Monthly Newsletter
March 2021
The Town of Maggie Valley is constantly searching for better ways to stay connected to its residents, businesses and visitors. We hope this new monthly e-newsletter will provide you with useful information that will improve your interaction with the Town!
FY 21-22 Board of Aldermen Budget Retreat
On Monday March 8, 2021 9:30 am the Maggie Valley Board of Alderman conducted their annual retreat in the Town Hall Board Room to discuss issues that will impact the FY21-22 Budget. A copy of the Town Manager's presentation can be viewed below.

Non Powell Bill Street Maintenance Funding
Did you know that the Town of Maggie Valley has a program designed to help improve private streets known as the Non Powell Bill Street Maintenance Funding Program. Since its inception in FY11-12; this program has provided $150,000 in matching fundings to nearly two dozen private streets within the Town's corporate limits. These funds are allocated based upon Board of Aldermen approval and budget conditions. If your neighborhood is interested, please click the button or contact Nathan Clark, Town Manager at 828.926.0866 for more information.

Applications for consideration are due April 15, 2021 - so act today!
Old Still Road Waterfall Trail Project - Presentation
The Town of Maggie Valley continues to work with Mosaic Civic Studio to develop a conceptual trail plan for the Old Still Waterfall Area. At the March 9, 2021 Board of Aldermen Meeting, Mosaic presented the Board the results of the Trail Preference Survey and Conceptual Designs with estimated costs. The full presentation is available in the adjacent button or online at
Missed Trash & Recycling
CWS, the Town's curbside trash and recycling collector does its very best not to miss a stop- however on occasion, collection stops are missed. If this happens to you call 828.926.0866, email or report the missed stop on our App immediately. Waiting a few days to report it could cause your curbside collection to be pushed to the next week. The sooner Town Staff knows there is a problem- the sooner we can help solve the problem.
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