The Town Council met Thursday, March 10, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Intergovernmental Relations - Discussion of May Local Election Early and Election Day Voting Locations for Northlake Town Council and Argyle Independent School District

Argyle will be adding Harvest Hall as early voting site. Town Hall with remain an early and election day voting location.

No action was needed on this item.
Injured Officers Update and Presentation - Anniversary recognition to Daniel Hansen for five years of service to the Town of Northlake and Induction of New Officers

Police Chief Crawford presented details from the February 24, 2022 accident involving two of our Northlake Police Officers and two of our fleet vehicles. Police Chief thanked all the emergency services that responded to the scene, and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support our officers have received.

Officer Koeper has returned to work on light duty.

It is uncertain how much time Officer Martinez will need to recover from his injuries.

Police Chief recognized Sergeant Daniel Hansen for five years of service with the Town of Northlake and introduced Council to Officers Ben Adams, Craig Erlanson and Austin Nogle, three new Northlake Police Officers.
Communications and Marketing Update

Staff briefed Council on the Marketing and Communications Department. Social media insights and website analytics were presented. Staff noted that kiosk upgrades, entryway monumentation, police vehicle wrap designs, and a resident survey are in progress. Staff asked for input from Council on planning a Town sponsored Farmer’s Market.
St. Peter Annexation Process Briefing

Staff explained that St. Peter Church is now in our ETJ and the church has petitioned to voluntarily annex into Northlake. The call for public hearing regarding the annexation will be held at the March 24, 2022 Town Council Meeting.
Northlake Wholesale Water Supply and Wholesale Sewer Treatment Capacity Planning Brief

Staff explained that the Town's current ground storage needs are 2.6M gallons in the North pressure plain, which could potentially increase. The tanks will need to be confined to the three acres where Public Works Facility currently resides.

The next phase to accommodate additional storage tanks is to rework the three acre property. Space will be needed to make room for the additional storage tanks, staff offices, garages and pump station.

Catherine Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Budget for the equipment has increased. The Town has an option to lease the equipment, keeping within budget. Other options are to purchase the equipment and resell it or rent it with an option to buy. Staff recommended Council consider leasing the equipment.

Catherine Branch Wastewater Collection Line

Town Staff updated council on the Catherine Branch Wastewater Collection Line. The Contractor is nearing 60% completion on the design phase and has had discussions with property owners. The route has been defined, but the depth of the line needs to be determined.

Denton Creek Wastewater Main Trunk Line

Staff revisited discussion concerning options for the main trunk line alignment and proposed that the selection be the most logical route for current service and future Town needs. The preferred alignment option would be the least impact to the Army Corp of Engineers, least costly near-term where the lift station could also be removed. The next phase will be meeting with the Army Corp of Engineers and awarding the $2 Million engineering design contract.

Fort Worth Water Supply Update

Staff explained that the Town has contracted 1.63 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) with the City of Fort Worth, but needs 7 MGD for buildout, which cannot happen incrementally. The cost of the project would be split 55/45 with the City of Fort Worth.

Council requested that Staff confirm the portion the Town is investing is not more than its need.
Consent Items:

G. Consider approval of the Town Council Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2022.

Approved by Council.

H. Consider acceptance of the Northlake Police Department Racial Profiling Report for 2021.

Approved by Council. 

I. Consider Resolution 22-10, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into Interlocal agreement with the Town of Argyle, City of Bartonville, City of Keller, City of Southlake, and City of Watauga, to provide for the formation of a Crash Reconstruction Team (“Crash Team”) comprised of Police Officers from each municipality.

Approved by Council.

J. Consider Resolution 22-11, declaring certain personal property owned by the Town of Northlake to be surplus property and authorizing the Town Manager to dispose of such property.

Approved by Council.

K. Consider Resolution 22-12, approving a Pioneer Program Grant in the amount of $20,000 for S.A.S. Boutique and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into a Performance Agreement.

Council noted that the grant was too high. Motion was made to lower the grant amount to $15,000.

Council discussed and motion was approved by Council.

L. Consider Resolution 22-13, establishing a Program and approving a Chapter 380 Agreement with Northlake Innkeepers in the amount of $250,000, to promote Economic Development and stimulate business and commercial activity in the Town of Northlake.

