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Friends and Neighbors,

As you can see, we're going pink for this month's newsletter! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My eldest sister, Jackie (indeed, my parents went with all "J" names for the four of us - Jacquelyn, Jennifer, Jean, and Jerry) battled Breast Cancer a few years ago. As the oldest, she's always been "the strong one" - standing up for us when we were young, then willing to go the distance to win any argument as we got older. After college, she spent 15 years as a Naval Analyst, traveling the world on aircraft carriers and warships, often the only female civilian among hundreds of Navy seamen conducting exercises, then switched careers midstream, ultimately becoming a highly respected family law trial attorney. In my mind's eye as an eight-year-old, she was the coolest big sister. As an adult, I'm in awe of her utter strength and determination in anything she takes on.

When she called me to tell me she had cancer, she was very focused on, as she said, "beating the crap out of this thing." Of course. I would expect nothing less from the woman I realized was my 'warrior sister'. We were lucky her cancer was detected early - a great reminder of the importance of regular health screenings for breast cancer - and she went through treatment and continues to be in remission. She still wins all the arguments - and I am happily grateful every time she does.

As always, remember,
...take a breath,
...give folks a minute,
...assume some positive intent.

Stay well,
COVID-19 Updates
Connecticut continues to have one of the highest vaccination rates at 69.1%. In Kent, 86.1% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. By age group:

  • aged 12-17: 78.9%
  • aged 18-24: 100%
  • aged 25-44: 81.4%
  • aged 45-64: 70.3%
  • aged 65+: 100%
Vaccines and Booster Shots: if you are eligible and have not yet been vaccinated, it's easier than ever to get it. Third, or "booster" doses of COVID-19 vaccines are now available to individuals aged 65 years and older, first responders, residents in long-term care settings, and those who have moderately to severely compromised immune systems. Click the button below the State of Connecticut Vaccine portal for more information:
The Return of Testing: Free COVID19 testing is once again be available at the Town of Kent Transfer Station.

  • FREE drive-through testing is open to all
  • No appointment needed
  • PCR test results available in 24-48 hours
  • CT residency is not required
  • Insurance is not required
  • Must have an email address to get test results
  • Priority lane for First Responders

Mondays and Thursdays | 4:oo-7:oop | until further notice

Download forms to bring:

Forms are also available on our website:
Upcoming Dates of Interest
Tuesday, Oct 5 | Board of Selectman Special Meeting | 7:oop
Wednesday, Oct 6 | Board of Education KCS Regular Meeting | 5:oop
Saturday, October 9th | Household Hazardous Waste Day | New Milford | 9:ooa-2:oop
Monday, Oct 11 | Town Hall closed for Columbus Day
Tuesday, Oct 12 | Board of Selectmen Regular Meeting | 6:3op
Monday, Oct 18 | Drive-through Flu Clinic | Kent Town Hall | 4:oo-6:oop
Wednesday, Oct 20 | Board of Finance Regular Meeting | 6:oop
Wednesday, Oct 20 | Conservation Commission Regular Meeting | 7:oop
Wednesday, Oct 27 | Region One ABC Committee Regular Meeting | 7:oop
Wednesday, Oct 27 | Kent First Selectman Debate | 7:oop
Saturday, Oct 30 | Parks and Recreation Halloween Bash | Club Getaway
Sunday, Oct 31 | 45th Kent Pumpkin Run | Kent Green | Noon

Visit the Town website calendar for details and a complete schedule of meetings and locations/ Zoom links
Your Town Government
Assessor's Office: From Town of Kent Assessor Jennifer Dubray: "All persons liable to pay PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES in the Town of Kent are required to return to the Assessor’s office, on or before November 1, 2021, a list of taxable personal property belonging to them as of the first day of October 2021. All business assets include, but are not limited to: manufacturing and industrial machinery and equipment; office fixtures, furniture, equipment and supplies; farm machinery and tools; tools of your trade; electronic data processing equipment.

All horses, ponies, unregistered motor vehicles, vehicles registered out of state that are garaged in Kent and leased equipment located in the Town of Kent are taxable, whether they are a business asset or a personal asset.

Any business or individual required to return a list may obtain the proper form from the Assessor’s office, if they have not received a form in the mail. Failure to receive a form by mail does not excuse a property owner from filing."

Other Filing Deadlines: 
  • Honorable Discharge Filing Deadline (DD214) due September 30th.
  • Blind, Disabled and Veteran’s Exemptions are due October 1st.
  • Farm Land and Open Space Applications due October 31st
  • Forest Land: Certified Forester’s Report must be dated not later than October 1st and the Application to the Assessor is due October 31st.
  • 2020GL Motor Vehicle Exemption for Active Duty Members of the Armed Forces is due by December 31, 2021
Public Works: The road crew is just about finished with catch-basin cleaning, and will begin fall road maintenance, which includes patching, grading, leaf-clearing.

A reminder from Rick - please avoid blowing leaves out onto the roadways. It creates drainage issues, washouts and is a safety hazard for bicycles, vehicles and motorcycles.
Transfer Station: 2021-2022 permits are now valid and should be visible from the rear view mirror of your vehicle.

