The Town Council met Thursday, August 11, 2022. Below is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting.

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Presentation - Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association Update

A Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association Representative gave an overview of the training experienced by the 2021 and 2022 Citizen’s Police Academy graduating classes. Additional training is available for the Association after graduation and is facilitated by the Northlake Police Department. 

CPAAA Representative briefed Council on how the Alumni Association originated, discussed its formation as a non-profit and stressed the importance of the Association’s ability to respond to our officers in their time of need. 

Because of the formation of the CPAAA, Benevolence Funds are now available to help Northlake Officers if the situation arises. Through their fundraising efforts, the Association has the ability to plan and organize special events including: National Police Week, Police Department ceremonies and recognitions, and snack packs for needy children at our local schools. In addition, the CPAAA provides food deliveries to the Northlake Police Department.

The CPAAA Representative concluded the presentation detailing plans for future community events and discussed ways the Association can provide additional support to the Northlake Police Department.

Briefing - Proposed Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget 

Staff reviewed the Town's budget priorities and discussed the importance of maintaining that discipline. The current challenges the Town faces include: supply chain, inflation and market volatility. Staff explained that because of construction, the property tax base has increased by one billion. The goal is to keep the base balanced by using opportunities to build the commercial tax base, which will take the pressure off residential tax payers.

Staff briefed Council on how the De Minimus Rate works. Because of the size of the town and population growth, implementing this tax rate will generate an additional $500,000 in property tax revenue, which in turn will support Maintenance and Operations.

Staff explained that property tax revenue will increase by $2,865,243 due to growth and property tax base, with the increase going towards debt service and Maintenance and Operations. Development revenue is starting to slow, but sales tax revenue is increasing by $365,000 due to inflation and growth. 

Town Staff stressed the importance of maintaining service levels proportional to Northlake's population. Staff briefed Council on the need for additional personnel for the Police Department, Public Works and Administration. Large purchasing requests include additional police vehicles, public works equipment, administrative software upgrades and an update to the comprehensive plan.

Staff presented an estimate for increasing personnel costs. The increase will provide a 50% market adjustment as compensation for cost of living and also includes the addition of full and part time employees. 

Staff outlined how the town is investing in its infrastructure. Projects include major capital improvement investments with preliminary budgets totaling $15M. Additional wholesale water capacity, the Denton Creek main sewer trunk line design, Catherine Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant cost increases and Florance and Faught Road construction cost increases are capital improvement investments that will grow our tax base for years to come.

Staff shared projections spanning into FY 2026-2027, looking ahead to future investments and improvements. With investments, growth and the commercial base, the Town has the capacity to pay off future debt based solely on developments that are already in place.

Briefing - Proposed Agricultural Zoning District Update

Staff briefed Council on the proposed Agricultural Zoning District formation. The town has historically placed emphasis on protecting ranch and agricultural uses and preserving open spaces. Staff provided council with comprehensive master plans throughout the history of Northlake’s development to illustrate how rural residential, cluster developments and open spaces have evolved. 

Staff explained that the Conservation Residential Overlay (CRO) has never been used. The Rural Residential (RR) zoning implementation has been solely used to preserve the Town's rural character. Creating an Agricultural Zoning District (AG) could solve some of the issues associated with the current zoning implementations.

Creating a AG Zoning District could be accomplished by composing a UDC amendment and rezoning properties. Planning & Zoning was briefed at their August 2, 2022 meeting and the consensus was to create an AG Zoning District. 

Town Council called for Public Input.

• Several residents expressed their opinions on the firework ordinance. 

• A representative from the Denton Central Appraisal District spoke in favor of the leadership team at the DCAD. 

• A resident spoke on his own behalf concerning a property violation.

Consent Items:

D. Consider approval of the Town Council Meeting Minutes for July 14, 2022. 

Approved by Council.

E. Consider Resolution 22-43, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute an Advance Funding Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation, for design and construction of the bridge replacement located at Elizabeth Cemetery Road and Elizabeth Creek, in an amount not to exceed 10% of project costs.

Approved by Council.

F. Consider Resolution 22-44, declaring certain personal property owned by the Town of Northlake to be surplus property and authorizing the Town Manager to dispose of such property. 

Approved by Council.

G. Consider approving Resolution 22-45, approving and authorizing the Town Manager to execute an Amendment to the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Denton County for the design and construction of the realignment and widening of Cleveland Gibbs Road from FM 1171 to 11757 Cleveland Gibbs Road in an amount not to exceed $4,646,000. 

Approved by Council.

Action Items:

H. Consider approving Ordinance 22-0811A amending Article 6.03, “Fireworks,” of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Northlake, Texas; prohibiting the detonation of fireworks in certain situations; providing a severability clause; providing a savings clause; providing that this ordinance is cumulative; providing a penalty for violation; providing for publication; and providing an effective date.

All Council Members expressed their viewpoints on the fireworks ordinance. 

A motion was made to approve banning the fireworks ordinance in Northlake. 

Approved by Council.

I. Consider approval on setting the date for public hearings for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Proposed Tax Rate and Town Budget and set the adoption of the proposed tax rate and budget during the Regular Town Council Meeting on August 25, 2022. 

Approved by Council.

J. Consider approval on setting the date for public hearings for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 service and assessment plans of Northlake Public Improvement District No. 1 (Harvest) and Northlake Public Improvement District No. 2 (The Highlands) and set the adoption of the plans during the Regular Town Council Meeting on August 25, 2022.

Approved by Council.

K. Consider denial of Denton County Appraisal District Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2022.

Council explained that the DCAD has provided the Town with certified estimates where certified totals are necessary for budgeting and planning. Denying the DCAD Annual Budget will send a message that the town is not receiving the service that it needs to operate efficiently.

Approved by Council.

The Town Council convened into Executive Session with an anticipated action item.


Council reconvened and action was taken on b. Section 551.074 - Personnel Matters, i. Town Manager Compensation.


Council moved to approve compensation for the Town Manager as deliberated during Executive Session. 

Approved by Council.

Meeting was adjourned.

Laura Weber, Northlake CPAAA President, updated Council on the Association's progress.

Justin Paulk, Campus Pastor

at Fellowship of the Parks, opened the council meeting in prayer.

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