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Dangers of Artificial Sugar
It's not really better for you...

Did you know "research has shown that artificial sweeteners can stimulate your appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, and stimulate fat storage, and weight gain? In fact, diet sodas may actually double your risk of obesity!" 


Splenda (a popular artificial sweetener) is made by chlorinating sugar, changing its molecular structure to sucralose. 2% of sucralose contains heavy metals, methanol, and arsenic. It has been found to cause diarrhea, swelling of the liver and kidneys, decrease in fetal body weight, and genetic, immune system, and reproductive damage. What a splendid product!


So many people have been sickened by aspartame that there are victim support groups. Some of the 92 aspartame side effects listed by the FDA include: nerve cell damage, migraines, reproductive disorders, mental confusion, brain lesions, blindness, joint pain, Alzheimer's, bloating, and hair loss. Fox5 News investigated, you need to watch what they discovered.


Nutrasweet and Equal contain aspartame. When ingested, one of aspartame's ingredients, methyl alcohol, converts into formaldehyde, a deadly neurotoxin. Equal also contains the amino acid phenylalanine. Phenylalanine occurs naturally in the brain, but high levels can increase the chance of seizures and lead to depression and schizophrenia. Sweet & Low is no saint either. It contains saccharin, a coal-tar compound.


Check your labels for aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin and sucralose. Since there are too many to list, here are a just a few products that contain artificial sweeteners.  


We truly are damaging our bodies if we continue to eat or drink products with artificial sweeteners.   Honor your body by sticking with fruit and natural sweeteners.  Change the fate of your health and that of your children.  


Say NO to artificial sweeteners!

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Fountain of Youth Spa
World Spirit Conference
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Therapeutic Oil in Water
Essential Oils Class
Touch, Smell, and Feel the Oils at the Spa
In a world plagued with viruses and constant aches and pains, there is relief. It comes in the form of 9 Everyday Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to support 9 body systems. These oils:
  • boost your energy and brain power
  • defend against colds and flu
  • reduce allergy and hay fever symptoms 
  • help manage back and neck pain
  • and so much more... 

Join us Tuesday, May 10, 2011 6:30pm at the Fountain of Youth Spa to learn more and experience these oils for yourself!  


Space is limited!  RSVP by calling the spa 262.679.9400 or email info@foymls.com TODAY!

Click here for more class information! 

Conveniently located in the heart of Muskego, 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, WI , Fountain of Youth M
edical Laser SPA specializes in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine along with laser skin treatments. Our mission is to provide you with quality and trusted treatments in a comfortable and Fountain Of Youth Spa Logorelaxed environment. With the top industry professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, you will enjoy the best aesthetic and laser skin care treatments at optimal results with minimal recovery time. We strive to procure customer confidence, making your experience safe and enjoyable. To inquire about a free private consultation or pricing information, please visit our website or call 262.679.9400.

World Spirit Conference
World Spirit Conference
Travel the World in One Place
The World Spirit Conference will be featuring spiritual paths from across the globe. Learn about Islam, Hindu, Scientology, the Sikh, even Druids. Immerse yourself in music, exhibitions, networking and so much more! Adding her own unique knowledge to the mix is Tally Hayden C.N.H.P. She will be there to discuss the healing powers of essential oils and the inspiring fat release/detox program Rejuvenation 21.

This conference is for 2 days, May 14th & 15th, but Tally Hayden will be there Saturday, May 14th only. So, stop by her booth and have a chat. Discuss how you can obtain a free copy of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, a 375 color page guide ($30 Value). Also enter free drawings of $100 off the Rejuvenation 21 program or a bottle of essential oils.


If you would like to be a vendor at the conference, the cost is $40 for two days. Contact Dakin Emerson at dakin1313@yahoo.com or 414.263.2275


Click Here to Learn More 

Join Us at the Fair May 15!
Feronia's Body & Soul Wellness Fair
Both Dr. Ann Bell of Higher Brain Living and Tally Hayden of Hayden House of Healing will be at the Body and Soul Wellness Fair at Feronia Wellness Center May 15, 11am - 4pm. Join them and other amazing health practitioners as you explore products, services, and workshops that promote your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental well-being.

