The Town Council met Thursday, January 13, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Intergovernmental Affairs Update:
Argyle Independent School District Attendance Zone Boundary Revisions Affecting Northlake

Council discussed the objective of Northlake having an influence in multiple jurisdictions by working with neighboring communities to improve our region, not just our town.

Council presented a grandfather plan along with residents of The Ridge to the Argyle Independent School District. Under the plan originally proposed, elementary school-age children in The Ridge would be shuttled to the new elementary school in Canyon Falls. A plan was presented to the school board allowing residents of The Ridge to be grandfathered in so that their children will have a continuous experience within the school district. 
Holidays, Elections and the Town Calendar:

In comparison to other local community calendars, ten official holidays were observed by the majority. It was decided that by omitting three holidays on the calendar, Town Hall would be open for residents three additional days a year. Adding two floating holidays will allow Town employees some flexibility in determining which holiday they would like to observe, or if they would prefer to take paid time off.

In regards to elections on the calendar, the Town approached the elections administration and proposed that the Council would only hold local and general elections, no party primaries, and the elections administration agreed to this arrangement. Five meetings on the 2022 Town calendar will be effected by early voting and general elections. These meetings will either need to be moved or canceled.
Review of Strategic Planning Session Report:

In late November, on offsite meeting was held at the Outdoor Learning Center with Council, Staff and a private consultant. Goals and objectives for the Town were discussed. A vision and mission statement was agreed to. Core values, goals, objectives and top priorities were discussed. The Town Staff requested that the Council adopt these measures so that Staff could start operating under this proposed structure. Council discussed the importance of defining action steps from these goals and mentioned that some of the goals were fairly broad, but there were also areas that were critical and needed to be moved on quickly.
Master Thoroughfare Plan/Roadway Impact Fee Update:

Work has been completed by Planning and Zoning and a recommendation letter has been submitted. Land Use Assumptions and Road Impact Fee updates were recommended.

Population and traffic counts were clarified by the Committee and a public hearing will take place at the next Council Meeting on January 27, 2022. Two significant changes were addressed; the cost of the capital improvement projects and a number of road additions and improvements.
Purchasing Card Policy Update:

The Town of Northlake has never had a Purchasing Card Policy. Implementing this Policy was a recommendation during the last audit. Lamar National Bank has facilitated a purchasing card program and the process has been fully automated, streamlining the purchasing process for employees.
Finance Update on Process Improvements:

Because of recent process improvements, there has not been a need for additional staff. Workload has increased, but because of the success of these new automatons, no additional staff has been required. 

Significant improvements have been made by converting many of the finance departments processes to digital. Implementing digital processes has allowed the Town to become more efficient. 
Other Items:

Item G: Town Council Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2021 was approved by Council as amended.

Item H: Approving and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Innovative Transportation Solutions (ITS), in an amount not to exceed $50,000 was approved by Council.

Item I: Setting the Town Meeting and Holiday Calendar for the 2022 Calendar Year was approved.

Item J: Resolution 22-03, approving the goals and action items discussed during the November 19-20, 2021, Strategic Planning Session.

Item K: Consider the appointment of a member to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the Unexpired Term, ending on May 31, 2022.

Planning and Zoning applicant Maryl Lorencz was unanimously approved by Council.

Item L: Consider Resolution 22-04, approving a five (5) year Capital Improvement Budget and giving consent to the issuance of Unlimited Tax Utility Bonds and Unlimited Tax Road Bonds (the “Bonds”) by Northlake Municipal Management District No. 2 of Denton County, a Conservation and Reclamation District located within the corporate boundaries of the Town. Item was approved by Council.

Item M: Consider Ordinance 22-0113A, amending the Town of Northlake Unified Development Code, from C– Commercial to C-PD – Commercial Planned Development for an approximately 5.2725-acre tract of land situated in the L. Medlin Survey, Abstract No. 830, and known as Lot 3, Block 3, Northport Addition, generally located on the southwest corner of Northport Drive and Dale Earnhardt Way. Northlake Innkeepers, Ltd. is the owner. Town of Northlake is the applicant. Case # PD-21-007 i. Public Hearing ii. Consider approval.

The purpose of this amendment was to allow for the development of the hotel and conference center to be a Public Private Partnership between the hotel developer and the Town. The hotel and conference center would be connected, but the town would retain ownership of the conference center and the lot associated with it. Item was approved by Council.
Planning and Zoning applicant
Maryl Lorencz from The Ridge spoke regarding her interest in becoming a member of the committee and was unanimously approved by the Town Council.
Pastor Robert Balduc from
Saint Peter expressed excitement that his congregation will be submitting an annexation for the church to
officially become residents
of Northlake.