The Town Council met Thursday, April 14, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Proclamation - Declaring May 2022 Mental Health Awareness Month and May 7, 2022, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Town Council welcomed Alisa Quimby, Program Coordinator for the W.A.T.C.H. Coalition, (Wellness Alliance for Total Children’s Health of Denton County) lead by Cook’s Children’s Hospital. Ms. Quimby spoke on behalf of W.A.T.C.H., the Denton County MHMR and the Behavioral Health Leadership Team, three organizations that are working together asking municipalities in Denton County to proclaim May as Mental Health Awareness Month and May 7th as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

The Town officially proclaimed May 2022 as Mental Health Awareness Month and May 7th, 2022 as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in an effort to increase awareness of mental health conditions and resources in Denton County.
Presentation - Anniversary recognition to Tyler Lenderman for five years of service to the Town of Northlake

Town Police Department highlighted Officer Lenderman’s career accomplishments and recognized his five years of service to the Town of Northlake.
Indoor Sports Facility Funding and Operations Options

Town Staff briefed Council on the possibility of providing the Town with an amateur sports venue. Staff presented qualifications, process, tax packages, financing options and potential operational models. Town Staff explained that in any of the models presented, the Town will own the facility as an asset. 

Council requested that Town Staff provide an overview of the impact on sales tax and hotel occupancy, a benefits model or study, and provide suggested locations for the facility. 

Council explained that a sports venue would create a destination for the Town.
Hotel Conference Center Construction Cost Increases and Proposed Funding Methodology

Town Staff explained that the Hotel and Conference Center project is moving forward. The estimated cost of the facility has increased from when it was first assessed in 2019. Town Staff presented finance options to Council. Town Staff requested direction as to whether to pursue a more iconic structure, or a wood framed structure. Council agreed to pursue the higher quality structure as long as funding is appropriate and available.
Fiscal Year 2021 Audit Presentation by Town Auditor

Staff explained that the Town had a good year, with a lot of growth towards years end. The unanticipated growth resulted in additional revenue and expenses.

Town Auditor gave an overview of the audit process:

• Assessment
• Risk-Based Approach
• Compliance Testing
• Fieldwork
• Conclusion & Reporting

Town Auditor explained the components of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, which include: the Auditor’s Opinion, Managements’s Discussion and Analysis, Financial Statements, Notes to the Financial Statements and Supplementary Information. 

The Town will submit necessary documentation for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (COA) Program through GFOA. This certificate gives the Town an extra level of proof that it has sound, financial footing which will provide access to more competitive financial rates. 

Town Auditor provided Council with Town Wide and Governmental Funds Financial Highlights, almost all showing healthy increases. Auditor confirmed that the Town is keeping in pace with Northlake’s growth.

Auditor stated that overall, very health numbers were represented in the General Fund and reiterated that as the town grows and there is need for more infrastructure, it will appear that there is a big loss when paying for additional capital projects. Water and sewer rates will ultimately pay for the infrastructure. 
Briefing - Quarterly Reports

Staff explained that full access to the Towns financials can be found at:

Staff reviewed the Quarterly Budget Highlights:
• 64% of the total revenue has been booked
• 36% of the total expenditures has been spent
• 12% of budgeted cash expenditures has been spent

Staff reviewed the Quarterly Investment Report:
Staff explained that Feds are raising the rates and investments are increasing, resulting in higher interest rates on the Town's investments. 

Council stated that getting projects going and contracts locked in should be the main focus.
Consent Items:

G. Consider approval of the Town Council Meeting Minutes for March 24, 2022. 

Approved by Council.

H. Consider acceptance of the Audit for Fiscal Year 2021.

Approved by Council.
Action Items:

I. Consider calling and authorizing a public hearing to be held on May 12, 2022, at 5:30 p.m., at the Town of Northlake, 1500 Commons Circle, Suite 300, Northlake, Texas 76226, in the Council Chambers, regarding the proposed annexation of the remaining unannexed portion of the 237.569- acre Bob Smith Management Co. Tract, is generally located on the east side of Cleveland-Gibbs Road approximately 200 feet south of the intersection with Edna Lane.

Withdrawn by Applicant.

J. Consider Resolution 22-19, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute a lease agreement with NextLink to locate an antenna on the Town of Northlake North Water Tower for an annual amount to be paid to the Town of Northlake not to exceed $2,500, pending an engineering report on installation.

The Town has been actively seeking wireless service providers to lease space on the Town’s water tower in order to improve wireless services in the area. Council explained the there are areas of Northlake that do not have internet service options. NextLink provided the Town with a proposal to lease space on the water tower, providing residents with a much needed wireless service option.

Approved by Council.

K. Consider Resolution 22-20, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into an agreement with Neel Schaffer for the design and project management of the North 0.6 MG Ground Storage Tank and Pump in an amount not to exceed $233,330.

Staff explained that the ground storage tank and pump is part of the Water System Master Plan. Costs are in line with other competitive bids with an approximate timeline of 13 months for completion.

Approved by Council.

L. Consider Resolution 22-21, approving a Unified Sign Development Plan for Chadwick Commons Phases 1 & 2, a mixed-use development consisting of 249 apartments, a 17,400 square-foot commercial building, and another 17,400 square-foot building proposed to be built on 24.638 acres situated in the L. Medlin Survey, Abstract No. 830, generally located south of State Highway 114 (SH 114) approximately 1,000feet east of Interstate Highway 35W (IH 35W), and zoned Mixed-Use Planned Development (MPD). Chadwick Farms Ltd, Chadwick Retail Ltd, and Chadwick Apartments Phase II Ltd are the owners. Signs Manufacturing Corporation is the applicant. Case # USDP-22-001

Staff explained this is a unified sign development plan, which is essentially a maser plan for sign development. This will allow a multi-tenant development sign on the 114 frontage to advertise the Ruby at Chadwick Commons and businesses within the two commercial buildings. The sign will be designed to compliment the architecture of the building.

Approved by Council.

M. Consider Ordinance 22-0414A, approving a zoning change from RR - Rural Residential to I - Industrial for the approximately 200-acre portion within the Town limits of a 237.569-acre tract of land situated in the G. Ramsdale Survey, Abstract No. 1128, generally located on the east of ClevelandGibbs Road approximately 200 feet south of the intersection with Edna Lane. Bob Smith Management Co., Ltd. is the owner/applicant. Case # Z-22-001 ii. Public Hearing iii. Consider approval.

Withdrawn by Applicant.

The Town Council convened into Executive Session with no anticipated action items.

Meeting was adjourned.
Alisa Quimby, Program Coordinator for the W.A.T.C.H. Coalition, accepted a Proclamation declaring May 2022 as Mental Health Awareness Month and May 7, 2022 as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.
Police Officer Tyler Lenderman was recognized for five years of service to the Town of Northlake.