Image: Pastor and Dr. Foley standing with recent UT graduate Mrs. SYA.

A June 2021 graduate of Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s Underground Technology discipleship training program for North Korean defectors, Mrs. SYA (name withheld), says she witnessed some of her neighbors being taken away by security guards when she was still living inside North Korea.

She was told by other neighbors that it was because they were members of the underground church. Mrs. SYA said she did not know much about God when she saw the underground Christians being taken. But what she did know is that she would be in trouble if she ever believed in God.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

In every country that we work in we are asked, "How can I find and minister to a North Korean defector?"

In South Korea, NK defectors make up about 0.06% of the total population. That means that, for every 1,600 people you meet in South Korea, one of them will be a North Korean defector…maybe.

This presents a problem for those of us seeking to do ministry with North Koreans.

As Christians, we are not saved by emotion, understanding or even self-improvement.

All three of the above methods of salvation are self-focused.

Salvation isn't about focusing on the right things, it comes through losing the focus on yourself and focusing on Christ

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley share what Biblical salvation looks like according to the parable of Great Banquet.

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Pray for local church ministries to North Korean defectors: 
Local churches in South Korea that minister to North Korean defectors often seek help in connecting with defectors through government organizations. The government requests them to refrain from religious conversation. And now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the government is restricting meetings with defectors. Pray for God to open the door for local church ministries to reach out to defectors with the gospel. 
Pray for Mr. Y.:
Pray for the husband of a North Korean defector woman in China. Through his wife’s faith, and through his own miraculous healing from tuberculosis, he came to believe in the Lord. Unfortunately, his tuberculosis has returned, and his family is concerned about him and what they will do if they lose him