Volume 11 | February 2021
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  • Town Updates
  • COVID-19 Update
  • Vision 2030
  • Upcoming Events
  • Road Repairs
  • Board of Commissioner's Meeting
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  • Brunswick Riverwalk at Belville
Message from Mayor Allen

Although we are only one month into 2021, your Belville Board and Staff have been hard at work continuing the momentum of 2020. Despite the concerns and issues created by the pandemic and the likelihood these concerns will continue for the foreseeable future, this has not stopped our plans on Town improvements and growth!

We have already had two focus group meetings concerning the Vision 2030 Plan discussing the development of our riverfront area making this a place that will not only provide a welcomed respite for our Town residents and guests alike, but provide future amenities that everyone can enjoy while visiting Belville.

We also continue to address issues with our infrastructure completing new and old road repairs! Our multi-use path (MUP) that we broke ground on in October is progressing nicely and construction will hopefully begin soon. This will provide a safe walk-way along 133 to our Riverwalk Park and tie-in to the future road widening and additional MUP's planned by NCDOT between the park and Town Hall.

Of course, we keep a close eye on your money and how we spend it on economic development and staff allocation but we continue to work hard looking at additional funding resources. It is a precarious situation but I am proud of the balance and hard work your Town officials do to make this happen.

Finally, I wanted to mention the vacancies that we have open on both our ABC and Parks & Rec Boards. These are great opportunities to step up and get involved with your Town's future. Your input is invaluable and always appreciated!

I continue to be thrilled and optimistic for the future of Belville and am grateful for the trust and support you have given me, your Board and Town Staff! We work hard for you and never forget nor take for granted our responsibility to all of you!

Be safe and take care of each other!


Mike Allen, Mayor
Town of Belville
Town Updates
Snapshot as of January 29, 2021
As of February 1, 2021, the following Executive Orders are in effect with the following restrictions:
  • Executive Order 183, extended by Executive Order 190 requires on-site alcohol consumption to cease by 9 PM but businesses may continue to sell mixed beverage off-site until the businesses close
  • Executive Order 181, extended by Executive Orders 188 and 189
  1. Implements a modified stay at home order from 10 PM to 5AM
  2. Requires nighttime closure from 10PM to 5Am for certain business and activities
  3. Prohibits the sale and service of alcohol onsite consumption from 9PM to 7AM
  • Executive Order 180
  1. Requires face coverings in all public indoor settings, including fitness facilities and restaurants, where non-household members are present
  2. Retail business locations with more than 15,000 square feet of interior space must have a worker at each public entrance open to the public to enforce face requirements
  • Executive Order 176 - Extends Phase 3 order (Executive Order 169) and reduces indoor gathering limits to 10 people
  • Executive Order 169 - Revises prohibitions and restrictions that move the state into Phase 3
  • Executive Order 153 - Requires restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries and other establishments that service alcohol for on-site consumption to cease alcohol sales and service each day from 11PM to 7AM
The following are the updated Phases in North Carolina (we are in Phase 3):
  • Phase 1 - Health Care Workers and Long-term Care Staff and Residents
  • Phase 2 - Older Adults
  • Phase 3 - Frontline Essential Workers
  • Phase 4 - Adults at High Risk for Exposure and Increased Risk of Severe Illness
  • Phase 5 - Everyone
For more information, click here and here.
Additionally, Randy Thompson/Brunswick County Chairman, has sent several letters to Governor Cooper explaining Brunswick Counties demographics and need for additional vaccines.
However, some positive news: As of January 29th, North Carolina had vaccinated 1 million people ranking 6th in the nation for total doses administered.
Continue to register here to receive schedule your vaccination in Brunswick County and remember, vaccinations are not restricted to the county in which you live in, so you may want to try other counties, including New Hanover, to obtain an earlier vaccination. To schedule your appointment in Brunswick County, click here.

County Alert System Map
  • Red means there is a critical community spread. Counties have a percent positive rate of 10% or higher, a case rate of 200 and a high impact on county hospitals.

  • Orange means substantial community spread. They have a percent positive rate of 8% to 10%, 101 to 200 case rate and moderate impact on hospitals.