If you haven't done so before (or you want to do it again), here's your chance to learn
Feronia Body & Soul Wellness Fair about: 


  • Noon - 12:25pm, Rejuvenation 21 Program - a healthy detox fat release program to help you shed the pounds and keep it off!
  • 1:00 - 1:55pm, H.E.A.R.T (Human Emergence and Rapid Transformation) -  a revolutionary technique designed to help you achieve a life of purpose and passion

  • Stop by their tables and attend their presentations: 

    Sunday May 15, 2011


    If you would like to be a vendor at the fair, the cost is $40.  Contact Deborah Lighthart at deborah@feroniaretreat.com or 262.377.8885.


    Click here for more information!

    Feronia Wellness Center
    Feronia Wellness Center 
    created and founded by Deborah Lighthart is a proposed, franchised chain of storefronts featuring the most effective products and services for holistic health and wellness. Their mission is to help you explore the world of alternative health in an educational, enjoyable, and affordable atmosphere. The first center was created in Germantown, Wisconsin. As it gains momentum, you will see other centers opening all over the world!

    Glow Dress

    Pin Up Juicy Dress - BVEN

    Glow Inside and Out
    Find out at Boutique Vieux et Nouveau
    Have you ever noticed that some people have a glow about them? Want to know their secret? (it's not suntan lotion) It starts from within and then radiates outward. From the inside they are honoring their bodies, having purged it of toxins and excess that weighs us down physically and mentally. Tally Hayden, Natural Health Practitioner will discuss how the Rejuvenation 21 is a unique fat release/detox program that works from within to bring forth that outward glow.

    Once you find out how to radiate internally, make the exterior shimmer! BVEN - Boutique Vieux et Nouveau  carries swank fashion for the hip woman. Heidi Calaway, owner and head fashion stylist at BVEN, will show you how to dress for your body type. She'll also show you how to maximize your wardrobe by coordinating new pieces to get the most mileage.


    Attend Thursday, May 19, 2011, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm presentations for Tally & Heidi at Boutique Vieux et Nouveau to tap into your glow!  Afterwards shop at the fabulous boutique! 


    Attendees will receive $100 off the Rejuvenation 21 program purchase that night and Boutique Vieux et Nouveau will draw for $100 gift certificate for one lucky attendee! 

    Click Here to Learn More! 

    Young Living Stress Away Roll-on
    Young Living Stress Away Roll-on

    Reduce Tension Anywhere. Any Time.

    Those suffering from chronic stress tend to have weaker immune systems, tend to be more susceptible to cardiovascular dis-ease, and tend to experience more premature cell aging. This portable blend is specially formulated to help relieve everyday stresses and tensions so that you can sleep better at night and live a healthier and happier life. Stress Away is a blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, and other pure essential oils.

    "I really enjoy the roll-on oils of Young Living. My friend was having a very stressful day at work and I said try Stress Away. She let me roll it on her wrist and sniffed it and liked the smell. Later that day she says to me, 'it works'. She said it calmed her right down and even when she went home her husband was amazed she was so calm." (comment from B.K.)
    Ease stress before it even starts. Use Stress Away in anticipation of high tension situations. Would you like to try? This product is available for purchase through Hayden House of Healing.


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    Tally - purple shirtAbout Us
    Thank you for your continued business, support and sharing my newsletter with others to improve their health and wellness journey.  You are important to me!   My passion is to teach you and the world that food, plants/essential oils and nature along with joy, laughter and love are medicine for our well-being.  To learn more about the Hayden House of Healing and me click here.
    Love & Hugs ~Tally Hayden 


    Hayden House of Healing's passion is to shift the world in awareness of personal growth and connect you to a higher consciousness of well be-ing resources.

    Owner Tally Hayden will inspire you with education on how to honor your body and nourish your emotions to teach you that nature and earth feeds the temple.



    Disclaimer:  The information contained in this newsletter and on our website is for educational purposes only.  It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition of the body.  This information should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional.