offense continues. If the sidewalk remains uncleared, the Town may perform the work and charge the cost to the owner.
  • Avoid using salt on sidewalks as it damages concrete and paving stone surfaces. Instead, use de-icer to minimize damage.

When will my Street be Plowed?
Roads are cleared in the following priority sequence:
  • Emergency route. This includes Rupert Road between the ambulance and fire station.
  • Arterial roads. This includes roads like Laburnum, Rupert, Village Way, Memorial and Highway 19A.
  • Collector roads. This includes roads like Crescent, Fern, Chartwell and Eaglecrest.
  • Residential through-roads.
  • Residential cul-de-sacs and residential lanes.

Only access roads serving more than two homes will be plowed. It takes approximately 72 hours to reach cul-de-sacs from the time it stops snowing. If fresh snow falls again, crews must return first to streets with higher priority.

For more information visit the Town’s website.
Understanding Your
BC Property Assessment Notice
Qualicum Beach property owners will either have received, or will soon receive, their 2022 assessment notices from the BC Assessment Authority. Property assessments are determined annually, and the 2022 assessments are based on market values as at July 1, 2021.

We encourage property owners to read through the additional information provided by BC Assessment on your assessment notice. Additionally, you can visit bcassessment.ca to search your property, compare assessments and review recent sales of nearby properties to see if your assessment is reasonable. The deadline to appeal your 2022 assessment (through BC Assessment) is January 31, 2022.

Should you have questions or concerns about your assessment, contact BC Assessment directly at 1-866-825-8322.

It is important to understand that changes in property assessments do not automatically translate into a similar change in property taxes. If your residential assessment has increased by the same percentage as the average residential increase for the Town of Qualicum Beach, then the Town’s portion of your property taxes will rise by only the amount of the tax increase which will be set by Council through the budget process. The average percentage increase in property values for your class of property is shown by BC Assessment on your assessment notice.
2022 Council Schedule
Below is the schedule for 2022 Council meetings. The agenda for each meeting is posted on our website at qualicumbeach.com/council-live-streaming

Meetings are held at the Council Chamber, Town Hall (unless otherwise indicated), located at 660 Primrose Street, Qualicum Beach. 
Insurance Benefits to Rural Residents
In November 2021, the Qualicum Beach Fire Department successfully completed the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) Superior Tender Shuttle Service Accreditation Testing requirements.
This accreditation can result in decreased fire-related insurance rates to rural property owners, as it provides a reasonable equivalency to a municipal hydrant system.
Residents should contact their insurance provider to check eligibility. Learn more at qualicumbeach.com/tender_shuttle
Committee Vacancies
The Town is currently seeking committee members for the following committees:
Select Committee on Environment & Sustainability
Seeking 1 Youth Member at Large, and 4 Members at Large, for a term ending December 2023.
Select Committee on Parks & Recreation
Seeking 3 Members at Large, for a term ending December 2023.

Select Committee on Family Day
Seeking 2 Members at Large, for a term ending October 2022
To apply, please submit a letter with a brief resume no later than Tuesday, February 15, 2022, to the attention of Heather Svensen at hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com. For more details visit www.qualicumbeach.com
Single Use Plastic Ban Bylaw
On July 1, 2019, the Town of Qualicum Beach introduced a bylaw to reduce plastic litter and waste in our community and landfill.
This means that businesses are prohibited from providing single-use plastic checkout bags or single-use plastic straws to customers, as outlined by Bylaw No. 723, 2018. 
For more information visit qualicumbeach.com/plastic-bags
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