  • Yellow means there is significant community spread.

Currently, Brunswick County is in Red.
Additional information and updates can be found here and at the following links:
Vision 2030 Plan
After months of planning, researching, and economic studies, January marked the kick-off of the Belville Vision 2030 Steering Committee and Stakeholders. There was a lot of energy from both groups who provided some amazing suggestions, questions and positive feedback concerning the future developments and plans for our Town. A second round of discussions will begin in February taking ideas implemented from these groups and tweaking our plans and public discussion to soon follow. Very exciting indeed!!
Upcoming Events
Unfortunately, due to the continuing concerns and restrictions as a result of COVID-19, there are no events planned at this time. However, the Town Staff is working on the feasibility of making some events virtual, including Founder's Day.

Road Repairs
(1)   Gregory Road – NCDOT finished work on the apron and entrance to Gregory Road removing the large gravel that was being thrown into the roadway by construction trucks and drivers making tight, short turns in and out of Gregory Road and US 17. Drainage work is also moving along and, with the assistance of H2GO, is continuing up Gregory Road towards the future RO Plant.
(2)   S Olde Towne Wynd – The old stormwater pipe was removed by State utility Contractors and replaced due to irreparable damage through the years. The sink hole was also repaired completing this project.
Board of Commissioner's Meeting
On Monday, January 25th, at the monthly Belville Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board discussed several topics including updates on the pandemic, road repairs, local transportation issues, as well as vacancies on the ABC Board and Parks and Recreation Board. They also discussed making events in the foreseeable future virtual to address the continuing concerns over COVID-19.
The Board also discussed the smoking policy at the Riverwalk Park and enforcement options to include hiring of a dedicated Code Enforcement Officer. It was decided to table this discussion until the Budge Workshop in March to determine the financial viability of this option.
Finally, the Board was updated on the new Special Events Planning Guidance document and the Vision 2030 planning and up-coming meetings with stakeholders.
The schedule of upcoming meetings for December are:

  1. Planning Board Meeting - February 2nd at 6:30 PM
  2. Parks and Recreation Board - February 11th at 6:00 PM
  3. ABC Board - February 16th at 6:30 PM
  4. Board of Commissioners – February 22nd at 6:30 PM

Please check with the Town or follow press releases and notifications for meeting cancellations and changes.
Project Updates
(1)   Website Redesign – Unfortunate and unforeseeable delays in this project are still being experienced. The Staff is working hard to explore possible other avenues to complete this long overdue project.
(2)   Additional Staffing – In addition to discussing the hiring of an Economic and Business Developer this year, the Board and Staff will also consider the possibility of adding a Code Enforcement Officer, contingent to both our Vision 2030 Planning and Budget Workshop.
(3)  Town Sign – The next phase of our new Town of Belville Welcome Sign began in January with the addition of two accent columns being placed along each side of the original sign. Once complete, work will begin adding flags and more permanent landscaping to give people coming to Belville a warm welcome to our proud little town!
Program Event Updates
The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has made the future of any events in the near future questionable. However, as stated, the Staff explores the options of some events being held virtually with the hopefully expectation of possibly hold live events in the summer. Tentative events could include additional movie nights as a starter.
Brunswick Riverwalk at Belville
For additional updates and information about our Park, please visit our Facebook Page!!

o  Swing Restoration
Due to natural weather erosion, a wall was constructed and back filled by the newly installed swing at the Park overlooking the river. The staining of the wall will be completed as the weather warms up but take advantage of the beautiful view of the river from this vantage point!

o  Riverwalk Farmers' Market
Little Boys Produce retired for the season but Seaview Crab Company will continue to provide their wares from 10-6 Fridays and Saturdays and 10-4 Sundays.
The Eagles Island Community Rowing is currently using facilities at our Park and, though some activities are now restricted due to COVID-19, they encourage those interested to contact them for more information.
o  Riverwalk Veterans' Memorial
Come visit our Veteran's Memorial, located in the back of our Town Park. For more information on adding a name to our memorial, please contact Jim Bucher or go directly to Polar Engraving to place your order.