Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day activities will be very different this year due to COVID safety protocols with a maximum of 50 persons gathering at any one time.

The Field of Crosses will be erected from November 6-12 on the grassy area opposite the Community Hall on Railway Street for all to see, and honour our veterans.
Other details include:
  • candle light ceremony - candles will be pre-placed
  • cenotaph - wreaths will be pre-placed
  • Cadet participation - none this year
  • Church Parade - none this year
  • Parade - none this year
  • Remembrance ceremony limited to colour party, piper, bugler, and essential Legion members up to 50 persons.

Drive Through Flu Clinic
This winter Vancouver Island Health Authority is providing drive through flu clinics, with COVID safety protocols in place. Appointment are made online only, with no walk-in service, and no phone number at this time. 

To make an appointment go to  
Utility Bills & Property Tax 
A friendly reminder that Utility bills are due on November 13, 2020, after which a 10% penalty will be applied.

Any outstanding current property taxes are subject to a 9.0% penalty following December 1, 2020.
St. Andrews Lodge Demolition
The Town has entered into a contract to demolish the former St. Andrews Lodge Building at 3319 Island Highway West. This decision was made by Council after considerable debate and exploration of the costs of renovating and repurposing the former lodge building. The former lodge building would have required extensive renovations and remediation to retain. From a financial perspective it is simply not viable to keep the lodge building when there are so many other community priorities.

“Although we must say goodbye to the Former St. Andrews Lodge, the Town will fully recognize the important role of Ms. Little and the Former St. Andrews Lodge Property in our Town’s history through installations on and off of the site. We certainly understand the emotion around this issue, however, the Town did follow an exhaustive process prior to making this difficult decision.” – Mayor Wiese.

Read the full Media Release here.
2021 Council Schedule
Below is the schedule for 2021. The agenda for each meeting is posted on our website at Meetings are held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall (unless otherwise indicated), located at 660 Primrose Street, Qualicum Beach.
Public Hearing & Public Information Meeting
189 & 187 Sunningdale Road West

Zoning Amendment & OCP Amendment
BYLAW NO. 580.121, 2020, and BYLAW NO. 800.04, 2020

If passed, Bylaw No. 580.121, 2020 would change the zoning of the subject property
(189 Sunningdale Road West) from Residential 14 (R14) to Small Lot Residential 1 (SLR1), and would change the Subdivision District from Subdivision District ‘D’ to Subdivision District ‘K’. If passed, Bylaw No. 800.04, 2020 would change the OCP designation of 189 Sunningdale Road West and 187 Sunningdale Road West from Institutional to Residential.
For full details go to

Public Information Meeting
Monday, November 16, 2020
3:00 pm via Zoom
Please visit for full details.
Public Hearing
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
3:30 pm at Virtual Regular Council Meeting via Zoom
Please visit for full details.

Public Hearing - 634 Rye Road
Zoning Amendment, BYLAW NO. 580.116, 2020

If passed, Bylaw No. 580.116, 2020 would change the zoning of the subject property (634 Rye Road) from Residential 14 (R14) to Residential 19 (R19) to permit five single family dwellings on the parcel. The current zoning permits a single family dwelling and a secondary suite or garden suite.

For full details go to

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
3:30 pm at Virtual Regular Council Meeting via Zoom
Please visit for full details

What's Happening this Month
November 18, 2020 @ 3:30pm - Regular Council Meeting

These meeting will be live streamed, and available for viewing on

To register to speak at the public hearings, visit
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