Welcome to the winter edition of  Statewide , your quarterly update on the impact being made by K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture. Scroll to see the documents and videos shared with lawmakers during our annual report to the legislature.
Interim Dean and Director Ernie Minton and a team of leaders addressed several Kansas House and Senate committees in late January to provide their annual update to the legislature and shared their expert views on current issues facing Kansas farmers and families.
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Making Kansas a better place to live and work has been our goal for over 100 years.
It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.
K-State Research and Extension serves our rural and urban neighbors by helping you adapt to new technologies, protect our environment, improve nutrition and food safety, and grow the next generation of leaders. 
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Did you know 59 percent of new graduates from K-State's College of Agriculture (2012-17) work in Kansas? The rest are spread all over the country.
The average starting salary for a four-year graduate from the college was more than $47,000 per year (averaged across three semesters' grads from 2016-17).
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Across all 105 counties in Kansas, extension professionals made nearly 650,000 educational contacts with constituents last year - providing resources about topics ranging from armyworms to xeriscaping. This includes not only a wide range of farm consultation, but also 72,000 4-H youth, nearly 19,000 people seeking nutrition education, and more.
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