Governor Lamont’s  Executive Order No. 7S  of today enacts the following provisions, among others:

  • Safe stores mandatory statewide rules: Effective upon the opening of each retail establishment for the first time on April 3, 2020, every retail establishment in the state will be required to take additional protective measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 between and among customers, employees, and other persons such as delivery drivers and maintenance people. The order requires the commissioner of the Economic and Community Development to issue mandatory statewide rules prescribing such additional protective measures. Such rules will be mandatory throughout the state and supersede and preempt any current or contemplated municipal order.
  • Immediately following Governor Lamont’s signing of this executive order, the Department of Economic and Community Development published the Safe Stores Rules on its website, outlining guidance for retail establishments. All stores must follow these rules beginning April 3.

  • 60-day grace period for premium payments, policy cancellations, and non-renewals of insurance policies: Beginning on April 1, 2020 for a period of 60 days, no insurer in Connecticut – including life, health, auto property, casualty, and other types – may lapse or terminate a covered insurance policy because a policyholder does not pay a premium or interest during this time. This grace period is not automatic. To be eligible, affected policyholders must provide additional information acceptable to their insurance carriers.

  • Relief from certain municipal tax deadlines and collection efforts: Requires municipalities to enact one or both of two options for providing temporary tax forbearance of property tax collection and reduced interest on delinquent tax payments to property owners under certain conditions, including that landlords agree extend commensurate forbearance to commercial, residential, or institutional tenants for the duration of the deferment.

  • Allow suspension of in-person voting requirements for critical and time sensitive municipal fiscal deadlines: Allows suspension of certain in-person votes of residents or taxpayers on certain fiscal decisions, in addition to the provisions in Executive Order No. 7I, for fiscal decisions needed to prevent property damage, protect public health and safety, or prevent significant financial loss, provided they comply with all open meeting requirements of Executive Order No. 7B.

  • Suspension of reapplication filing requirement for the homeowners’ elderly/disabled circuit breaker tax relief program and for the homeowners’ elderly/disabled freeze tax relief program: Allows recipients of this benefit to receive the benefit for the coming year without recertifying their eligibility.

  • Substitution of full inspection requirements pertaining to October 1, 2020 grand list revaluations: Allows 34 municipalities to continue with their scheduled 2020 revaluations, which are started up to a year in advance.The statute allows for Data Mailer Questionnaire to be mailed to the property owner when access is unobtainable; this eliminates having to request access, and allows for the revaluation to be completed via questionnaire.

  • Suspension of non-judicial tax sales: Suspends foreclosures through non-judicial tax sales until 30 days after the end of the COVID-19 emergency.

Some of these require further examination and action by the Town - we will keep you posted.

The Region 4 Board of Education held their Budget Hearing for FY 20/21 tonight via remote meeting platform. Numerous questions and comments were taken and there will be a Frequently Asked Questions tab with these questions and the answers to them posted by the end of the week. It is anticipated that the final vote to approve the budget will be taken at the meeting on April 21st.
The proposed budget can be found on the Region 4 website under "District" then "Budgets" then "2020-2021".


·        Two courthouses – the Ansonia-Milford Judicial District courthouse, located at 14 West River Street, Milford and the Middlesex Judicial District courthouse, located at 1 Court Street, Middletown – will be temporarily closed until further notice, effective at the close of business on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Effective, Thursday, April 2, 2020, matters from Ansonia-Milford will transfer to the Fairfield Judicial District courthouse, located 1061 Main Street, Bridgeport and matters from Middlesex will transfer to the New Britain Judicial District courthouse, located at 20 Franklin Square, New Britain.


State Parks to reduce visitor capacity during COVID-19 pandemic
Pursuant to  Executive Order No. 7R , which Governor Lamont signed Tuesday, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced that it will be enforcing stricter measures to support safe, solitary enjoyment of outdoor spaces at all state parks in an effort to maintain social distancing. This include plans to limit parking capacity at certain parks to manage visitor levels.

Those considering visiting State Parks are encouraged to take these steps:
  • Check the Connecticut State Park’s Twitter account at @CTStateParks, where real-time information on park closures is announced;
  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well; and
  • Rather than traveling to the more popular spots, discover a new place that is less traveled. Check out DEEP’s website for a list of every State Park and use the hashtag #CTTrailsLessTraveled on social media.

Anyone experiencing illness  consistent with COVID-19 and  all close contacts in the same household  who are not yet experiencing symptoms  must self-isolate at home . They should contact their physician if symptoms worsen or call 911 in an emergency.

  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is encouraged to call the CT River Area Health Director and self-identify: 860-767-4340 x118.
  • SELF-ISOLATING means absolutely NO SOCIALIZING with anyone outside of the residence. No parties on the deck, no smoking breaks in close contact with others, no congregating at the park, no walking with friends, no going to the grocery store or getting take-out. STAY AT HOME AND SELF-ISOLATE!  
  • Only one occupant of the home should travel out to the store and only when necessary. Better yet, get home delivery or ask a neighbor or friend to pick up the essentials and leave it on your doorstep.
  • Please be supportive of your friends and neighbors in the community and call to check-in with them. Now, more than ever, it is essential that each of us use social distancing.

The Chester Town Hall, although closed to the public, remains open Monday - Thursday, 9-12 and 1-4 and Friday from 9-12 for the time being. We are not working on Tuesday evenings at this time. Please call 860-526-0013 for an appointment.

 Be well,