July 2018 Newsletter
This newsletter is being sent to keep you informed about Wellfleet municipal government.
This newsletter does not replace the official minutes for any Board or Committee. For an official recap of any meeting you are encourage the read the minutes of that Board of Committee. Any observations expressed are solely those of the Town Administrator and do not reflect the opinions of any other individual, Board or Committee unless expressly stated.
Select Board Meetings Summary
  • A change order for the police station (06/12)
  • Justin Lynch was awarded a new shellfish grant (06/12)
  • Jackie Bassett has his shellfish permit suspended for one week (06/12)
  • Andrew Ryan was appointed as a new seasonal shellfish department employee (06/12)
  • The Select Board reviewed and signed the septic easement for 15 Harding Lane as approved during the April 2018 annual town meeting (06/12)
  • A commitment letter for the Global Covenant of Mayor for Climate & Energy as approved and signed by the Select Board (06/12)
  • A one-year lease of the Cahoon Hollow parking lot was approved and signed (06/12)
  • The Community Preservation agreements as voted on at the April 2018 annual town meeting were approved and signed (06/26)
  • A letter of non-opposition for Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Community Host Agreement for a Registered Marijuana Dispensary for Nature’s Alternative, Inc. were approved for the location that was formally the South Wellfleet General Store (06/26)
  • The Energy Committee provided an update on the solar array to be install at the capped landfill and requested the Select Board call a fall special town meeting so a long-term lease could be approved by Town meeting voters. The Select Board agreed to call a fall special town meeting and will decide on the date for the meeting at their July 10th meeting (06/26)
No Vote Taken:
  • Herring River Restoration Project Memorandum of Understanding between Wellfleet & Truro (06/12 and 06/26)
  • Portable restrooms contract for Baker Field recreation area (06/12)
  • The Select Board had a discussion about the small parking lot at Bank and Commercial Streets which was recently surveyed. The Town Administrator will reach out to the Masonic Lodge to discuss the issue with the property lines (06/26)
  • The Town Administrator reviewed his use of an outside consultant with the Select Board (06/26)
  • Mia Baumgarten to the Cable Advisory Committee (06/12)
  • Fred Streams to the Open Space Committee (06/12)
  • Susan Black to the Cultural Council (06/12)
  • George Vanderschmidt to the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Committee (06/12)
  • Tom Flynn to the Board of Water Commissioners (06/26)
  • Michael Fisher to the Conservation Commission (06/26)
  • Leslie Reynolds, Christopher Hartsgrove, Christopher Anderson, W. Russell Hughes, Eric Trudeau, Meghan Farrell, Seth DiGiacomo and Kristy Pressey were approved as special police officers at the National Park Service for a term July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019
  • Common Victualler - Bol Organic Acai Bowls (06/12)
  • Common Victualler - Joey’s Food Truck at Baker Field (06/12)
  • Common Victualler – Kung Fu Dumplings (06/26)
  • Food Truck License - Joey’s Food Truck at Baker Field (06/12)
  • Food Truck License – Kung Fu Dumplings (06/26)
  • One day beer & wine – Mass. Audubon Society fundraiser on July 19th (06/26)
  • Bacon conveyed congratulations and best wishes to Marianne Nickerson with regrets she was not able to attend the June 1st open house (06/12)
  • Bacon stated the Piece of Peace day with the Wellfleet Elementary School students was a Friday to remember in Wellfleet (06/12)
  • Reinhart mentioned the comments on the price increase for daily beach parking. The most often heard complaint is about beach parking, congestion related to beach parking. If the rate increase does not work, it may be revisited (06/12)
  • Bacon stated as a proponent of the fee increase voted on by the Selectmen residents are reminded that ocean beach parking is a precious commodity (06/12)
  • Audience member Clough requested that residents be included in any beach task force (06/12)
  • Shellfish Constable Nancy Civetta stated the Wellfleet Shellfish Dept and the Dept of Public Works have been working together on shellfish propagation efforts (06/12)
  • Chief Fisette stated a new dispatcher has been hired to fill a vacancy due to retirement (06/12)
  • Chief Fisette said that FEMA has notified the Town it will be the recipient of a $95K reimbursement from the 2013 blizzard (06/12)
  • Chief Fisette gave a reminder that MASS DOT will be doing a presentation of the two options for the Rte 6 and Main Street intersection. Thursday, June 14th at 7pm at the COA (06/12)
  • Bacon asked a question regarding the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new police station. Chief Fisette responded that it will most likely be held in September (06/26)
  • A resident spoke of looking for Community Host Agreement for marijuana cultivation for her two-acre farm. (Ennie M.) Resident was reminded of conversations she has had with various Town staff that Wellfleet commercial farms are required to be a minimum of five acres per the Wellfleet bylaws. (note: TA has not requested placement on the BOS agenda because she is not eligible) Resident was again reminded to discuss with the Town Planner (06/12)
  • Beach Administrator Suzanne Grout-Thomas mentioned that the beach sticker office opens Saturday, June 16th (06/12)
  • Bacon stated Cape Kool gave out two $1,000 scholarships to Wellfleet residents. They are having a silent raffle on Wednesday at the Farmer’s Market. (06/26)
  • Police Chief Fisette stated FEMA has notified Town of reimbursement of $9k and that the March 2018 storm will be eligible for reimbursement (06/26)
  • Chief Fisette stated two department employees are graduating from the police academy (06/26)
  • Chief Fisette stated that Grandmothers Against Gun Violence donated gun safety locks to the Town of Wellfleet for distribution to residents (06/26)
  • Lili Green provided an update on two pieces of legislation currently under consideration by Massachusetts legislature (06/26)
  • Dick Elkin gave an update on the Solarization program (06/26)
  • Reinhart reminded viewers that a planning for the future meeting will be held 06/20/18, 1pm at the COA (06/12)
  • Wilson spoke of the need to create entity to work on approval and implementation of the 208 Plan (06/12 & 06/26)
  • Wilson stated there needs to be clear communication with KP-Law regarding dual representation on Herring River project (06/26)
  • Wilson said the BOS should review the parking fee increase (06/26)
  • Bacon said the BOS should Implement a parking task force (06/26)
  • Houk said the Town should look at acquiring the News Dealer property across from Town Hall (06/26)
  • Reinhart said the BOS needs to make a decision on the old Shellfish Shack at Mayo Beach (06/26)

Should you see something you would like to know more about you may:
  • Read the minutes for that meeting when posted
  • Watch the video for that meeting (video on demand through the Town web site)
  • Contact a board or committee member with your question
  • Contact Town Administrator’s office with your question
We are starting out with news of Select Board meetings. We hope to expand this with information from other Boards and Committees so you may stay informed of what is happening in Wellfleet.