Saahtlam Park Feedback - Closes Nov 3

Complete the Feedback Form before November 3

An opportunity to provide feedback on Saahtlam Park was presented on October 20 and is still available until November 3. Using input from the 2020 Concept Plan, this new Feedback Form allows input on the 2023 Saahtlam Park draft Detailed Plan.


While the 2020 Concept Plan provided a preliminary plan with a general overview of the proposed park design, this 2023 Detailed Plan will now provide a more comprehensive roadmap for the park project.


Completing the Feedback Form will help us:

  • Hear your ideas about the long-term vision for the park.
  • Review and confirm existing park conditions.
  • Understand community priorities and level of support for future park amenities and upgrades.


The Feedback Form can be accessed on the Town’s website or a physical copy is available at Town Hall, at 201-660 Primrose Street, until November 3, 2023.


For more information on the project visit

Airport Consultation

The Town invites you to participate in its Public Consultation to help consider challenges and opportunities for the municipally owned and operated Qualicum Beach Airport.


The intent of this 2023 Council initiative is to better understand how the Airport is used, how it is viewed by the local and regional community, and to identify Council decision-making opportunities beyond the regulations of Transport Canada and the guidance of NAV CANADA.


To assist with this undertaking, the Town has retained Operations Economics Inc. – a team with extensive experience in master planning for small, medium, and large airports across Canada and overseas.


Monday, November 6

6 pm to 8 pm

Civic Centre

747 Jones Street

Qualicum Beach

Tuesday, November 7

10 am to 12 pm

Community Hall

644 Memorial Avenue

Qualicum Beach

During these two public meetings, the Town’s consultant will provide an overview of the project’s objectives, with a follow-up time dedicated to public input.



In addition to the public meetings, a survey is available until November 15 on the Town’s website, or physical copies are also available at Town Hall, at 201-660 Primrose Street.

Complete the Survey before Nov 15

For more information on the project visit

Age Friendly Transportation Plan Review - Nov 15

Participate in the next Age-Friendly Transportation Review on November 15, 6pm, in the Council Chambers - 660 Primrose Street.


The Age-Friendly Transportation Plan seeks to improve transportation networks for persons of all ages and abilities. This can include all roadways, intersections, sidewalks, crossings, cycling paths, traffic speeds, and public transit.


This Plan is reviewed and updated every two to three years to account for completed projects, new projects, and changing conditions. All traffic-related concerns received by the Town are being referred to the Age Friendly Transportation Plan Review.


For more information visit

New Crosswalks at Waterfront

In keeping with a commitment to traffic safety on the waterfront, the Town has installed four new crosswalks. These crosswalks play a vital role in safely connecting the recently established parking areas south of the highway to the waterfront.


These parking areas are part of the Town's Waterfront Expansion project, designed not only to expand parking capacity but also to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the area, a goal facilitated by the new crosswalks. Furthermore, “No Parking” signs have been positioned south of the highway outside of the new parking areas to optimize traffic flow.


For additional project details, please visit

Strategic & Financial Plan Process

Public consultation is an integral part of the Town of Qualicum Beach’s Strategic and Financial Planning processes. To encourage community involvement the following meetings are open to the public to provide input and ask questions.


These Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings will be held in the Council Chamber of Town Hall:

  • November 10, 10am, Strategic Planning
  • November 15, 10am, Strategic Planning (if needed)
  • December 13, 10am, Preliminary Budget Discussion
  • January 17, 10am, Public Engagement
  • January 24, 6pm, Public Engagement


For more details visit

Remembrance Day

The Legion, in collaboration with the Town, are hosting the following events to honour our veterans. 


Other details include:

  • Field of Crosses erected from November 2 to 12 on the grassy area opposite the Community Hall on Railway Street.
  • Candlelight Ceremony at the Legion, Friday, November 10 at 4:00 pm
  • Sunset Ceremony at the Field of Crosses, Friday, November 10 at 5:30 pm
  • Remembrance Day Service at the Civic Centre, Saturday, November 11, doors open at 10:00 am
  • Remembrance Day Parade from the Civic Centre to Veterans’ Way, approximately 11:30 am

For more details visit the Legion's website.

Fall Chipping Continues

Chipping dates are as follows:

  • Residences EAST of Memorial Ave - complete
  • Residences WEST of Memorial Ave - Nov 1


Follow the guidelines for smooth collection:


  • ONE pile per property
  • Small trees, branches, woody shrub materials
  • Maximum pile of 8ft x 8ft x 5ft high
  • Wood under 4 inches in diameter
  • Neatly stacked at the roadside with butt ends facing the same direction


  • Grass clippings, leaves, soft plant materials (eg. flowers)
  • Piles in excess of 8ft x 8ft x 5ft high
  • Piles with gravel, dirt, or roots covered with dirt
  • Wood in excess of 4 inches in diameter

View more information at

Above & Beyond Volunteer Award

Qualicum Beach is often celebrated for its tremendous volunteer spirit and commitment.

This year, you are invited to nominate a deserving individual for the 2023 Above & Beyond Award.


This recipient will have been actively engaged for at least one year in volunteer activities that have benefited the community. They will also have demonstrated good character, leadership, selflessness, and integrity. 


Nominate before November 14, 2023 by accessing the form on or obtaining a printed copy from Town Hall at 660 Primrose Street.  

Utility Notices - Due November 10

Utility bills are due November 10, 2023.

These may include charges for water, sewer and solid waste services. Billings are issued twice per year for the following periods:

  • Winter - Oct 1 to April 30
  • Summer - May 1 to Sept 30



Pop Up Recycling Depot

Halloween Fun

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and downtown businesses who helped make Halloween such fun for trick-or-treaters! Our Council and crew had fun participating!

What's Happening
  • Nov 6 - Airport Public Meeting, 6-8pm
  • Nov 6 - Airport Public Meeting, 10am-12pm
  • Nov 8 - Regular Council Meeting, 10am
  • Nov 10 - Committee of the Whole, 10am
  • Nov 14 - Public Open House, 10am
  • Nov 15 - Committee of the Whole, 10am
  • Nov 15 - Age Friendly Transportation Meeting, 6pm
  • Nov 23 - Moonlight Madness, 4pm
  • Nov 27 - Public Open House, 10am

All meetings in the Council Chamber, unless otherwise noted.  

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