  • Glass Recycling: Residents continue to do a great job separating their glass for the new glass recycling program. To date, we have collected 18 tons of glass! A reminder that candles and drinking glasses cannot be included.
  • Swap Shop: Transfer Station Manager Rick Osborne is working on signage and we hope to have the ever-popular Swap Shop open very soon.
  • eWaste: Our community recycled 6.6 tons in 2020, and already recycled almost 6 tons so far this year! Removing this tonnage from the municipal solid waste stream is a win for the environment and for the taxpayers- previously, this waste would have gone into the Municipal Solid Waste stream, which we pay to have hauled and disposed of - but e-Waste is hauled and disposed of at no cost to the Town.

Job Opportunities: There are often opportunities for employment with Kent Town governments. All openings are posted to our website /
Civic Engagement
The Kent Municipal Election in November 2, 2021: To vote in person, the polling location at Kent Town Hall will be open from 6:ooa- 8:oop on November 2nd.
  • Absentee ballots are now available. Please note that COVID-19 is an acceptable reason for requesting an absentee ballot.
  • Complete information about voting, the candidates, and obtaining an absentee ballot is on the Town of Kent website.
Questions about the election may be directed to the Kent Town Clerk/
Kent First Selectman Debate: Kent Memorial Library is hosting a virtual debate of the four candidates for First Selectman on Wednesday, October 27 at 7pm. The Library is soliciting questions from Kent residents for the candidates to answer. Information about the debate, including registration and submitting questions, is on the KML website.
Board of Selectmen Subcommittees: These committees, which address single-topic issues, are made up of community volunteers and are designed to encourage civic engagement and transparency in process and goals. Several committees are currently in operation and reporting regularly to the Board of Selectmen.

Thank you to the many volunteers of these subcommittees! Please contact the First Selectman / if you have questions about any of these committees:
  • Broadband Working Group: This committee is working with the NorthWest ConneCT initiative to assess costs and capabilities to bring broadband to every home and make recommendations back to the BoS.
  • ARPA Needs Assessment Committee: This group will develop a town-wide needs assessment and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. Update: the ARPA committee met recently and is developing questions for a town-wide needs assessment survey. If you would like to participate in a focus group for the needs assessment committee contact the First Selectman.
  • Kent Sustainability Team: The Town of Kent is enrolled in the Sustainable CT program, which is guiding the work of the Team to create a more sustainable community through Sustainable CT's various action items. If you are interested in participating in this team, please contact committee chair Lianna Gantt.
  • Noise and Traffic Committee: This committee is looking at noise and traffic on Main Street as well as the entire Kent community.
  • Streetscape Building Committee: This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen regarding the Main Street Streetscape Project.
  • Swift House Roof Replacement Committee: This committee is charged with getting bids and making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for the replacement of the Swift House roof, chimneys, and other items related to the roof project. Update: the roof project has been completed.
Are you an organization in Kent looking for volunteers? We are working to compile a list to make available to the residents of the Town looking to get involved. Please email the First Selectman with the name of your organization and a contact person.  
Happenings Around Town
October is always a special time in Kent, culminating with Halloween on the 31st. Throughout the month, shops and businesses show their creative side with scarecrow displays around the Town. Kent has once again been ranked as one of the top places in New England to enjoy leaf season. Get ready for some spectacular colors on our surrounding hills and mountains! Read the article in Yankee's New England Today.
Kent Pumpkin Run: the 45th 'Kent Classic' returns in person on Sunday, Oct 31 at noon. Runners are encouraged to dress up, which makes for a very festive race! Organized by the Kent Chamber of Commerce, this year's charitable beneficiary is the Kent Food Bank. Click HERE for more information and to register for the race.
Kent Farmer's Market: Continuing through October! Fridays from 3:oop-6:oop just south of the Monument (in the same lot as the Fish truck and Chris the Hot Dog Guy). At the Market, you'll find everything from fresh produce and meats to beautiful handmade crafts and craft beer!

Visit the Kent Chamber of Commerce website for details and vendors.
Did You Know?
Idling your vehicle for more than three minutes is illegal in Connecticut?
We've all been there. We leave our vehicle running to run into the Patco to grab a newspaper, or to stay warm during our kid's sports practice on a cold day, or to drop off our various garbage and recycling items at the Transfer Station. But when we leave our vehicles on to idle, it all adds up.
  • breathing in vehicle exhaust can aggravate asthma, allergies and cardiovascular disease.
  • Harmful emissions have been shown to increase school absences, emergency room visits and even premature deaths.
  • the toxic emissions caused by an idling vehicle are still present and harmful even when you can't see the exhaust fumes.

Idling Myth Busted: 10 seconds of idling your vehicle uses more fuel than turning the engine off and restarting it!
Let's all do our part to stop unnecessary idling. Read more about the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's "Anti-Idling" campaign, and watch their "Myth Busters" style video on the DEEP Anti-Idling website.
Town Updates
Birch Hill: There are no updates regarding the proposed 85-bed substance use disorder treatment facility on the property at 46 Maple Street. The Town of Kent continues to monitor developments.  

Cell Tower: Homeland Towers is moving forward with their plan to have their tower up next year.

Streetscape: In comments back from CT DOT upon review of the submission of our bid package documents, the Town is working with town counsel on a few permanent easements that will be needed.

Federal Tribal Recognition: Currently, there are no updates to report.   
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