2021 By-Election
The 2021 By-Election saw a high voter turnout, with Anne Skipsey receiving the highest votes at 1,539. Councillor Skipsey was sworn in at the May 27, 2021, Regular Council meeting.
The Town saw a 40.70% voter turn out, with 44% choosing advance voting, 26% choosing mail voting, and 29% choosing to vote on general election day.
Chief Election Officer, Heather Svensen, reported “We are pleased to see the civic spirit of our community thriving despite the perilous time we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic."
2021 Property Taxes & Utilities
The 2021 property taxes are due on July 2, 2021. Payments and home owner grants received after July 2 will be subject to a 2% penalty. 
You must claim your home owner grant each year. The Provincial Government now processes all grants. Claim your grant online or via telephone (no paper forms). Further information was included with your property tax notice. 
Claim your grant via online at gov.bc.ca.homeownergrant or call 1-888-355-2700.
The Provincial Government processes all deferment applications. For more details visit
www.gov.bc.ca/propertytaxdeferment (or simply search “Tax Deferment”)
Utility bills are due July 2, 2021. Payments received after July 2 will no longer be eligible to receive the discount.  
New Fire Chief Appointed
The Town is pleased to announce that Deputy Fire Chief Peter Cornell has accepted the position of Fire Chief with the Town of Qualicum Beach. He takes over the role from Marc Norris, the Town’s interim Chief, who has returned to the City of Parksville position after serving in a dual capacity for the past two years.
“On behalf of the Town of Qualicum Beach Council and staff, I welcome Chief Cornell to the role with complete confidence that he will successfully lead the Qualicum Beach Volunteer Fire Department into the future,” says Mayor, Brian Wiese. “We also thank Chief Norris for his service and dedication to the residents of Qualicum Beach during his role as Interim Chief.”
Christleton Park
Christleton Park, located in the Qualicum Woods subdivision, is getting new playground equipment! The playground area will be closed until further notice for upgrades and construction.
June is Pride Month & PTSD Awareness Month
The Town is pleased to recognize June as “Pride Month”, which promotes dignity, equality, and acceptance of those in our community that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, two-spirited, and/or additional sexual orientation and gender identities (LGBTQIA2S+).
While unable to celebrate in person this year because of COVID-19, the Pride flag will be displayed on the Town’s flagpole for the month of June.
Mayor Wiese said, “Pride week is an important week for the LGBT+ community that celebrates their diversity, commemorates their battles for legal rights and social acceptance, and serves as a reminder to continually seek equality for all. It is important that we continue to represent and honour the various groups in our community, which includes our LGBT+ residents. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive place for all people, of every sexual orientation, gender, race, and religion.”
June is also “National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month”. PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that can appear following a traumatic event. It can affect victims or witnesses of distressful occurrences such as natural disasters, crimes, or major accidents. This awareness month is intended to raise public awareness about issues related to PTSD, reduce the stigma associated with it, and help those suffering from its effects. To learn more go to: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-awareness-month
Vancouver Island Emergency
Preparedness Conference
The Town of Qualicum Beach was proud to participate in the 2021 Vancouver Island Emergency Preparedness (VIEP) Virtual Conference for emergency agencies and stakeholders across the island.

The conference was well attended with 200 people participating in a wide range of topics including psycho-social, climate change, earthquake scenarios, and search and rescue. Emergency Management Oceanside will host the in-person VIEP conference next year.
Summer Flowers have Arrived
Notice of Annual Report
Town of Qualicum Beach
The Town of Qualicum Beach is required to have an annual meeting to receive the Annual Municipal Report and Financial Information Report. These documents will be presented at the Regular Council Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at 10:00 am which will be held electronically via Zoom and live-streamed at www.qualicumbeach.com/council-live-streaming. The documents will also be available on our website www.qualicumbeach.com and at the Town Hall for inspection beginning on June 21, 2021, from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays).
The 2020 Annual Report shall include the audited financial statements, report on permissive tax exemptions, report on municipal services and operations for the previous year, and statement of objectives and measures for the current year and next year. The Financial Information Report shall include a schedule of Council and staff remuneration and expenses, and a schedule of supplier payments for goods and services. 
Council will receive submissions and questions from the public regarding the Annual Report from June 21, 2021, until the start of the July 21, 2021, Council meeting.
If you have any questions please contact Heather Svensen, Corporate Administrator /
Deputy CAO, at 250-752-6921 or email hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com
From May 15th until September 15th the watering of lawns and gardens will only be permitted between the hours of 7pm and 7am daily. Hand watering is permitted at any time.
Just a friendly reminder all dogs must be leashed in the Heritage Forest, as per Bylaw 649.
Please protect our forests!
Do not smoke in or near these areas, as it poses a serious fire hazard to our community!
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