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Township Committee's Letter to Residents
Dear Residents,

As the current situation with the coronavirus ushers in a time of challenge and uncertainty, we want to assure you that protecting the health and well-being of all is our top priority and that we will stay in touch with frequent updates so everyone understands what we’re doing here in Morris Township – and why
The Importance of Social Distancing and “Flattening the Curve”
Today, in a separate communication, we have released detailed information about changes we are making in our municipal services and procedures.

A major purpose of all of these changes is to promote the robust social distancing that’s needed to slow the spread of this virus. At an individual level, social distancing includes such measures as: avoiding crowds, staying 6-10 feet away from others, avoiding contact with people who are sick, not shaking hands etc.      
From a broader perspective, it’s important for all of us to understand that taking steps to slow the number of cases serves another vital purpose as well: given this virus’s potential for rapid spread, slowing the number of cases helps to avoid a spike in cases that could exceed the capacity of our healthcare system to provide needed care. This goal, which is known as “flattening the curve,” is shown here:  

The protective measures we are implementing in Morris Township are intended to serve individual needs as well as contribute to the broader need to “flatten the curve.” 
Putting the Risks in Perspective- and What We Can All Do to Help
While the number of cases is expected to rise dramatically in the next several days, it’s helpful to keep in mind preliminary expectations which have been widely shared in the media: 80% of the people who do get the virus are likely to experience mild flu-like symptoms and recover within 1-2 weeks; 15% may require hospitalization; 5% may require intensive care.

The most at-risk population are people who are elderly, especially those who have underlying medical conditions (heart, lung, compromised immune systems).

Practicing robust social distancing and good personal hygiene are the keys ways all of us can help minimize the risk to ourselves and others and do our part to “flatten the curve.”

We encourage you to visit our website, www.morristwp.com for more information about recommended practices for social distancing and personal hygiene.

In addition, more information on a variety of topics is available here:

We encourage you to sign up for NIXLE alerts and Smart 911 through the Police Department page on the Township website: https://www.morristwp.com/127/Police-Department .

We also encourage you to sign up to receive emails from the Township via the Municipal Messenger.
What You Can Expect from the Township
All of us on the Township Committee are working closely with our professionals to monitor this situation very carefully. We are in close touch with state, county, and local officials to share information, implement recommended practices, and coordinate our efforts. We will share updated information with the public as often as possible in a variety of ways:

·          Press Releases
·          Municipal Messenger  
·          Website
·          Facebook
Public Meetings
  • We plan to hold this Wednesday’s (3/18) Township Committee meeting (7PM) and Board of Health meeting (5PM) as scheduled.
  • All other Board and Committee meetings are cancelled until further notice, including the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment meetings.
  • The Township is working to implement remote access capability that will allow live two-way interaction among residents and committee members. In place of attending in person, public participation via remote access is recommended.  
  • Further information about procedures for participating via remote access will be forthcoming. 

Special Appreciation for Health Care Workers and First Responders
Our health care workers and first responders are on the front line in dealing this pandemic. Special measures are being taken to protect their safety and well-being. Our gratitude for the essential work they’re doing cannot be overstated. To our health care workers and first responders: please know how much we appreciate everything you’re doing. THANK YOU!!!
Two Additional Recommendations
In light of the just-released, state-mandated requirement for bars and restaurants to close on-premises service and move to take-out and delivery only, we encourage everyone to support our local businesses through frequent purchase of meals for take-out and delivery.

We also encourage everyone to be mindful about striking a good balance between stocking up on needed supplies and taking more than you actually need (hoarding). Most supplies are expected to be plentiful. Let’s all be mindful of others as we purchase supplies that we need ourselves.  
One Final Thought from the Mayor...
As we prepare to tackle challenges and uncertainties in the days ahead, I am reminded of the wonderful spirit of our community that came through so loud and clear at the recent (2/26) Morristown Onstage event. We are a community that’s talented and engaged. We know how to support and encourage each other. That’s what we’ll do in the days ahead. We’ll get through this together and emerge stronger as a result.

We look forward to keeping in touch.
Best to all,
Mayor Cathy Wilson
Deputy Mayor Jeff Grayzel
Committeeman John Arvanites
Committeeman Mark Gyorfy
Committeeman Peter Mancuso
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