Council explained that this is a joint project with the Cambria Hotel and the Town, derived from the HOT Tax Fund. This will be the only full service hotel in the area. The hotel would like to enhance their restaurant and drink offerings and upgrade with a room service aspect, adding additional revenue for the hotel. Plans will also include a larger market area, an enhanced outdoor restaurant and wedding venue area and a dividing wall for meeting space areas.

Council discussed and motion was approved by Council.

M. Consider Resolution 22-14, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into Agreements for the purchase of replacement vehicles in an amount not to exceed $77,000.

Approved by Council.
Action Items:

N. Consider calling and authorizing a public hearing be held on March 24, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at the Town of Northlake, 1500 Commons Circle, Suite 300, Northlake, Texas, 76226, in the Council Chambers, regarding the proposed annexation of St. Peter Church, located at 15701 Cleveland Gibbs Road.

Approved by Council.

O. Consider Resolution 22-15, creating a Capital Improvement Advisory Committee; appointing the Planning and Zoning Commission members to serve as the Capital Improvement Advisory Committee, appointing Ad Hoc Member from Town Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, establishing the duties of the committee; and providing for an effective date.

Council may appoint Planning and Zoning Commission as CIAC, but state law requires an Ad Hoc member from the ETJ. Council appointed the P&Z as CIAC and Ben Scheck as Ad Hoc ETJ Member.

Approved by Council.

P. Consider awarding the bid and contract to AUC Group for equipment installation in amount of $379,925, and equipment pre-purchase in amount of $1,694,300 or lease in amount of $289,200 annually.

Staff explained how the project will be funded. A motion was made to lease equipment rather than rent or purchase.

Approved by Council.

Q. Consider Resolution 22-16, authorizing the Town Manager to execute an amendment to the professional services contract with Halff Associates, Inc., for Public Project Tracker Maps in an amount not to exceed $32,500.

Staff explained that having a Geographic Information System (GIS) will give the public and Town Staff a way to organize and receive updates on projects on demand. Capital project and development activity maps would be interactive.

Contractor provided Council with an example of how the system functions and explained how data is collected and tracked. Council explained that the GIS is great tool for the public to utilize to keep up with projects and see what phase they are in.

Approved by Council.

R. Consider Resolution 22-17, authorizing the Town Manager to execute an amendment to the professional services contract with Halff Associates, Inc., for the Alignment Study of Fort Worth Water Supply Lines in amount not to exceed $50,000.

Approved by Council.

S. Consider Ordinance 22-0310A, Nunc Pro Tunc, correcting, ratifying, and, to the extent required, readopting certain fees as set out in Ordinance 15-0910C.

Approved by Council.

T. Consider Ordinance 22-0310B, amending Section 4.3 “Notice Requirements” and Article 5 “Zoning Districts” of the Unified Development Code (UDC) to require and set standards for the posting of signs on a property subject to a proposed zoning change. Case # UDC-22-001 a. Public Hearing b. Consider approval.

Staff explained that in consideration of adopting the proposed zoning change signage ordinance, input was received from both Council and the Boards. Staff discussed sign placement and design requirements and explained that the owner is responsible for posting and maintaining the sign.

A public hearing was called. Motion was made to approve.

Approved by Council.

Staff will brief council on mailing notices to a wider area at a future meeting.

U. Consider approval of an agreement with Guardian Association Management for exclusive lease of Hay Barn at Pooch Park in Canyon Falls to be subleased to the public.

Council explained that Guardian Association Management would lease the property from the Town. They would maintain and manage the venue and re-lease it to residents, helping to maintain the Town asset and make it usable at no cost to the Town.

Approved by Council.

V. Consider modifying, continuing, and/or suspending the First Amended Declaration of Local and Public Health Emergency as modified by the Town Council on April 23, 2020
A motion was made to suspend the declaration.

Approved by Council.

The Town Council convened into Executive Session with no action items.

Meeting was adjourned.
Pastor Ben Scheck, of the Grove Church in Bartonville opened the council meeting in prayer.
Chief Crawford updated Council on the Northlake Police Officers who were injured on February 24, 2022.