The Town Council met Thursday, May 12, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Proclamation - Peace Officers’ Memorial Day, May 15th, and National Police Week, May 15-21, 2022

Town staff recognized Peace Officers’ Memorial Day on May 15th, and National Police Week, May 15-21, 2022, which has been established by Congress and the State of Texas.

Town Staff recognized the Northlake Police Department for their service and our officers injured in the line of duty were acknowledged.

Last year, the Northlake Police Department answered 4,200 calls for service, over 230 suspects were arrested, over 5,000 traffic stops were made and over 31 impaired drivers were removed from our roadways.

Recognition - Change in Council

Town Staff recognized Rena Hardeman, who has served the Town of Northlake for the last four years as a member of our Town Council, as well as Town Council Member Elect Robert Keeker.

Briefing - Cleveland Gibbs Extension 

Town Staff briefed Town Council on expansion plans for Cleveland Gibbs Road. The Eastern lanes will be built as a part of Phase 3 of The Ridge, but currently do not include a a connection to Harvest. Town Staff explained to Town Council the proposed reimbursement structure and agreements made with the developer, further explaining that this is an opportunity to work directly with the contractor to build the section of road connecting to Harvest in accordance with the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

Completing construction on this particular roadway should provide needed relief for traffic congestion during the construction of 407, and should be a much more efficient way to complete the project sooner than anticipated. 

Briefing - Municipal Court Update 

The Municipal Court consists of three employees who are responsible for citation processing, which includes payments, dismissals, compliance verification and docketing.

Tickets have increased, and all warrants are caught up.

Municipal Court will move to a cloud based software. This new process improvement will give Municipal Court employees 24 hour remote access and will simplify and expedite a lot of the court processes.

Court Staff reviewed the requirements for becoming an official Court of Record and explained to Town Council the benefits of eventually making that transition when it becomes financially feasible to do so.

Briefing - Town Secretary’s Office Update

Town Staff updated Town Council on the General Election on May 7th:

  • The Town of Northlake has 5,242 registered voters
  • 918 citizens voted during the May 7th General Election
  • There are 6 overseas pending ballots
  • The Canvass Meeting and Oath of Office Ceremony for newly elected officials is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 5:30pm at the Northlake Town Hall

Town Staff reviewed workload metrics and gave an overview of new technology implemented by the Town. 

A new Public Information Request Module can now be accessed through the Town website. In addition, email addresses will now be expanded to all appointed and elected officials.

Town Staff is reviewing options for a new Agenda Management System that will improve the agenda creation process. It will enable an optional paperless agenda for Council and improve the customer experience when accessing the agendas online.

Town Staff proposed a technology improvement for the town that would incorporate a more robust records management system. The platform is an easy and simple use tool for citizens to access public records.

A tentative date for an Appreciation Banquet was proposed for Saturday, December 10, 2022 at the NISD Outdoor Learning Center from 5:30-8:30pm. 

Town Council called for Public Input.

Town Council requested follow up documentation from Town Staff in response to points made by a Prairie View Farms resident including timeline, legal obligations and options in response to homeowner concerns in that development.

Consent Items:

E. Consider approval of the Town Council Meeting Minutes for April 14, 2022 

Approved by Council.

F. Consider Resolution 22-22, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute an Interlocal Agreement with Denton County for the use of the Denton County Radio Communications System

Approved by Council.

Action Items:

G. Consider Resolution 22-23, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute an amendment to the Hotel Conference Center Master Developer Agreement with Lodging Host Hotel Corporation to increase the amount of the construction participation from $4,500,000 to $5,900,000. 

Since the agreement was originally approved approximately 18-24 months ago, construction costs have increased. Options were presented to Council during the April 14th Town Council Meeting. The question was proposed to either cut costs with alternative construction methods or to move forward with the initial design and approve the additional cost of the project. The price increase will be contractually locked in and will not increase once it is contracted. Town Staff confirmed that the Town does have the existing revenue to fund the cost increase. 

Approved by Council.

H. Consider Resolution 22-24, approving all matters incident and related to the adoption of the resolution expressing official intent to reimburse costs of projects.

The Town of Northlake we will be reimbursed for the project costs associated with the design of the sewer trunk line discussed in Item I.

Approved by Council.

I. Consider Resolution 22-25, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute a professional services agreement with Plummer & Associates for Denton Creek Sewer Line in the amount of $1,587,563.

In an effort to begin the design of the sewer trunk line that will take Northlake from I-35W to the Roanoke Plant, the Town Manager will award the contract so the project can get started immediately.

Approved by Council.

The Town Council convened into Executive Session anticipating an action item.

Item 7a. Consider authorizing the Town Manager to take all necessary actions and execute all necessary documents regarding easement acquisition related to CV-2020-03039 - County of Denton, Texas vs. Texas Air Classics, Inc.

Denton County has asked for the Town to contribute part of the cost of a drainage easement acquisition as a result of an imminent domain settlement. The action was taken to acquire the right-of-way and drainage easement through a property located by the airport. The jury awarded a higher amount during court proceedings and Denton County has asked the Town to pay the difference with no additional expenses anticipated for construction costs.

Approved by Council.

Meeting was adjourned.


Town staff recognized Peace Officers’ Memorial Day on May 15th, and National Police Week, May 15-21, 2022.

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Pastor Josh Wright from Compass Church in Roanoke opened the council meeting in prayer.

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