Spring 2015

Trading Away Our Sovereignty 

TPP Leesburg Rally
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This post previously ran in The Huffington Post's Business section.


"Free Trade" was in the news this Memorial Day weekend.  President Obama is pushing hard for "fast track" approval of his Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP") Agreement, calling for a simple up or down vote without the possibility of amendments or floor debate.  


The New York Times reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has forged a "rare alliance" with the president to push the trade legislation.  Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orin Hatch has been quoted as saying, "It shows that when the president is right, we will support him."  (Never mind that Hatch has also been quoted as saying:  "I don't know fully what's in TPP myself.")


Dear Mr. President:  With all due respect, how do you spell RED FLAG!


Myths and confusion abound both around the meaning of so-called free trade and what the TPP is really about.  Here's what I know.


Video Highlights From Our Regenerative Capitalism Launch at Yale's Center for Business & the Environment

On April 21, in a crowded auditorium at the Yale Center for Business & the Environment, Capital Institute launched the Regenerative Capitalism framework and accompanying white paper.  If you didn't catch the event's livestream or want to re-watch some of the highlights, you can view the above video or read a summary of John Fullerton's remarks here.           

Latest Field Guide News--The P6 Cooperative Trade Movement Story

Image Courtesy of P6 Cooperative Trade Movement


In contrast to the TPP, our latest Field Guide story highlights how comparative advantage can be tapped into for the good of the whole, when members of a trade movement are working intentionally toward shared-value creation.  The P6 Cooperative Trade Movement is building an ever stronger and more-vibrant web of mutual support--based on sharing knowledge and expertise--among a growing group of food-based cooperatives.  The ambitious, larger goal of P6 is not only to strengthen the international supply chain for small-scale food producers, but to create a more just and healthy global food system.  The coop model is the shared-value glue that holds the network together.  Read about this remarkably regenerative network here.


In the News

The response to the Regenerative Capitalism launch has been overwhelming and we are grateful for the ongoing editorial coverage.  Each outlet is looking at the framework a bit differently and we cannot stress enough how important such debate is to its large-scale adoption.  Recent highlights include: 


* Regenerative Capitalism and the New Bottom Line, GreenBiz.com

* Regenerative Capitalism: 7 Questions with a Finance Exec Turned Systems Thinker, Sustainable Brands

* Creating a New Economy that Goes Well Beyond Optimizing Financial Returns for Shareholders, EcoWatch

* Let's All Get Behind Regenerative Capitalism, Inc.com

* Is Sustainability Unsustainable? Reuters Sustainability

* Beyond Capitalism & Socialism, The Guardian

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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


- Socrates


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