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Trace Minerals
September 2019
photo by Jovanovic
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

"Trace Minerals" 

Minerals are the key to health.  At one time, eating fresh grains, 
fruits and vegetables was the primary source for a full spectrum mineral supply, but that is no longer so.  Here are the reasons why mineral supplementation is essential to maintain good health and to reverse ill health.
*Our soil is highly depleted from the key trace minerals necessary for our health.  Minerals have literally been washed away into the ocean or the soil has been over-farmed.

*Synthetic fertilizers provide only enough mineral substances to support basic plant life, not to meet the human needs for full health.

*Round-up (Glysophosphate) is everywhere in our environment. It changes the micro-biome and the result of that is an entire change in how we absorb nutrients.
*Excessive use of antibiotics through prescription, along with our food being contaminated by them.

*Radiation, both EMF and from nuclear wastes, leaking into our environment.
*Chlorine and Fluoride in our water supply.
I am asking all my patients to make a commitment to restore their body's minerals.  We have multiple products for this, including trace mineral gummies, liquid trace minerals and powders that can be added to water, juice or tea.
Remember, because of my experience of having owned 4 health food stores in the past, I have the expertise to evaluate the best products and make them available to my patients.

Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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