The Town Council met Thursday, September 8, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Briefing - Comprehensive Plan Update Process 

Staff explained that the Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2016, and best practice is to update the plan every 5 to 10 years. A draft Request for Proposal (RFP) was presented to Council in December of 2021. The Town has $200,000 budgeted in FY 2023 for the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Staff briefed Council on the consultant selection timeline. The RFP will be posted in September or early October, and Council will select a candidate in November. The Council will then approve contracted services to begin in December.

The Comprehensive Plan Update should be ready for approval in September of 2023.

Town Staff further explained that a Steering Committee has been used in the past, primarily made up of residents, landowners, regional partners and members of the development community.

Information from residents is obtained through focus groups, an open house, Town Hall meetings, surveys, social media and a fairly new process of using interactive websites to collect information, potentially furthering the Town's reach. The approval process will include a recommendation by P&Z following a public hearing with final approval by Town Council.

Staff briefed Council on the scoring criteria, discussed specific dates of delivery and confirmed that examples will be provided. 

Staff asked Council for direction on the update process.

Council stressed that this process should continue to be resident and Council driven.

Briefing - Agricultural Zoning District Update

At previous meetings, Staff had presented the proposed Agricultural Zoning District to Council. Staff explained that the new district will be a better way to implement the vision of the Comprehensive Plan and a way to prohibit some of the non agricultural uses that are currently allowed in rural residential areas. Staff reiterated that the creation of this zoning district update would be a two step process by creating the zoning district through a UDC amendment and rezoning properties at the owners request or initiated by the town.

Due to Public Hearing Notification lead times, Staff was not able to bring the UDC amendment to Council for approval. In the interim, a draft version was provided.

Staff presented the zoning requirements for Agricultural and Rural Residential, which include lot size, proposed setbacks and miscellaneous requirements, such as minimum dwelling area.

Staff reviewed the proposed Permitted Uses for Agricultural and Rural Residential Districts and asked for input from Council. 

Council requested clarification on Private Schools requiring special use permits on the proposed Agricultural Zoning District, the use of manufactured homes and use specifics of green houses, livestock auctions and stables.

Town Council called for Public Input

• Resident encouraged Council to consider being budget cautious on projects and asked for clarification as to whether additions to properties would automatically change current rural residential property owners to the proposed agricultural zoning status.

Staff confirmed that when there is a use change, residents will conform to the new zoning.

• Another Resident spoke out against town growth, the addition of new employees, spending tax revenue, raising property taxes, and increasing the budget for town projects, adding that she feels the Council is doing what’s best for Northlake rather than what best for the residents. Regarding the new Agricultural Zoning District, she noted that the agricultural industry is a commercial operation and to disallow commercial uses seems unfair.

Consent Items:

C. Consider approval of the Town Council Meeting Minutes for August 25, 2022.

Approved by Council.

Action Items:

D. Consider Ordinance 22-0908A, amending Article 6.03, “Fireworks,” of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Northlake, Texas; declaring the use or detonation of fireworks within Town limits and within 5,000 feet of Town limits to be a nuisance pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Section 217.042; prohibiting said use or detonation.

Staff explained that the Ordinance under consideration comes at the request of two Council Members as part of the discussion to find a way to enforce fireworks in the Town’s ETJ by declaring them a nuisance. Per state law, the Town has the ability to enforce nuisances up to 5,000 feet within the ETJ. 

One Council member explained that the Ordinance was recommended because of an incident that happened on July 3, 2022 in Harvest. Because fireworks were not allowed by the HOA in Harvest, a fireworks display was organized on property adjacent to the community, disturbing livestock and residents in that area. 

Another Council Member commented that uniform application of the law within the Towns borders and directly outside of its borders is important, and noted that there could be legal implications by declaring fireworks a nuisance in the ETJ. 

There was significant discussion among Council as to whether or not to act on the ordinance, mainly because areas of the ETJ are so close to the town limits. By not declaring fireworks a nuisance in those areas, town residents could be at risk. 

A motion was made to approve Ordinance 22-0908A, amending Article 6.03.

Motion failed due to lack of majority vote.

E. Consider Resolution 22-49, approving and directing publication of notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation.

Staff explained that this approval is an intent to issue certificates of obligation, which is part of the Capital Budget and meets a number of budget priorities. These projects diversify the tax base and support industrial development.

Approved by Council.

F. Consider Resolution 22-51, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to enter into an agreement for the purchase of public works equipment in an amount not to exceed $85,000.

Town Staff explained that this purchase is for a truck, dump body and sand spreader meant for icy conditions. Staff downsized the truck and the purchase will be under budget.

Approved by Council.

G. Consider Resolution 22-52, ratifying the actions taken by the Northlake Economic Development Corporation and Northlake Community Development Corporation Board of Directors, approving a Pioneer Grant for Rolling Pin Bakeshoppe, in an amount not to exceed $50,000.

Town Staff explained that there were originally two concepts planned for the development behind 7 Eleven in the Harvest Neighborhood Shops, the Rolling Pin Bakeshoppe and Froth Coffee Shop. Staff explained that because of rising equipment costs, the owners were forced to chose one concept instead of both. The owners submitted a Pioneer Grant application before a joint CDC and EDC meeting on September 1, 2022 in the amount of $50,000 under the Snack and Beverage Shops category and it was unanimously approved.

Business Owner addressed Council, explaining that when they opened their first location in Haslet, there was not a lot of small business coffee shops in the community. Owner stated that another location will be opening on the UNT campus later this month. Owner explained that they want to bring their business model to our community, with an expected grand opening in December of this year. Funds from the grants will go towards purchasing large restaurant equipment.

Staff explained details of the Pioneer Grant to Council.

Approved by Council.

H. Consider Resolution 22-53, casting votes for the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool Board of Trustees for Places 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Council was provided a brief resume on each candidate and was asked to give recommendations for available places. They were provided a short biography, the roles candidates hold and the region they represent. 

A motion was made to approve suggested candidates.

Approved by Council.

The Town Council convened into Executive Session with no anticipated action items.

Meeting was adjourned.

Dr. Matthew Harding, Lead Pastor of The Well and Town Chaplain for Northlake, opened the Town Council meeting in prayer.

Mark Douglas, Co-Owner of the Froth Coffee Shop and Rolling Pin Bakeshoppe addressed Council regarding a Pioneer Grant.

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